Nov 13

$16.6 million Powerball ticket set to expire November 21

Powerball NewsLotteryWorld Readers will recall the story of Florida’s resident James Bozeman Jr., who came forward last week to claim a Powerball jackpot of $3 million, which incredibly is his second jackpot win after also scooping a $10 million top prize last year!

On the flipside, another player from the Sunshine State might not be as attentive as Florida’s luckiest man. Only a day after James stepped forward, Florida Lottery officials issued a statement warning that a Powerball ticket worth $16.6 million is due to expire on Thursday November 21.

The Quick Pick ticket was purchased from Carrollwood Market on 4550 West Village Drive in Tampa for the Powerball drawing on May 25, and matched all winnings numbers 2, 6, 19, 21, 27 plus the Powerball 25. The multi-million dollar prize was part of a $50 million Powerball jackpot, which was shared by two ticket holders in Delaware and Louisiana.


Did you buy a Powerball ticket here last May? If so, $16.6 million could be yours…
(Source: Google Maps)

Lottery officials are urging players to search high and low for tickets and to check them carefully, and while the ticket can be checked at any Florida Lottery retailer, the jackpot-winning ticket must be produced at lottery HQ in Tallahassee. If the search fails to find the winner by the November 21 deadline, the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund will receive 80% of the $16.6 million prize, while the remaining 20% will go towards the Florida Lottery’s prize pool, which will help fund new games and promotions.

The list of unclaimed prizes is growing as an increasing number of players either forget to check their tickets or lose them. LotteryWorld advises players to sign the back of their tickets, keep them safe and remember to check them after the draw to avoid missing out on any lottery wins.

by Mike Redfern
Updated February 17th, 2015

Oct 13

Unclaimed Super Lotto Plus Jackpot in San Diego

Saturday October 11 2013 – It’s been three months since one lucky player bought the $11 million winning ticket for the Super Lotto Plus draw on August 10, 2013. However, instead of enjoying their winnings and splashing their cash, the player is most likely still going about their everyday life as the prize has still not been claimed – and the winner only has three months left before the prize expires.

Unfortunately, unclaimed lottery prizes are common place across the whole of America, not just California. Just a few days ago, a Match 5 Powerball prize worth $1 million expired after the unknown winning ticket holder failed to make themselves known to Indiana Lottery officials before the 180 day deadline. That prize was just one of approximately $10 million worth of prizes that go unclaimed every year in Indiana, according to Hoosier Lottery officials.

California Lottery officials are hoping that their own Super Lotto winner doesn’t follow in the footsteps of this Indiana ‘winner’, as lottery prizes are there to be claimed and lotteries love to pay out! Last year, Californian lottery players missed out on over $22 million worth of prize money, which was instead transferred to the public education fund.

So, at the halfway claim point, the CA Lottery is making another appeal for the winning Super Lotto Plus ticket holder to come forward. Here are the facts about that winning ticket:

  • The winning ticket was purchased for the draw on Saturday August 10 2013
  • It was bought at Golden Hill Liquor, 2795 B Street, San Diego (pictured below)
  • The winning numbers were 44, 46, 7, 5, 14 and the Mega Ball was 27
The Golden Hill Liquor Store which sold the winning ticket

The Golden Hill Liquor Store which sold the winning ticket

The store owner, Tyson Abbo (pictured below), will receive $55,000 for selling the winning ticket, which equates to half of one percent of the total prize. This is the first jackpot winning ticket ever sold by the family-run store, and they would like nothing better than to hand the check over to its rightful owner!

The owners of the Golden Store, Ali and Tyson Abbo.

The owners of the Golden Store, Ali and Tyson Abbo.

In Other Lottery News

Tonight’s California Super Lotto jackpot is worth $18 million after rolling over again midweek. However, Powerball is attracting the most attention from lottery players as the jackpot continues to climb and is now estimated at $133 million ahead of tonight’s draw.

by Sadie Walton
Updated February 17th, 2015

Oct 13

$1 Million Indiana Lottery Winner Fails to Claim Prize

Powerball NewsWednesday October 9, 2013 – Last week LotteryWorld reported that time was running out for a Powerball winner to claim their $1 million prize. Sadly the player failed to come forward before the 180 day deadline and the prize expired on Monday October 7.

The prize in question was won by a ticket purchased at the Circle K store off Interstate 65 in Jeffersonville, Indiana for the draw on April 10 but, as the prize expired, it has now been added back into the Hoosier Lottery prize fund.

Speaking to CNN, Indiana Lottery spokeswoman Stephanie McFarland said: “It is rare, but not unheard of, that a prize of such magnitude goes unclaimed.” Some of the other large unclaimed Hoosier Lottery prizes include a $50 million Powerball jackpot won in September 2002 and a $5 million jackpot won in March 2004.

