Dec 14

Illinois Man Wins Lotto Using Fortune Cookie Numbers

An Illinois man is celebrating a $200,000 Lucky Day Lotto win after playing numbers that he found printed inside a fortune cookie! Martin Fuentes, 73, has played the same line for the past three years after opening the fortune cookie during a meal with his late mother.

The numbers, 2, 9, 14, 30 and 35, eventually came up in the evening drawing on November 19 when Des Plaines resident Fuentes shared the jackpot with another ticket holder. The retired mailman now plans to treat his family this Christmas and says that he will continue to play Illinois Lottery games, but will avoid his fortune cookie numbers and move away from Lucky Day Lotto.

To see all the winning numbers from the exciting array of games available in the state of Illinois, check out the Illinois Lottery Results page of Lottery.net.

Fuentes’ story echoes an incident from 2005 concerning the multi-state game Powerball when an unusually large amount of players won in the Match 5 prize tier. Whereas officials generally expected four tickets to triumph at that level, on Wednesday March 30 there were 110 players claiming prizes of $500,000 and $100,000.

After initial suspicions of fraud were discounted, it was revealed that many of the ticket holders had taken their numbers from messages in fortune cookies produced by Wonton Food Inc of New York. Workers at the factory would not have been able to have benefitted from the prediction though, because the state was not signed up to Powerball at the time!

by Mike Redfern
Updated March 29th, 2016

Mar 14

Illinois Lottery Launch New Instant Win Games

ILLINOIS LOTTERY LOGOFriday March 14 2014 – Illinois Lottery launched a series of instant win games this month with top prizes of up to $250,000. The six new arrivals are relatively low cost games, ranging in price from as little as $1 up to just $5.

The scratch-off games, called Neon 9s, Monopoly, Disco Bingo, Lucky Green, Casino Cashword and the MS Project, join Illinois instant win favourites such as Candy Cane Crossword, Words with Friends and Bingo Boogie.

At just $1 for a ticket, Neon 9s is the lowest priced scratch-off in the bunch and offers players the chance to win a top prize of $9,000. Lucky Green and Casino Cashword sit further up the scale at $2 and $3 respectively with every Lucky Green ticket giving players ten chances to win up to $20,000 and the Casino Cashword game offering prizes of $50,000.

The Monopoly instant win is among the most expensive of the new games at $5 per ticket but also boasts top prizes of $250,000. Launched on March 4, players have 15 chances to win on every ticket with the odds of winning very attractive at 1 in 3.99.  Also priced at $5 is the Disco Bingo game which has even better odds of 1 in 3.88 and more than $26.7 million in prizes to give away.

However, perhaps the most notable of the new selection is the $2 game dubbed the MS Project. Unveiled on March 6, the MS Project scratch-off has a $20,000 top prize and was released as part of Illinois Lottery’s ongoing campaign to fund good causes. All of the profits generated from the instant win game will be used to fund Illinois based research into the cause, prevention and possible cure of multiple sclerosis (MS).

The game’s release was announced during National MS Awareness Week, which ran from March 3 to March 9, by Illinois Lottery Director Michael Jones who said, “If you buy an MS Project instant ticket, whether you win $20,000 instantly or not, you’re helping create substantial funding for programs researching MS.”

Since 2008, Illinois Lottery has worked alongside the National MS Society to raise more than $6.5 million and if the MS Project scratch-off sells out, it will provide a further $1 million for the Illinois Multiple Sclerosis Research Fund.

John Blazek, President of the MS Society’s Illinois chapter said, “The partnership with the Illinois Lottery and the funds generated through the scratch-off ticket are helping to propel new and innovative research throughout the state. This is another important step in our ongoing efforts to create a world free of MS.”

MS Project is available at more than 8,200 Illinois Lottery retailer locations across the state and has respectable odds of 1 in 4.65. With 100% of profits benefiting this worthy cause, it seems there’s no losing with the MS Project instant win game.

by Mike Redfern
Updated March 14th, 2014

Sep 13

Illinois Lottery Halloween Millionaire Raffle Returns


Image source – IllinoisLottery.com

Monday September 30 2013 – Last week the Illinois Lottery launched the Halloween Millionaire Raffle game for 2013 which gives players the chance to win prizes ranging from $100 up to $1 million. This year’s Halloween Raffle game has four $1 million prizes on offer plus a scarily good twist in the form of an Early Bird drawing!

