Mar 14

Lucky Couple Scoop $3 Million After Lottery Numbers Finally Come Up… Again!

One Maine couple can’t believe their luck this week after their winning lottery numbers came up for a second time. Robert and Jeanne Gagnon scooped the $3 million Tri-State Megabucks Lottery jackpot on February 19, 27 years after the same combination appeared for the first time.

The Gagnons have been playing the same numbers – 2, 4, 11, 17, 18 and 28 – since the lottery first began in 1985 and although they’ve seen their combination come up twice, they’ve only been able to claim one prize. “I had all the numbers,” Jeanne Gagnon said on Wednesday. “But my husband forgot to pick up a ticket that day.”

“I’ve been hearing about it ever since,” Robert said, shaking his head.

Thankfully, the pair persevered and 27 years later they struck it lucky once again, earning a prize worth $3 million in the Megabucks draw. However, the couple had to wait over a week to claim their prize as severe storms battered the state.  The pair finally ventured to the lottery office in Augusta on Monday morning.

Jeanne and Robert Gagnon collect their prize Image from St John Valley Times

Jeanne and Robert Gagnon collect their prize
Image from St John Valley Times

“They took us from room to room,” Jeanne Gagnon said. “Then we got to the person who asked us how we wanted to receive the money.” The Gagnons, who have been happily married for 47 years, opted for the annuity payments.

“If we had taken the lump sum we would have lost $700,000 right off to taxes,” Jeanne Gagnon said. “I wasn’t having that.” Jeanne promised her thrifty attitude would continue despite the win; “I am still using my newspaper coupons,” she said. “That will never stop.” The couple has also consulted an experienced financial advisor on how to wisely handle their windfall.

After nearly 30 years to think about how they’d spend a big win, the Gagnons have no extravagant plans on the horizon. They intend to set up an estate to ensure their disabled son is always looked after and if they feel like they need it, buy a tractor-operated snow blower. They also plan to continue playing the lottery; “I bought a ticket this morning,” Jeanne Gagnon said.

With luck like theirs, we may be hearing about a third big win for the Gagnon’s in the near future.


Mar 14

Oregan Bartender Blown Away by Lavish Lottery Tip

An Oregan bartender was blown away recently when one kind hearted customer willingly shared his lottery win with her. The $28,000 windfall came after an impulse buy into the Lucky Lines lottery draw last Thursday led to local man Tom Larson scooping the top prize.

Tom Larson of Canby, Oregan, purchased a ticket for the tic-tac-toe style daily game on a whim, at Mike’s Place, from bartender Debbie Rozzell. Larson, a regular customer at the bar on NW 1st Avenue, then told Rozzell to write both their names on the ticket and promised to split any winnings with her. “Put both of our names on it” he said, “…and if I win anything I’ll split it with you.'”.

Soon after, the pair couldn’t believe their luck as Larson’s ticket matched every number drawn and secured a top prize win of $28,000. “I thought if we won something we’d win two bucks or a hundred bucks or something like that,” said Larson who, despite the value of his win, stayed true to his word and gave half of the cash to a disbelieving Debbie Rozzell.

“I love Tom,” said Rozzell, who is understandably overjoyed by Larson’s generosity, “I think we’re a lot alike…If I say something, my word is the only thing I really have control over and that’s how he feels too.”

“You gotta do what you gotta do, your word is your handshake.” said Larson, who remains content with his decision; “I’ve got money in my pocket I didn’t have before and so does she,” he added “It makes me happy, so what? It’s the only way to be.”

Tom and Debbie Collect Their Big Win Image from www.katu.com

Tom and Debbie Collect Their Big Win
Image from www.katu.com

Larson told local reporters he plans to put his share in the bank, while Rozzell has already splashed out on a new laptop and is currently making plans for a summer vacation. While Larson’s generosity is certainly commendable, it appears he too has gained greater enjoyment from the gift and has made one bartender a very happy woman.

Feb 14

Tonight’s Powerball Jackpot Makes it into Top 10 Powerball Jackpots of all Time

Powerball-newsTonight’s Powerball jackpot is estimated at $130 million and has made it into the top 10 Powerball jackpots of all time. The current jackpot is the result of 14 consecutive rollovers and more than six weeks without a top tier winner. The prize pool shot into 10th place after the jackpot jumped by almost $50 million in just a matter of days. LotteryWorld.com takes a look back at some of Powerball’s biggest jackpots and the winners’ stories.

$590.5 million – The biggest ever Powerball jackpot to date was by won by 84-year-old Gloria MacKenzie of Zephyrhills, Florida. The prosperous pensioner beat odds of 1 in 175 million to scoop the lottery’s largest jackpot on 18th May, 2013. The supersized prize came as a result of 12 rollovers, suggesting that it wouldn’t take long before the current jackpot surpasses this one to become the biggest in Powerball history.

$587.5 million – Mark and Cindy Hill shared the jackpot with Matthew Good from Arizona in 2012. The couple were understandably delighted about their win, although incredibly shocked when they first found out. Cindy Hill recalled the moment she discovered the win; “I called my husband and told him, ‘I think I am having a heart attack.’” Once she had recovered, Cindy said the couple were overjoyed and hoped to extend their adoptive family now that they were financially secure.

$340 million – A family syndicate shared this jumbo jackpot almost ten years ago, in 2005, and twenty relatives and family friends attended the special prize presentation at the lottery office in Salem. The Chaney Family, from Oregon, used their win to set up the Chaney Family Foundation whose mission is to “benefit the welfare of children and families and to support public safety”.

