Apr 14

$250,000 Mega Millions Ticket Due to Expire Tomorrow

Mega Millions NewsFriday April 4 2014New Jersey Lottery officials have launched a last minute appeal in an attempt to find the owner of a $250,000 Mega Millions ticket which expires tomorrow. The player has less than 48 hours to claim their windfall as they automatically forfeit the win when the prize passes its expiry date.

The winning ticket was purchased at Crystal’s Deli on Ernston Road, Parlin in Middlesex County, New Jersey for the drawing on Friday April 5 2013. The ticket matched all five main numbers (08, 15, 23, 36 and 41) but missed the Mega Ball (05) which would have landed the jackpot. However, correctly picking all five main numbers did secure the $250,000 prize. Changes which came into effect in October 2013 have since increased the value of a second tier Mega Millions win from $250,000 to $1 million.

New Jersey Lottery officials are urging any players who may have entered the drawing on April 5 2013 to look for unchecked tickets and Carole Hedinger, New Jersey Lottery executive director said; “Everyone plays the lottery to win so when there are unclaimed winning New Jersey tickets we spread the word.”

Hedinger also advised the winner to sign the back of their ticket and contact the New Jersey Lottery headquarters immediately on 609-599-5801.

If the winner fails to come forward, their $250,000 prize will be either reinvested into lottery prizes or used to improve New Jersey’s educational institutions. New Jersey’s state education system relies heavily on funds donated from the state lottery and last year alone contributed more than $1 billion to state education.

In the financial year 2013, the New Jersey Lottery contributed 34% of all its sales to the state and earned its place as the state’s fourth largest revenue producer. While it may be devastating if a player learns they missed out on a big win, it’s possible they can take solace in knowing the money is being used to improve their own community.

The latest Mega Millions winning numbers can be found on Lottery.net.

Mar 14

Mega Millions Prize Worth $250,000 Due to Expire This Month

Mega Millions NewsFriday March 21 2014Michigan lottery officials are still waiting for a Mega Millions ticket holder to claim their $250,000 prize before it expires at the end of this month.

The winning ticket in question was purchased almost a year ago from the Southend Indoor Market in Flint, Michigan for the Mega Millions drawing on March 29 2013. The ticket matched all five main numbers drawn (21-31-36-46-53) to win the second tier prize which at the time was worth $250,000. Changes which came into effect in October 2013 increased the value of a second tier win from $250,000 to $1 million.

In the months that have passed since the prize was won, no one has stepped forward with the winning ticket. According to Michigan lottery officials, the winner has until the close of business on Monday March 31 to claim their win. Jeff Holyfield, a spokesman for the Michigan Lottery said, “If someone finds it, the first thing they should do is contact us. As long as we have the ticket in our hands by 4:45 (p.m)” the prize will be paid out. If no one comes forward, the prize will be added to the state School Aid fund.

The store owner Issa Yacoub Picture source MLive.com

The store owner Issa Yacoub
Picture source MLive.com

However, the owner of the Southend Indoor Market, Issa Yacoub, doesn’t think that the winner will come forward. Yacoub believes that the ticket may have been mistakenly thrown away after the in-store machine which checks tickets could have given a false reading. If no one claims the ticket, Yacoub will miss out on a retailer bonus of $2,000.

With the deadline just over a week away, we advise any players who purchased a ticket from the store in question for the Mega Millions drawing on March 29 2013 to check their tickets immediately.

Yacoub’s message highlights how important it is to check your tickets thoroughly and this can be done online via Lottery.net.

Mar 14

Mega Millions Jackpot Reaches $309 Million

Mega Millions NewsTuesday March 11 2014 – The Mega Millions jackpot is worth an impressive $309 million after players in the previous 18 draws have failed to match all six numbers drawn.

Three ticket holders came close to winning the jackpot in Friday’s draw after they matched all five main numbers but missed the Mega Ball number to win $1 million each. The winning tickets were purchased in Massachusetts, New York and Texas but lottery officials have yet to confirm if any of the $1 million winners have claimed their prize.

The last time the Mega Millions jackpot was won was back on January 3 when Tina Still and her son Jonathan, both of Nashville, Tennessee, matched the winning numbers to scoop the $61 million jackpot. The lucky duo have been the only ticket holders to strike it lucky this year and win the Mega Millions jackpot, so it will be interesting to see if any players can replicate their success in tonight’s draw.

As the jackpot has increased so has player participation and in last Friday’s draw ticket sales reached $48.9 million with California selling $7.4 million worth of tickets, followed by New York with $6.7 million. As ticket sales rise long queues at retailers are likely so we advise those wishing to participate in tonight’s draw to have their tickets ready in plenty of time.

