Sep 13

Mega Millions Results for Friday September 27th 2013

Mega Millions News

The Mega Millions Results for Friday 27/09/2013 are as follows:

Main Balls: 9 - 23 - 27 - 49 - 51
Mega Ball: 38
Megaplier: 2

Next Draw: Tuesday October 8th 2013
Next Jackpot: $189,000,000

Mega Millions Prize Breakdown for 9/27/2013

Prize Level Prize Winners
Match 5 plus Mega Ball $173,000,000 0It's a Rollover!
Match 5 $250,000 13
Match 4 plus Mega Ball $10,000 47
Match 4 $150.00 2,115
Match 3 plus Mega Ball $150.00 2,192
Match 2 plus Mega Ball $10.00 36,701
Match 3 $7.00 110,115
Match 1 plus Mega Ball $3.00 223,777
Match 0 plus Mega Ball $2.00 420,581

Draw Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
No Yes No No Yes No No

Look out for the next Mega Millions draw and Good Luck!

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by Mike Redfern
Updated September 28th, 2013

Sep 13

Lotto Max Results for Friday September 27th 2013

Lotto Max News

The Lotto Max Results for Tonight's draw are:

Main Balls: 10 - 11 - 18 - 24 - 26 - 42 - 47
Bonus Ball: 45

Next Draw: TBC
Next Jackpot: $20,000,000

Lotto Max Prize Breakdown for 9/27/2013

Prize Level Prize Winners
Match 7 $15,000,000 0It's a Rollover!
Match 6 plus Bonus $288,633 0
Match 6 $5,773 50
Match 5 $122.80 2,937
Match 4 $20.00 64,927
Match 3 plus Bonus $20.00 58,860
Match 3 $0.00 575,357

Draw Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
No No No No Yes No No

If you were a winner in Tonight's draw then why not leave a comment below and share your story with others.

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by Mike Redfern
Updated September 28th, 2013

Sep 13

Florida woman comes close to sharing $399.4 million jackpot but still wins $2 million

Powerball-newsA woman has stepped forward to claim $2 million from the Powerball lottery draw on Wednesday 18 September.

Angeles Jones of Rockledge, Florida, matched the five main winning numbers 7, 10, 22, 32 and 35, while choosing to wager on the Power Play option to double her initial $1 million win. The fifty-five-year-old purchased her ticket from a local Roger’s Discount Beverage store, and her win also means a $5,000 commission bonus for the delighted retailer.

The Roger's Discount Beverage store where Angeles bought her $2 million-winning ticket. (image from Google Maps)

The Roger’s Discount Beverage store where Angeles bought her $2 million-winning ticket.
(image from Google Maps)

Angeles was just a Powerball number away from winning the $399.4 million jackpot, the fourth highest in Powerball history, which instead went to a man from Columbia, South Carolina, who chose not to be named. LotteryWorld readers will know of his lucky story – he was asked by his wife to pick up hotdog buns and visited a Murphy Express gas station in nearby Lexington. The store didn’t stock the bread so he bought $20 dollars’ worth of lottery tickets instead, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Two other players join Angeles in the $2 million winner’s club from the September 18 Powerball draw by also matching five numbers and wagering on Power Play.

One of these winners also hails from the Sunshine State and was sold in Pembroke Pines, while the other was bought in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, although lottery officials say both these winners have yet to come forward.

LotteryWorld urge all players to keep your ticket safe and, if you haven’t done so already, check your numbers as soon as possible as these Powerball prizes will expire after a year if they’re not claimed.

Florida enjoys some of the highest lottery sales by state across the US, and this is evident in the number of big winners. In May, Gloria McKenzie snared $590.5 million which is the largest ever US jackpot won to date by a single ticket.

With this Saturday’s double-rollover Powerball worth an estimated $60 million, non-Sunshine State residents will be hoping that Florida shares some of that precious lottery luck around the country!

Lottery players will also know that the Mega Millions has an estimated top prize of $173 million up for grabs, following seventeen consecutive draws without a jackpot winner.

