Changes to the Illinois Lottery This Sunday

Starting this Sunday, July 14, 2013 you will have to pay more to play the Illinois lottery but players will be pleased to know that this change brings with it some great benefits.  With Powerball and Mega Millions, the greatest multi-state lottery games in the world, offering massive jackpots that regularly exceed $100 million, Illinois Lottery have responded by increasing the jackpots and giving players better overall odds.  Sounds good to me!

Starting on Sunday, Illinois Lotto will now cost $1 for each game instead of $1 for two sets of numbers, and the Wednesday draw will move to Thursday meaning the new schedule of draws will be Monday, Thursday and Saturday evenings.

Other changes…Illinois Lottery Lotto’s prize table will have new prizes, larger average prizes in each category and an additional Match-2 prize level. The popular Extra Shot feature remains an optional purchase on every Lotto ticket.

In short the Illinois will see more winners and, on average, larger prizes. Importantly for lottery players, the rules will not change as players will still pick six numbers from 1-52 and the drawings will continue to take place at 9:22 p.m. CT.

The Illinois Lottery says:

“…overall odds of winning a Lotto prize are now 1-in-7.36 for base Lotto (compared with the previous 1-in-32) and 1-in-5.68 (previously 1-in-9) for Lotto with Extra Shot. “

The original Lotto game was introduced in February 1983 and after over 3,000 drawings, with over $9 billion in ticket sales, Lotto has created more millionaires than all other Illinois Lottery games put together!

You can purchase your Illinois Lottery tickets online and be in with a great chance to hit one of the new and improved Illinois Lottery Lotto prizes.

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