Sep 15

Lotto Max Jackpot Reaches CAD$60 Million for First Time

A new Lotto Max record is set to be broken in Canada on Friday night after the jackpot reached CA$60 million for the first time. There had previously been a cap on the top prize, which was set at CA$50 million, but a rule change in July gave the jackpot scope to grow even larger and a run of six rollovers since 7th August has pushed the game into exciting uncharted territory.

In addition to the Lotto Max jackpot, participants have a chance to play MaxMillions. There is a top prize of CA$1 million in each MaxMillions draw and the minimum number of draws increases as the Lotto Max jackpot rises. There were eight MaxMillions draws last week, when one ticket holder from Quebec scooped CA$1 million, and there will be about 25 draws on Friday night, giving players even more chances of winning big.

The record jackpot has ignited interest across the country and Andrea Marantz, a spokesperson for the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) is excited about what the draw will hold in store. She told CBC: “People have different triggers when they decide they’re going to lay down their five dollars. What we do find – when it gets up to these really big numbers is that new groups form and people are throwing in their money together and they’re buying tickets together.”

Players must match the seven main numbers drawn in order to win the Lotto Max jackpot, and Marantz has confirmed that she is even giving herself a chance by picking up a ticket. She said: “I’ve got one. And that’s the whole thing – one ticket, right? That’s all it takes to win.”

While Friday’s draw offers the biggest ever Lotto Max jackpot, the record lottery prize ever made available in Canada stands at CA$63.4 million. There were four winners of the Lotto 6/49 draw on 13th April 2013, each pocketing CA$15.9 million.

by Mike Redfern
Updated September 25th, 2015

Dec 13

Lotto Max Officials Track Down Missing CAD$50 Million Winner

Canada Lotto Max NewsWednesday December 4 2013 – A Lotto Max jackpot prize worth CAD$50 million was due to expire on Monday as the winner had failed to claim their prize. However, as luck would have it, the missing winner was found following a thorough investigation by Lotto Max officials.

Ontario Lottery officials determined that Hamilton resident Kathryn Jones was the winner after searching through transaction history and security camera footage from the Shoppers Drug Mart in Cambridge where the winning CAD$50 million ticket was sold.

During the investigation, lottery officials came to the conclusion that a ticket purchased for $16 contained the jackpot winning numbers from the draw on November 30 2012. Jones was the only person to buy a $16 ticket from the Shoppers Drug Mart on that day and, as she was able to produce a credit card statement that confirmed she had indeed purchased a ticket for $16, officials named her as the missing winner.

Jones, who works as an engineer, admits that she lost the ticket and despite searching for it, still has no idea where it is. Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Jones said that she is “very grateful that the OLG took the initiative to contact me.”

Jones, left, and two OLG lottery officials speaking at yesterday's conference. To watch the video in full, visit MSN.com

Jones, left, and two OLG lottery officials speaking at yesterday’s conference. To watch the video in full, visit MSN.com. 

Although officials are positive Jones is the CAD$50 million winner, they will hold the prize for another 30 days in line with Ontario Lottery rules.

While carrying out an investigation on this scale is rare, it is not unprecedented and California Lottery has started to release surveillance pictures to try and locate ticket holders before their prizes expire. Using this technique, the CA Lottery has found both a $52 million Mega Millions jackpot winner and a $23 million SuperLotto Plus jackpot winner.

Jones’s case proves how important it is to keep hold of any tickets and only discard of them once the numbers have been thoroughly checked. To avoid missing out on a lottery prize, LotteryWorld advises players to sign the back of their tickets, keep them in a safe place and check the numbers immediately after each draw. Tickets can be checked in person at an authorized lottery retailer or online at Lottery.net.

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated April 5th, 2016

Nov 13

Lotto Max Prize Worth CAD$50 Million Set to Expire

Canada Lotto Max NewsFriday November 29 2013 – Time is running out for a Lotto Max winner to come forward and claim their jackpot win of CAD$50 million before it expires.

The prize in question was won on November 30, 2012 by a ticket purchased in the Cambridge area which matched all seven main numbers, which were 3 – 10 – 13 – 23 – 31 – 41 – 45, to win the CAD$50 million prize.

With the expiry date failing on a Saturday, lottery officials have extended the date to Monday December 2 2013, giving the winner a few extra days to try and find that all-important piece of paper.

In addition to the unclaimed jackpot, the second tier Lotto Max prize from the same draw also has yet to be claimed. The prize is worth CAD$311,560 and was won by a ticket purchased in Orillia. This ticket holder also has until Monday to claim the prize before it expires.

Unclaimed Lotto Max prizes are common but, according to Ontario Lottery Spokesman Tony Bitoni, having two unclaimed prizes both from the same draw is rare. Speaking to CTVNews, he said: “We do have unclaimed tickets from year to year, but it’s quite strange for two of the top prizes to go unclaimed for one specific draw.”