With an estimated 50% of Americans regularly participating in lotteries, it’s no wonder the US is home to the biggest lottery jackpots ever seen. For further information on these giant jackpots, click here.

Feb 14

South Carolina Couple Brave Bad Weather to Claim $2 Million Powerball Win

Powerball NewsWednesday February 12 2014 – A couple from South Carolina braved the bad weather yesterday to claim a $2 million Powerball win from last Wednesday’s draw.

The couple, who have chosen not to be named, travelled to the lottery office in Columbia to have their win validated despite the terrible weather conditions South Carolina is currently experiencing.

The winning Powerball ticket was purchased last Wednesday from the Quik Trip store on Charlotte Highway in Clover but the couple didn’t realize they had won the $2 million prize until they heard a radio announcement on Friday morning. The announcement stated that the winning ticket had been purchased from the Quik Trip store and that the store owner is in line to receive a retailer bonus of $20,000 for selling the winning ticket. Remembering that he had purchased a Powerball ticket from the same Quik Trip store, he checked his numbers and found himself holding the winning ticket.

“We were in denial” said the wife, who insisted that they claimed the prize yesterday, instead of waiting until the weather improved. Talking about the win the husband said, “That was the best $3 I ever spent.”

The husband, who only buys Powerball tickets when the jackpot is high, opted for the Power Play when purchasing the winning ticket which meant that their Match 5 win increased from $1 million to $2 million. This $2 million win is the first in the South Carolina since May last year when a syndicate of 24 co-workers from North Carolina travelled across state lines to purchase a total of 80 Powerball tickets for the draw on Saturday May 18 2013. The group, who purchased the ticket in South Carolina in an attempt to avoid taxes, matched all five main numbers with the Power Play to win $2 million.

This latest win makes the couple the 19th millionaires to be created in South Carolina since the Powerball game underwent major changes in January 2012.

For the latest South Carolina lottery results, visit Lottery.net.

Feb 14

Dare To Dream – How Would You Spend $284 Million?

Tuesday February 11 2014 – With the Powerball jackpot at its highest in almost five months, here at Lottery World we’ve been hard at work coming up with a few helpful suggestions on how you could spend such a colossal win. Whoever clinches the top prize is set to receive a staggering jackpot of $284 million and will be catapulted into a near unimaginable realm of wealth.


Katafanga Island, South Pacific
Image from PrivateIslandsOnline.com

For many a hardworking American, that long awaited summer vacation is what keeps us going all year round but why wait until August when you’re a multimillionaire? Located in the South Pacific, just west of Fiji, Katafanga Island could be yours for a snip at just $20 million. A little remote, perhaps? No problem – the spectacular coral reef surrounding the island has a 200ft natural opening to allow access for luxury yachts.


The Andreas L Benetti yacht
Image from Burgessyachts.com

At 197 ft, the Andreas L Benetti yacht seems practically made to fit. However, don’t panic if things are a little tight, the yacht’s interior accommodates a rather more humble 32ft yacht, as well as three speedboats. Unwind in the dedicated massage room after a tough day shopping or order some popcorn and put your feet up in the below deck cinema. Weighing in at a gargantuan 971 tonnes, this feat of engineering will you set you back a cool $43 million.


The GMT Master II
Image from Rolex.com


Shop ‘til you drop, literally. With $284 million to play with, there’s almost no limit to what the lucky winner could buy.  At $485,350 the GMT Master II is Rolex’s most expensive watch and you could buy 585 of them. Alternatively, you could buy: 13,246 crocodile skin shoulder bags from Gucci, 91,760 pairs of crystal encrusted Christian Louboutin heels or 4,721 top of the range Saville Row suits.




Tibetan Mastiff, ‘Hong Dong’
Image from Telegraph.co.uk

Although we’re sure no lottery winner is going to be short of friends, you could guarantee great company with every man’s best friend – a dog. In 2011, a multimillionaire coal baron from China paid ¥10 million, for a pedigree Tibetan Mastiff called ‘Hong Dong’.  The dogs are fast becoming a status symbol for the rich and famous and at just $1 million each, you could afford a whole pack of them!



Kate and Wills on their wedding day
Image from Dailymail.co.uk

With a $284 million fortune behind you, you’ll have a net worth to rival the royals – so why not throw a royal wedding? Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen bargain basement wedding dress cost just $400,000 – you could buy 710 of them! A replica eight tier wedding cake would set you back around $80,000, and if you’re fond of her flowers, the full arrangement cost $800,000. The royal wedding had a practically paltry budget of around $32 million, so you’ll have plenty of cash left over to party in style!






The Winston cocktail
Image from Dailymail.co.uk

Melbourne mixologists have created the world’s most expensive cocktail – perfect to tantalise the taste buds of any multimillionaire. The $13,000 ‘Winston’ features a variety of deluxe ingredients including chocolate nutmeg dust, poppy seed essence, Chartreuse Vieillissement Exceptionnellement Prolonge and, most expensive of them all, Croizet cognac from 1858, coming in at $162,000 a bottle! However, the ‘Winston’ has a painstakingly long preparation time of two days! If you can’t wait that long, why not settle for something a little less lavish? ‘Salvatore’s Legacy’ is a true antiquity and you could be sipping on a cocktail of 18th century alcohol for just $9,000.