Dec 15

UK EuroMillions Puts on Mega Week to Celebrate Christmas

EuroMillions players in the UK have the chance to mark Christmas in style by winning a fantastic non-cash prize in either draw next week. There is traditionally a Mega Friday draw on the final Friday EuroMillions draw of each month, giving multiple ticket holders the opportunity to win £1 million ($1.5 million) plus a special non-cash reward, but as it is December it has been announced there will instead be a Mega Week.

There will be five UK winners of the Millionaire Maker on Tuesday 22nd December and a further five on Christmas Day itself, making a total of ten players who are guaranteed to land a seven-figure sum of money. This month, the winners will all get to fly out to Sweden and enjoy a seven-night stay at the luxurious Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Are.

Alongside up to seven guests, the winners will be able to use the villa’s spa facilities and call on a professional chef to cook three meals a day for them. They will also be able to enjoy a range of activities depending on whether they travel in summer of winter, such as a snowmobile safari, kayaking or a two-hour zip-line experience.

Players will receive one entry into each Mega Week draw for every EuroMillions ticket they buy, meaning that if they miss out on Tuesday they could still strike it lucky on Friday to make it the perfect Christmas.

Participants everywhere will also be chasing the EuroMillions jackpot right throughout the festive period. The top prize currently stands at €83 million ($123.7 million) ahead of the draw on Friday 18th December following a run of seven rollovers, having not been won since a single player from Portugal scooped €163.5 million ($243.8 million) on Friday 20th November. Tickets can be bought online or from authorized retailers in any of the participating countries and are sure to be snapped up in droves.

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Updated December 18th, 2015

Nov 15

EuroMillions Jackpot Reaches Highest Amount of 2015

EuroMillions players have the chance to win £113 million (€162 million) on Friday 20th November after the jackpot rocketed to its largest amount in over a year. The last time the top prize climbed this high was in October 2014, when a Portuguese ticket holder snapped up the maximum €190 million after the jackpot cap was reached.

There has not been a jackpot winner since one participant from the UK and one from Austria split £23 million (€30.8 million) on Tuesday 13th October, and the top prize has continued to roll over since a Superdraw was held on Friday 6th November.

It is now possible that the jackpot cap could be reached again if there are a couple more rollovers, but players across the continent are sure to be entering the game in droves ahead of tonight’s draw in an effort to match all five main numbers plus both Lucky Stars.

Anyone who manages to strike it lucky and land the jackpot will take their place among the biggest winners in the 11-year history of the game. In the UK, Colin and Chris Weir pocketed a magnificent £161.6 million in July 2011, while Adrian and Gillian Bayford landed £148.6 million in August 2012.

France has so far produced the most jackpot winners out of all the countries taking part with 78, just ahead of Spain, Portugal and the UK. The next ticket holder to win big will have to decide whether to go public or stay anonymous, and then plan how they will enjoy their massive windfall. If you would like a slice of a nine-figure sum, then tickets can be bought online or from authorised retailers in any of the countries taking part. Good luck!

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Updated November 20th, 2015

Sep 13

No Weekend Winners Mean Big Midweek Jackpots

Mega Millions NewsSunday 22 September 2013 – Another weekend without a major lottery winner has sent jackpots spiraling for the following midweek draws.

The EuroMillions top prize for Tuesday is now expected to reach £45 million in a quadruple rollover event after no tickets managed to match the five winning numbers 5, 11, 35, 38 and 45 along with the Lucky Stars 2 and 3 drawn on Friday night. Four lucky ticket holders did, however, match five balls and one Star to each net a tidy £288,743.

Stateside, there’s an estimated $160 million now at stake in Tuesday evening’s Mega Millions after no-one won the $145 million on offer on Friday, making it the competition’s seventeenth draw since its last jackpot win. Five players did manage to Match 5 over the weekend to scoop $250,000 each, with those tickets sold in Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Virginia and Washington.