With the deadline for these two prizes looming, players are advised to check tickets from this draw to see if they are one of the missing winners. Should the owner of the winning CAD$50 million top prize fail to come forward, the prize will set a record for the largest unclaimed prize in Canadian Lottery history.

If both prizes expire, the money will go back into the Ontario Lottery prize fund and be used on future lottery prizes.

These aren’t the only unclaimed lottery prizes seen this month as a Powerball jackpot prize worth $16 million, won by a ticket purchased in Florida, expired just last week. Efforts to locate the winning ticket holder and unite them with their $16 million windfall proved unsuccessful, causing 80% of the prize to be donated to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund and 20% to be added to Florida Lottery’s prize pool.

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated January 4th, 2018

Nov 13

Lotto Max Jackpot Winner Steps Forward to Claim CAD$25 Million

Sunday 17 November 2013 – LotteryWorld readers may remember last week’s story about the philanthropic Canadian syndicate from the Yukon who won a share of the Lotto Max jackpot worth CAD$25 million. The eight-member syndicate shared the CAD$50 million jackpot from the November 1 drawing with another winner from the Victoria area, who at the time, had yet to claim their share of the prize.

This missing ticket holder has now stepped forward and been named as Morgan Harker from the district of Saanich on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.


Morgan Harker collects his check for CAD$25 million after matching all seven numbers from the Canada Lotto Max drawing on November 1. Source: CTV British Columbia.

The federal government worker bought his Quick Pick ticket from Victoria’s Bay Centre mall two days before the drawing. When his wife learned via Twitter that there was a mystery jackpot winner in their area, she checked her husband’s ticket and discovered he had successfully matched all seven numbers to win the top prize!

Harker was at a local swimming pool when his wife texted him the news, but he was skeptical at first. “My wife texted me and said we won CAD$25 million. I can’t say what was my response was back,” Harker joked. It was only when his wife texted him again that he decided to hurry home and check for himself.

“I was pretty calm, went home and saw the ticket for myself and sure enough, seven numbers,” he recalls.

The total win for the father-of-two equaled CAD$25,000,001 and included a CAD$1 bonus for opting to play the Extra side-game. Harker said he’s played the lottery nearly every week for the last ten years. “I rarely pick my own numbers and usually let the computer decide; I figure it’s all random,” he said.

The family intends to stay grounded in spite of their newfound fortune and Harker said that one of his first purchases will be replacing his ripped couch! After that, he plans to take his wife on the Hawaiian vacation they have always dreamed of.

For more Canada Lotto news and results, visit Lottery.net.

by Mike Redfern
Updated August 9th, 2018

Nov 13

CAD$25 million Yukon Lotto Max Winners To Stay in Small Town

Thursday 14 November 2013 – The winners of the Yukon’s largest ever lottery jackpot will be staying put and using their winnings to help their local community, according to an interview with CBC News.

The sign which welcomes summer visitors to the town of Faro

The syndicate of eight workers won half of the CAD$50 million jackpot on November 1, which they shared with another winning ticket holder from Victoria who has yet to come forward. This is the largest jackpot ever won in the Yukon area, taking the crown from previous record holder Steve Murphy, who won CAD$16.6 million in July 2012.

Although all the syndicate members have yet to be officially identified, all eight work at the Faro Mine Remediation Project and two of the winners, sisters Krista Picket and Shelley Shaw, gave their first interview to CBC News last week in which they confirmed they won’t be leaving their hometown any time soon.

“Faro is our home and we would like to put some money back into this community,” Shaw explained. “We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs living here and this is great for Faro.” The sisters went on to say they would be using their share of the money to help their family and then buy a new truck.

Faro is a small town of just 400 inhabitants tucked away in the remote region between the Hess and Pelly Mountains. For nearly 50 years, its primary industry was zinc, silver and gold mining until the mines closed down in 1998. In 2009, the government of Yukon took over the management of the seven closed mines and the Faro Mine Remediation Project was born, with the aim of protecting health and safety for people and animals, restoring wildlife to the area and returning the land to its original state.

It’s not yet known whether all eight syndicate members will continue their work with the remediation project, but the sisters’ dedication to their small town would suggest they’ll continue working towards making their community a vibrant and prosperous place to live and that their newfound wealth will enhance their efforts.

In Other Lotto Max News

A CAD$50 million winning Lotto Max jackpot ticket dating back to November 30 2012 still remains unclaimed. The ticket was purchased in Cambridge, Ontario and correctly matched the winning numbers of 3, 10, 13, 23, 31, 41 and 45 to win the jackpot.

The ticket holder has until Monday December 2 to claim their prize before the value of the jackpot goes into the bonus draws fund.

“This is unprecedented,” lottery spokesperson Andrea Marantz said. “The clock is really ticking on the jackpot, but there’s still a sliver of hope that someone is going to claim it.” Her advice is for players in the region to check pockets of their seasonal clothing, search old purses and dig deep in car glove compartments to see if the elusive ticket is hiding somewhere in their household.

by Sadie Walton
Updated October 17th, 2019