Biggest Jackpots

The Biggest Lottery Jackpots To-Date

Here are the Top Five biggest lottery jackpots won to date, either by single tickets or shared between several tickets.

$656 million won on the US Mega Millions, March 30 2012

This was the biggest lottery jackpot in the world to date, and was shared by three winning ticket holders from Maryland (a syndicate of a trio of teachers), Illinois (a married couple in their 50s named Merle and Patricia Butler) and Kansas (the winner of which remained anonymous).

$648 million won on US Mega Millions, December 17, 2013

This jackpot missed out on the top spot by just $8 million but still takes second place on our list. This was shared equally by two ticket holders from Georgia and California. The Georgia winner was 56 year old insurance underwriter Ira Curry, who opted for the cash equating to $173 million before taxes. At time of writing, the California winner has yet to come forward.

$590.5 million won on the US Powerball, May 18 2013

This is the third biggest jackpot in the world to date and the single biggest jackpot win in the world. The lucky winner was named as 84 year old Gloria MacKenzie from Zephyrhills, Florida who purchased her winning ticket from a local supermarket and opted for the cash lump sum equating to $370.8 million before taxes.

$587.5 million won on the Powerball, November 28 2012

The two winners of this prize from Arizona (a married man named Matthew Good in his 30s) and Missouri (a married couple in their 50s named Mark and Cindy Hill) each opted for the cash option.

$488 million won on the Powerball, August 7 2013

Three winning tickets shared this jackpot. One was purchased in Minnesota by 45 year old project engineer Paul White of Ham Lake and the other two were purchased in New Jersey. One NJ ticket was claimed by a syndicate of 16 garage workers from Ocean County (who have been nicknamed Oceans 16) and the other, which was purchased in South Brunswick NJ, was claimed by long term lottery player Mario Scarnici. Each opted for the cash option.


It is not difficult to understand why the biggest lottery wins in the world have been won on American lotteries. Both the Powerball and Megamillions have no jackpot cap and can be played across America, which is the biggest country with the largest lottery playing population in the world. It is estimated that roughly 50% of Americans play the lottery regularly, with this percentage undoubtedly going up in the event of a large rollover jackpot.

However, with changes to lottery jackpot caps and talks of new multi-national games in the works, who knows when this Top Five will include something other than a US jackpot?