The $40 million Powerball jackpot also remained elusive to players hoping to bag the windfall from Saturday’s draw, but hefty second prizes went to five winners matching five numbers with all of them receiving $1 million. Wednesday’s rollover will see people playing for a projected $50 million grand prize.

Last Wednesday saw a massive $400 million Powerball jackpot won by a single ticket holder who successfully matched all winning numbers drawn, the fifth largest win in US lottery history. The ticket was purchased at a Murphy Express gas station in Lexington, South Carolina, and the Multi-State Lottery Association has said they are waiting for the player to come forward to claim their winnings.

With so many rollover jackpots up for grabs over the next few days, jackpot hunters will no doubt be making a bee line for ticket sellers this week. For the full rundown of lottery results as and when they happen, head on over to Lottery.net.

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Updated April 5th, 2016

Mar 13

Euro Millions Results for Tuesday March 26th 2013

Euro Millions News

The Euro Millions Winning Numbers for Tuesday 26th Mar 2013 are below:

Main Balls: 4 – 26 – 30 – 42 – 44
Lucky Star: 6
Lucky Star: 11

Next Draw: Friday March 29th 2013
Next Jackpot: £110,000,000

Euro Millions Prize Breakdown for 3/26/2013

Prize Level Prize     Winners
Match 5 and 2 Stars €113,430,166 £96,302,211 $145,882,536

0It’s a Rollover!
Match 5 and 1 Star €1,007,262 £0.00 $1,295,440

Match 5 €61,046 £41,396 $78,512

Match 4 and 2 Stars €5,246 £3,557 $6,747

Match 4 and 1 Star €218.70 £148.30 $281.27

Match 4 €104.90 £71.10 $134.91

Match 3 and 2 Stars €75.20 £51.00 $96.71

Match 2 and 2 Stars €24.70 £16.70 $31.77

Match 3 and 1 Star €16.30 £11.00 $20.96

Match 3 €12.40 £8.40 $15.95

Match 1 and 2 Stars €13.10 £8.80 $16.85

Match 2 and 1 Star €8.90 £6.00 $11.45

Match 2 €4.00 £2.70 $5.14


Draw Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
No Yes No No Yes No No

Good luck for the next Euro Millions draw and don’t forget to check your tickets after the draw to see if you’re a lottery winner!

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by Mike Redfern
Updated March 26th, 2013

Mar 13

Euro Millions Results for Friday March 22nd 2013

Euro Millions News

Here are the Euro Millions Results for Friday 22/03/2013. Along with the winning numbers for this draw you can see a full prize breakdown below as well as a draw schedule showing the days of the week that the Euro Millions draw takes place:

Main Balls: 12 – 27 – 32 – 34 – 49
Lucky Star: 8
Lucky Star: 9

Next Draw: Tuesday March 26th 2013
Next Jackpot: £94,000,000

Euro Millions Prize Breakdown for 3/22/2013

Prize Level Prize     Winners
Match 5 and 2 Stars €100,000,000 £85,330,000 $129,480,000

0It’s a Rollover!
Match 5 and 1 Star €500,584 £336,278 $648,156

Match 5 €62,573 £42,035 $81,019

Match 4 and 2 Stars €5,754 £3,865 $7,450

Match 4 and 1 Star €211.40 £142.00 $273.72

Match 4 €123.00 £82.60 $159.26

Match 3 and 2 Stars €71.50 £48.00 $92.58

Match 2 and 2 Stars €21.60 £14.50 $27.97

Match 3 and 1 Star €14.10 £9.50 $18.26

Match 3 €12.90 £8.60 $16.70

Match 1 and 2 Stars €11.50 £7.70 $14.89

Match 2 and 1 Star €7.70 £5.10 $9.97

Match 2 €4.20 £2.80 $5.44


Draw Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
No Yes No No Yes No No

I hope you had good luck in Tonight’s Euro Millions draw!

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by Mike Redfern
Updated March 22nd, 2013