Instead of there being a single Grand Prize drawing, this year the Halloween Raffle gives players the chance to win an additional $500,000 in a special Early Bird drawing which takes place on October 3. To be in with a chance of winning in this extra draw, simply purchase your Halloween Raffle ticket(s) from any lottery retailer before Wednesday October 2 2013 to receive an entry for the Early Bird drawing as well as an entry for the Grand Prize drawing. Tickets will continue to be sold after this date for entry to the Grand Prize Raffle draw.

The Grand Prize Halloween Raffle draw will then take place on November 1 when four lucky tickets will be randomly selected to each win a tasty treat of $1 million!

In addition to the top prizes in the Halloween Raffle, there are also 5,000 prizes of $100 being given away. These are instant win prizes so if you are a prize winner, your Halloween Raffle ticket will include details of your prize and you can you can claim it immediately. If you are one of the lucky $100 winners, don’t forget to keep hold of your raffle ticket as you could also be a winner in either the Early Bird or Grand Prize drawings!

Halloween Raffle tickets are limited to 500,000 and with 1 in every 100 tickets winning at least $100, this is a game with spookily good odds!

To see if you’re a Halloween Raffle winner, visit the Illinois Lottery website on either October 3 or November 1 where a list of winning raffle numbers will be available.

Good luck!

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated February 17th, 2015

Aug 13

Illinois Lottery Launches New Instant Games

Saturday August 17th 2013 – The Illinois Lottery has released four new instant games this month, with top prizes ranging from £2,000 to $200,000.

The new games join more established instant games such as Free Gas, where players can win up to $15,000 in gas cards, and The Good Life, which gives away a top prize of $10,000 a week every week for the next 20 years.

The four new scratch off cards are:

Bingo Boogie – A $3 bingo themed scratch off which has a top prize of $50,000.
Icy Hot 7-11-21 – A $2 game where scratch off lines must equal 7, 11 or 21 in order to win up to $30,000
$500 Frenzy – A $5 scratch off which has over $5 million in $500 prizes to be won plus top prizes of $200,000
$2,000 Spin – A $1 game which has prizes of up to $2,000 for players who match the Spin numbers

These new games are available for purchase from any of the 8,100 Illinois Lottery retailers across the state and all profits benefit the Common School Fund and the Capital Projects Fund. Since its inception in 1974, the Illinois Lottery has contributed $18 billion towards the Common School Fund, which assists K-12 public schools and millions more to the Capital Projects Fund.

The lottery also runs a range of instant games aimed at raising money for specific organisations. These include Veterans Cash, which has raised over $10 million for Veteran Organisations in the state since 2006, and Spread the Word, which has raised over $4 million for HIV/AIDS-prevention charities since 2008.

To learn more about the Illinois Lottery and to get the latest numbers from the Lotto with Extra Shot, visit Illinois Lottery Numbers.

Other Lottery News

The Powerball jackpot tonight is estimated at $60 million after rolling over for the second time midweek. The Florida Lottery also continues to roll, and tonight is estimated at an incredible $53 million.

For the latest weekend lottery results from around America, visit Lottery.net.

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated November 6th, 2019

Jul 13

Changes to the Illinois Lottery This Sunday

Starting this Sunday, July 14, 2013 you will have to pay more to play the Illinois lottery but players will be pleased to know that this change brings with it some great benefits.  With Powerball and Mega Millions, the greatest multi-state lottery games in the world, offering massive jackpots that regularly exceed $100 million, Illinois Lottery have responded by increasing the jackpots and giving players better overall odds.  Sounds good to me!

Starting on Sunday, Illinois Lotto will now cost $1 for each game instead of $1 for two sets of numbers, and the Wednesday draw will move to Thursday meaning the new schedule of draws will be Monday, Thursday and Saturday evenings.

Other changes…Illinois Lottery Lotto’s prize table will have new prizes, larger average prizes in each category and an additional Match-2 prize level. The popular Extra Shot feature remains an optional purchase on every Lotto ticket.

In short the Illinois will see more winners and, on average, larger prizes. Importantly for lottery players, the rules will not change as players will still pick six numbers from 1-52 and the drawings will continue to take place at 9:22 p.m. CT.

The Illinois Lottery says:

“…overall odds of winning a Lotto prize are now 1-in-7.36 for base Lotto (compared with the previous 1-in-32) and 1-in-5.68 (previously 1-in-9) for Lotto with Extra Shot. “

The original Lotto game was introduced in February 1983 and after over 3,000 drawings, with over $9 billion in ticket sales, Lotto has created more millionaires than all other Illinois Lottery games put together!

You can purchase your Illinois Lottery tickets online and be in with a great chance to hit one of the new and improved Illinois Lottery Lotto prizes.

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated October 17th, 2019