Should tonight’s jackpot roll over again, there is a strong possibility that Friday’s draw will offer a jackpot in the region of $350 million.

The winning numbers from tonight’s draw will be available shortly after the draw on Lottery.net.

Other Mega Millions News

Maryland lottery officials are searching for the holder of a $1 million ticket from the Mega Millions drawing on February 25. The winning ticket was purchased from the 7-Eleven store on 25 Eastern Blvd in Essex and matched all five main numbers (12-18-25-35-66) to win $1 million.

If you purchased a ticket from the 7-Eleven store on Eastern Blvd around the time of the draw, dig out your ticket now as you could be the missing $1 million winner.

Feb 14

Three’s the Charm for West Virginians as Lottery Makes Three Millionaires in One Week!

West Virginia is currently enjoying a triple triumph as three residents each won $1 million in just one week. The prizes have been picked up from both Powerball and MegaMillions tickets after the three winning ticket holders matched the five main numbers drawn, missing out on the jackpot by just one number.

The first $1 million win came on Friday 7th February when Randy Brown, a retired truck driver from Man, West Virginia, matched the five main numbers in the Mega Millions draw. Brown publically accepted his seven figure win last Tuesday at a press conference in Charleston; “It hasn’t really sunk in yet,” he said. “I didn’t find out until Saturday when I went to the store to check my ticket and I found out as the clerk did. It is unbelievable.”

Brown purchased his ticket from the C and L Super Serve store in Mallory, Logan County and the owner of the store will receive a retailer bonus of $10,000 for selling the winning ticket. Brown is the 63rd person in West Virginia to win a prize worth $1 million or more but isn’t as West Virginia Lottery is currently awaiting prize claims from both the 64th and 65th big winners.

Following Brown’s win, a second $1 million lottery prize was on Saturday, this time in the Powerball draw. The ticket was sold in the Beckley area of Raleigh County and again matched five of the main numbers drawn and was sold in the Beckley area of Raleigh County.

The 65th win also secured the second tier prize in the Powerball draw, this time on Wednesday 12th February. The winner is yet to come forward but lottery officials have identified the retailer as the Firehouse Marathon gas station on Wheeling Island. Again, the store’s owner will receive a $10,000 retailer bonus for selling the winning ticket.

The ‘rule of three’ indicates that, when things come in sets of three, they are inherently more satisfying than any other number and that’s certainly the case for West Virginians this week as they celebrate their run of good luck.

Jan 14

California Lottery Officials Still Looking for Mega Millions Winner

Mega Millions NewsMonday January 20 2014California Lottery officials announced on Friday that they are still waiting for the holder of a $2.6 million prize winning ticket to come forward more than a month after winning the draw.

The prize was won on December 17 2013, in the same draw when the colossal $648 million jackpot was also won. The winning ticket was purchased in Chula Vista and matched all five main numbers to win $2.6 million. Match 5 prizes are normally set at $1 million but, as the winning ticket was purchased in California, the prize was increased to $2.6 million as lottery wins in the state are paid on a pari-mutuel basis.

Officials confirmed on Friday that the ticket was purchased at Square Bottle Liquor on Naples Street in Chula Vista and matched all five main numbers drawn, which were 8, 14, 17, 20 and 39. The owner of the Square Bottle Liquor store received a retailer bonus of $13,000 for selling the winning ticket.

Square Bottle Liquor in Chula Vista.  Image source - Google Plus

Square Bottle Liquor store in Chula Vista.
Image source – Google Plus

There was a second Match 5 winning ticket from California for the draw on December 17 2013 and the winners have been named as Jennifer Carney and Kathryn Rosensweet.

Not only were two Match 5 winning tickets for the draw on December 17 2013 sold in California, but so was one of the jackpot winning tickets. Steve Tran, a delivery driver from North California, came forward earlier this month to claim his share of the enormous $648 million jackpot. To read more about Steve Tran, click here.

California Lottery officials are strongly advising players to check their tickets from the draw on December 17 2013 to see if they are the missing $2.6 million Mega Millions winner. In a statement released by officials on Friday, they advise any player who finds out that they have won a big lottery prize to immediately sign the back of the ticket and claim their prize at the nearest California Lottery District Office as soon as possible. The address of the office closest to where the $2.6 million ticket was sold is 5656 Ruffin Road, San Diego.

In the event that the $2.6 million prize isn’t claimed, the prize money will go towards funding public schools in California.

To read the full press release from California Lottery officials, visit CALottery.com.