For more news and information on the Powerball head on over to Powerball.net.

by Mike Redfern
Updated September 6th, 2018

Sep 13

Life Still A Lottery for One Oceans 16 Powerball Winner

Powerball NewsWinning the lottery is something millions of people across the world dream of on a daily basis. However, dreams can quickly turn into nightmares and sometimes the reality of becoming a millionaire overnight can prove hard for people to deal with. One of the recent winners of the $448 million Powerball jackpots, Willie Seeley, is finding this out the hard way.

Readers may remember Willie as being the stand out character of the Oceans 16 syndicate who shared one third of the $448 million Powerball jackpot back in August. With his straggly beard, tinted sunglasses and lively on stage antics, Willie was immediately adored by the public, especially when he announced during the press conference that he would be using some of the money to pay for his father’s cancer treatment. He even appeared on the Today show a day after claiming his check for $3.8 million, talking about how the money wouldn’t change him.

Willie and Donna Seeley appearing on the ‘Today’ show. Image from NBC News Today.

Sadly however, things haven’t gone so well for Willie since his win. He and his wife, Donna, recently gave an interview with NBC News in which they admitted they were missing the simplicity of their old life. As well as being harassed by distant relatives and strangers for cash, the family has also been hounded by every reality TV company in America who all want to make a star out of Willie.

Willie however, wants no such thing. In the interview, less than a week after he was photographed posing with his brand new truck, Willie explained the pitfalls of his newfound money and fame. “Would you want a camera following you around all day when you finally have the time to go hunting and fishing and do all the things you wanted to do?” His wife agrees, going as far as to call the money “a curse”.

Willie, posing for the cameras with his new truck. Image courtesey of Tony Dokoupil (NBC News)

Willie has said he plans to escape the circus around him by moving to his newly purchased cabin in the woods which stands in 15 acres of land, where he and his family can “be themselves”.

Willie’s Word of Warning

Willie also had a word of warning for the recent $400 million South Carolina winner. “Run. Just disappear. Get lost while you still can.”

While we at LotteryWorld feel for lottery winners who struggle to cope with the demands of their sudden new fortunes, it cannot be denied that Willie has courted the media since his syndicate went public over a month ago. A stream of photo opportunities, TV interviews and press articles has kept Willie and his family in the public eye and this hasn’t helped his quest for normality.

Although New Jersey is a state which requires players to go public, winners deal with this in a variety of ways. While they must give their names, they are under no obligation to give press conferences, TV interviews or make any other media appearances. Other members of the Oceans 16 syndicate have chosen to stay quiet, making no media appearances and giving no quotes. We have to wonder if they are receiving the same level of attention from long lost friends, family and TV producers as Willie.

As for Willie’s advice to the South Carolina winner? Luckily for him, he lives in one of the six states which allows players to retain their anonymity. So, providing he keeps a low profile instead of following in Willie’s footsteps, it could be that his identity remains under wraps forever.

by Sadie Walton
Updated September 1st, 2017

Sep 13

Powerball Results for Wednesday September 25th 2013

Powerball News

The Powerball Winning Numbers for Wednesday 25th Sep 2013 are below:

Main Balls: 2 - 7 - 17 - 49 - 53
Powerball: 23

Next Draw: Saturday October 5th 2013
Next Jackpot: $60,000,000

Powerball Prize Breakdown for 9/25/2013

Prize Level Prize Winners
Match 5 plus Powerball $50,000,000 0It's a Rollover!
Match 5 $1,000,000 1
Match 4 plus Powerball $10,000 21
Match 4 $100.00 656
Match 3 plus Powerball $100.00 1,242
Match 3 $7.00 37,570
Match 2 plus Powerball $7.00 21,099
Match 1 plus Powerball $4.00 123,440
Match 0 plus Powerball $4.00 231,757
Match 5 (with Power Play) $2,000,000 0
Match 4 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $40,000 4
Match 4 (with Power Play) $200.00 131
Match 3 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $200.00 237
Match 3 (with Power Play) $14.00 7,645
Match 2 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $14.00 4,305
Match 1 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $12.00 24,736
Match 0 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $12.00 45,276

Draw Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
No No Yes No No Yes No

Good luck for the next Powerball draw and don't forget to check your tickets after the draw to see if you're a lottery winner!

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by Mike Redfern
Updated September 26th, 2013