$213 million CA Powerball Winners Hold Impromptu Press Conference

Powerball NewsThursday November 7 2013 – After claiming their $213 million Powerball jackpot earlier this week, Carlo and Erlinda Mitchell initially shunned media attention when they canceled a California Lottery news conference at the last minute. However, since their win, media crews have been camped out on the lawn of their Fresno house, which led to the Mitchells calling an impromptu press conference yesterday.

“Hopefully they won’t chase us away; that’s our biggest fear because we don’t want to leave.” Carlo explained. Although Carlo and Erlinda happily chatted away to reporters, they insisted no photos be taken throughout the conference, and will undoubtedly be hoping that they have done enough to satisfy the media while maintaining their privacy.

During the spontaneous press conference, Carlo revealed that until the day of their win, his wife always thought playing the lottery was a waste of money. Erlinda, who is known as Lulu to her friends, chuckled as she stood behind the massive California Lottery check. “I’m glad he didn’t listen to me!”

Carlos Mitchell’s oversized Powerball check

Having opted for a lump sum payment, Carlo and Erlinda received $123.4 in cash and confirmed that they would be giving away some of their fortune to their church, family and close friends – and may also splash out on “a couple” of vacation homes.

However, Carlo remains cautious about their sudden windfall. “This could be a blessing or a curse,” he said. “You don’t know at this point; we’ll find out.” He went on to explain why it had taken almost two weeks to claim his prize and why he had canceled the initial CA Lottery press conference: “I needed to get to a basis to what I was going to do with that amount of money. It takes time.”

The Mitchells now intend to return to their quiet, simple lifestyle in Fresno, albeit with a little more cash in the bank!

In Other Lottery News

There was no Powerball jackpot winner last night. Despite this, the draw was still very lucky for two ticket holders who matched five numbers to win $1 million and two further players who matched five with Powerplay to win $2 million.

Visit Powerball.net for the full results from last night’s draw and for details of Saturday’s jackpot.

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