Unlike other lotteries, the Hoosier Lottery makes no special effort to locate the winners of unclaimed prizes. In California, the lottery has been known to release pictures from surveillance tapes to try and locate winners.

california-lottery-winnerThis was the case in November 2012 when the California Lottery released an image of a woman (see left) who they believed to be the winner of a $23 million Super Lotto Plus jackpot.

The woman’s daughter recognized her mother, Julie Cervera, from the picture and sent her a text which then prompted Cervera to check her ticket and claim her life-changing win before the deadline.

To avoid ending up like this Indiana Lottery winner, LotteryWorld.com advises players to check their tickets after each draw and claim any prizes so soon as possible.

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated March 6th, 2018

Oct 13

Five Match 5 Powerball Winners From Saturday

Powerball NewsTuesday October 8 2013 – Five Powerball players correctly matched all five main numbers on Saturday to each win the $1 million prize. However, at the time of writing, none of the lucky prize winners have claimed their prize.

The winning tickets all matched the numbers 11, 12, 17, 39 and 40 (but not the Powerball, which was number 5) and were purchased in the following locations:

Sheldon, Iowa
Casey’s General Store
504 Second Avenue

Providence, Rhode Island
Shell Station (Colbea Enterprises)
457 Benefit Street

Ontario, California*
2200 S Mountain Avenue
*The California winner will take home $724,021 due to the pari-mutuel system of calculating prizes

East Chicago, Indiana
4502 Indianapolis Boulevard
East Chicago

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
The Giant Food Store
1824 Ridge Pike
Montgomery County

If you remember buying a Powerball ticket from any of these locations last week then one of the $1 million prizes could be yours! Winning players are advised to sign the back of their ticket to confirm ownership before telephoning their local lottery office to claim their prize. So hunt out your ticket now and check to see if you are one of the brand new Powerball millionaires!

Update: It has just been confirmed that the Sheldon ticket has been claimed by Debbie Schilling, 52, who works in human resources at VH Manufacturing in Rock Valley. Debbie will be sharing the prize money with her husband, Dave, and her six adult children.

Other Powerball News

A share of a jackpot prize worth $50 million remains unclaimed in the state of Florida, according to the Tampa Bay press. The jackpot was won on Saturday May 25 2013 and was shared by three players from Delaware, Louisiana and Florida. The Floridian player has until midnight on Friday November 22 to claim or the prize will be forfeited.

The sign outside Carrollwood Market appealling for the winner to come forward

The sign outside Carrollwood Market appealling for the winner to come forward (image from tampabay.com)

The winning ticket was purchased at Carrollwood Market in Carrollwood Village, which is located on the corner of South and West Village Drive. Store owner, Nidia Tannous, has already received a retailer bonus of $25,000 for selling the ticket and is eager to track down the rightful winner.

Should the owner of the ticket not come forward in time to claim their prize, which is worth $16.6 million, it will be shared between the Florida Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (80%) and the Florida Lottery prize pool (20%).

Visit Powerball.net to stay up to date with the latest lottery results.

by Sadie Walton
Updated October 8th, 2013

Oct 13

Powerball jackpot hits nine-digit figure

Powerball NewsSunday October 6 2013 – For the fifth consecutive time the Powerball jackpot has remained elusive to players, inflating the top prize to a projected $108 million for this Wednesday’s draw.

No ticket holder on Saturday matched the five winning numbers 11, 12, 17, 39, 40 and Powerball 5, sending the jackpot sailing past the nine-digit barrier and well into head-turning territory.

Although there was no jackpot winner, five ticket holders – from California, Iowa, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island – did match five balls to win $1 million each. Unfortunately none of them had decided to gamble on Power Play and, if they had, they’d be taking home $2 million each instead.

Deadline Day For Powerball Winner

Meanwhile, you may remember from our news report on Saturday that time is nearly up for the mystery Powerball winner who has a ticket worth $1 million tucked away, perhaps in an old pair of jeans or deep in their car’s glove box.

The ticket was purchased from the Circle K store in Jeffersonville, Indiana, for the April 10 draw and matched all five main numbers: 1, 36, 40, 52 and 53.

The ticket holder has until by 5pm today local Indiana time to present their ticket at state lottery HQ in Indianapolis or the prize will be forfeit.

So don’t delay, search high and low for that missing ticket as we’re really down to the wire with this one – we’d hate for someone to miss out this some life-changing windfall!

Mega Millions News

Meanwhile, with no jackpot winner in the Mega Millions draw on Friday, there is now an estimated top prize of $14 million available to play for tomorrow.

Last Tuesday’s Mega Millions draw was won by a Maryland ticket and the hunt is on to discover the identity of the mystery winner.

by Mike Redfern
Updated February 17th, 2015