Canada Lotto Max

The Lotto Max is an exciting national game played across Canada which has a minimum jackpot of a staggering $10 million. Plus, to make this lottery even more exciting the bigger it gets, the more opportunities there are to win, with an additional game called the Maxmillions played when the jackpot reaches its cap of $50 million.

The Lotto Max is drawn every Friday evening at 21.10 ET in Ontario, Canada, and players are required to match seven out of 49 numbers in order to win the jackpot. There are an additional six prize tiers for players who match from three numbers too, and an eighth number is drawn after the first seven, which acts as a Bonus ball and can help players win bigger supplementary prizes.

As the Lotto Max has a jackpot cap of $50 million, what happens when it reaches $50 million is unique in lottery terms. Instead of rolling down to the next prize tier like some lotteries, the Lotto Max instead introduces another game. The Maxmillions come into play only when the jackpot hits $50 million and offers players an additional draw for each $1 million which would be added to the jackpot. So, if the Lotto Max jackpot equates to $56 million, the Lotto Max would remain at $50m, and there would be another six draws of Maxmillions with a prize of $1 million each.

The Maxmillions have no supplementary prizes, and if they are not won, they will roll over to be added to the next draw. For each $1 million prize another draw is held, so each Maxmillions prize offers a player another chance to win as it is a completely separate draw to the Lotto Max. So, using our earlier example, if there is a Lotto Max jackpot of $50m and six Maxmillions prizes of $1m, there would be seven draws, and seven opportunities for players to win a million dollar prize!

Match Odds of Winning Estimated Prize Fund
Match 7 1 in 28,633,528 87% of the Pools Fund
Match 6 + Bonus 1 in 4,090,504 4% of the Pools Fund
Match 6 1 in 99,768 4% of the Pools Fund
Match 5 1 in 1,584 5% of the Pools Fund
Match 4 1 in 71.3 $20.00
Match 3 + Bonus 1 in 76.7 $20.00
Match 3 1 in 8.1 Free Play
MaxMillion Matches
Match 7 1 in 28,633,528 Win / Share $1 million