Nov 13

Lotto Max Prize Worth CAD$50 Million Set to Expire

Canada Lotto Max NewsFriday November 29 2013 – Time is running out for a Lotto Max winner to come forward and claim their jackpot win of CAD$50 million before it expires.

The prize in question was won on November 30, 2012 by a ticket purchased in the Cambridge area which matched all seven main numbers, which were 3 – 10 – 13 – 23 – 31 – 41 – 45, to win the CAD$50 million prize.

With the expiry date failing on a Saturday, lottery officials have extended the date to Monday December 2 2013, giving the winner a few extra days to try and find that all-important piece of paper.

In addition to the unclaimed jackpot, the second tier Lotto Max prize from the same draw also has yet to be claimed. The prize is worth CAD$311,560 and was won by a ticket purchased in Orillia. This ticket holder also has until Monday to claim the prize before it expires.

Unclaimed Lotto Max prizes are common but, according to Ontario Lottery Spokesman Tony Bitoni, having two unclaimed prizes both from the same draw is rare. Speaking to CTVNews, he said: “We do have unclaimed tickets from year to year, but it’s quite strange for two of the top prizes to go unclaimed for one specific draw.”

With the deadline for these two prizes looming, players are advised to check tickets from this draw to see if they are one of the missing winners. Should the owner of the winning CAD$50 million top prize fail to come forward, the prize will set a record for the largest unclaimed prize in Canadian Lottery history.

If both prizes expire, the money will go back into the Ontario Lottery prize fund and be used on future lottery prizes.

These aren’t the only unclaimed lottery prizes seen this month as a Powerball jackpot prize worth $16 million, won by a ticket purchased in Florida, expired just last week. Efforts to locate the winning ticket holder and unite them with their $16 million windfall proved unsuccessful, causing 80% of the prize to be donated to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund and 20% to be added to Florida Lottery’s prize pool.

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated January 4th, 2018

Nov 13

Black Friday Mega Millions Jackpot Reaches $230 million

Mega Millions NewsThursday November 28 2013 – While the majority of Americans will be sitting down today to a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings in celebration of Thanksgiving, others will be getting out their camping gear and settling down outside their favourite store to be one of the first people through the doors when the famous Black Friday sales start tomorrow.

However, if holiday shopping isn’t your style, then Mega Millions has another 230 million reasons why lottery players should leave the house tomorrow and that’s to buy a ticket for the huge Black Friday draw!

Tuesday’s rollover has already put the current jackpot into the record books for being the highest so far this year and one more rollover could push it into the top ten biggest Mega Millions jackpots of all time.

In the next few days it’s certain that lottery players across the country will be showing up in droves to buy tickets and be in with a chance to be the player who halts the rollover spree in its tracks and scoop this incredible $230 million jackpot.

Friday’s drawing will take place at the usual time of 23.00 ET (22.00 Central), although players are advised to check ticket sale cut off times locally and bear in mind some retailers may be operating different hours over Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, from all of the LotteryWorld team…..

In Other Mega Millions News

One lucky ticket holder from Texas has become the highest second tier prize winner in the state after winning the Match 5 + Megaplier prize worth $5 million on Tuesday night. The ticket holder was especially lucky as his winning Quick Pick ticket included a free promotional Megaplier entry, which transformed his prize from $1 million to $5 million!

The winning ticket was sold at Sac-N-Pac #402 located at 204 FM 2001 in Buda, Hays County and correctly matched the main numbers 27, 44, 59, 74 and 75 to win the prize. The Mega Ball for the draw was 3.

by Sadie Walton
Updated November 2nd, 2017

Nov 13

Powerball Results for Wednesday November 27th 2013

Powerball News

Here are the Powerball Results for Wednesday 27/11/2013. Along with the winning numbers for this draw you can see a full prize breakdown below as well as a draw schedule showing the days of the week that the Powerball draw takes place:

Main Balls: 18 - 25 - 50 - 55 - 57
Powerball: 17

Next Draw: Saturday December 7th 2013
Next Jackpot: $70,000,000

Powerball Prize Breakdown for 11/27/2013

Prize Level Prize Winners
Match 5 plus Powerball $60,000,000 0It's a Rollover!
Match 5 $1,000,000 0
Match 4 plus Powerball $10,000 14
Match 4 $100.00 496
Match 3 plus Powerball $100.00 764
Match 3 $7.00 27,567
Match 2 plus Powerball $7.00 15,051
Match 1 plus Powerball $4.00 103,493
Match 0 plus Powerball $4.00 227,411
Match 5 (with Power Play) $2,000,000 1
Match 4 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $40,000 0
Match 4 (with Power Play) $200.00 85
Match 3 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $200.00 153
Match 3 (with Power Play) $14.00 5,257
Match 2 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $14.00 2,968
Match 1 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $12.00 21,511
Match 0 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $12.00 47,844

Draw Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
No No Yes No No Yes No

I hope you had good luck in Tonight's Powerball draw!

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by Mike Redfern
Updated November 28th, 2013

Nov 13

Irish Lotto Results for Wednesday November 27th 2013

Irish Lotto News

The Irish Lotto Results for Wednesday 27/11/2013 are as follows:

Main Balls: 1 - 14 - 15 - 23 - 27 - 44
Bonus Ball: 12

Next Draw: Saturday November 30th 2013
Next Jackpot: €2,000,000

Irish Lotto Prize Breakdown for 11/27/2013

Prize Level Prize Winners
Match 6 €2,000,000 1
Match 5 plus Bonus €25,000 1
Match 5 €1,748 26
Match 4 plus Bonus €136.00 84
Match 4 €55.00 1,267
Match 3 plus Bonus €24.00 1,930
Match 3 €5.00 21,704

Draw Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
No No Yes No No Yes No

Look out for the next Irish Lotto draw and Good Luck!

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by Mike Redfern
Updated November 27th, 2013

Nov 13

Michigan Lottery Will Offer Online Ticket Sales in 2014

MichiganlotteryWednesday November 27 2013 – The Michigan Lottery announced earlier this week that, from next year, people in the state will be able to buy lottery tickets online.

Lottery officials selected Pollard Banknote, one of the world’s leading lottery vendors, and NeoGames, a leading software provider, to deliver the online sales in a scheme titled ‘iLottery’. The scheme, which is set to launch in late 2014, will allow players to enjoy the convenience of playing lottery games online and is expected to increase contributions to the state School Aid Fund by $480 million over the next eight years.

The decision to allow online sales for the Michigan Lottery is a result of the lottery wanting to “meet the demands of its players and stay competitive in the entertainment marketplace,” according to the Lottery’s Chief Deputy Commissioner, Tom Weber.

He went on to say: “Adding iLottery services as an option for players keeps the Michigan Lottery offerings up to date and supports its efforts to increase its revenues and provide additional funding to the state’s schools.” To read the full press release, visit MILotteryConnect.com.

Although the addition of the online service has been welcome by many, lottery retailers are worried that online ticket sales will result in a drop in people buying tickets directly from retailers. Speaking to WLNS.com, Party Store Lobbyist Mark Griffin said: “My fear is that people will stop coming into our stores and they will buy [the tickets] at home.”

This isn’t the first time a state lottery wishing to sell tickets online has meet opposition from lottery retailers. In August, Florida Senator Gwen Margolis reintroduced a proposal that would allow the sale of online tickets. The proposal was first submitted in 2012 but didn’t advance beyond the Gaming Committee as retailers disagreed with the proposal, fearing that online sales would adversely impact the sale of tickets through retailers.

Michigan Lottery is now in talks with the two selected companies to negotiate a contract which is expected to be worth around $23.2 million in the first four years, with companies receiving 19.6% of the gross profits for the iLottery games. When the Michigan Lottery launches online ticket sales, they will join Illinois and Georgia as the only states to offer an online facility.

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated April 30th, 2018