Jan 14

Mega Millions Results for Tuesday January 28th 2014

Mega Millions News

The Mega Millions Results for Tonight's draw are:

Main Balls: 7 - 16 - 28 - 53 - 60
Mega Ball: 2
Megaplier: 3

Next Draw: Friday February 7th 2014
Next Jackpot: $84,000,000

Mega Millions Prize Breakdown for 1/28/2014

Prize Level Prize Winners
Match 5 plus Mega Ball $71,000,000 0It's a Rollover!
Match 5 $1,000,000 0
Match 4 plus Mega Ball $5,000 25
Match 4 $500.00 374
Match 3 plus Mega Ball $50.00 1,641
Match 3 $5.00 25,066
Match 2 plus Mega Ball $5.00 37,243
Match 1 plus Mega Ball $2.00 307,808
Match 0 plus Mega Ball $1.00 778,952

Draw Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
No Yes No No Yes No No

If you were a winner in Tonight's draw then why not leave a comment below and share your story with others.

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by Mike Redfern
Updated January 29th, 2014

Jan 14

Powerball Creates Over 1,000 Millionaires Since 2012!

Powerball NewsTuesday January 28 2014 – Since Powerball underwent a redesign in January 2012, there have been a total of 1,013 millionaires created, working out at an average of nine millionaires per week.

The Multi-State Lottery Association, which has responsibility for overseeing the running of Powerball, had originally estimated that at least 300 millionaires per year would be created following the changes introduced in January 2012. However, in a statement released yesterday, it became clear that these expectations had been spectacularly exceeded.

The changes introduced in 2012 included doubling the starting jackpot to $40 million and reducing the Powerball number matrix from 39 to 35 as well as a controversial increase in the ticket price from $1 to $2. The aim was to generate a half-billion dollar lottery jackpot and this was achieved in November 2012, less than a year after the changes came into effect. After a succession of draws with no top prize winner, the jackpot reached a huge $587.5 million on November 28 2012 before being won by ticket holders Matthew Good from Arizona and Mark and Cindy Hill from Missouri. Both winning ticket holders opted for the cash payment.

Powerball proved that November’s record jackpot wasn’t a fluke when, in May 2013, the jackpot exceeded the previous record when it reached $590.5 million. This colossal jackpot was won by a single ticket holder, Gloria MacKenzie from Florida, and is currently Powerball’s biggest jackpot.

In the past two years, Rhode Island has emerged as one of the luckiest states after two Powerball jackpot winning tickets were sold in the state. One ticket holder won a jackpot worth $336.4 million on February 11 2012 while another ticket holder won $60 million on March 7 2012. In addition to these jackpot winners, Rhode Island Lottery has paid out $38.5 million in other Powerball prizes, including two prizes of $2 million and five prizes worth $1 million.

Powerball isn’t the only lottery to undergo a redesign as, in October 2013, changes were also implemented to Mega Millions. The changes, which included extending the main number matrix from 56 to 75, reducing the Mega Ball number pool from 46 to 15 and increasing the Match 5 prize from $250,000 to $1 million, were introduced with the aim of creating larger jackpots by making the top prize harder to win. These changes have stoked competition between the two games and the race is now on to see which lottery will offer the first $1 billion jackpot. Will it happen this year? Only time will tell.

For the latest winning numbers from US lottery games, visit Lottery.net.

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated April 5th, 2016

Jan 14

Sacramento resident scoops multimillion dollar second prize

Powerball-newsA Californian father to be has found something else to celebrate this week, as his second place Powerball prize came in at more than $3 million. Daniel Miguel Galeon, of Sacramento, CA, claimed his prize of $3,167,202, after matching five of the six main numbers in the Powerball draw on Saturday 18th January. While second tier prizes are typically worth $1 million, Daniel’s winning ticket is worth more than triple that due to California’s para-mutuel lottery system where prizes are awarded based upon the number of tickets sold.

26 year old Galeon bought his lucky Quick Pick ticket at a 7-Eleven on 1699 West Carson Street in Torrance and matched the numbers 13, 14, 19, 31 and 38, narrowly missing out on the jackpot by only one number- the Powerball number of 25. The jackpot, which has not been won for over a month, now stands at a total of $171 million. The 7-Eleven store will also benefit from Galeon’s good fortune as it will receive a retailer bonus of $15,836.01.

However, Galeon wasn’t the only lucky Sacramento resident this week as Patricia Witt, of Ventura County, won the top prize of $1 million on her $10 California Gold Scratcher ticket. Witt, who used the money she’d earned from cat-sitting for a friend to buy the ticket, plans to use the win for her retirement.  CVS Pharmacy on North Moorpark Road in Thousand Oaks, which sold Witt’s winning ticket, will receive $5,000 as retailer bonus.

by Mike Redfern
Updated January 27th, 2014

Jan 14

Mega Millions Redesign Boosts Arizona Lottery Sales by 7.8%

arizona-lotterySunday January 26 2014 – The Mega Millions redesign is being credited as the catalyst for boosting the Arizona Lottery’s sale figures by 7.8% for the 2013 fiscal year. The mid-year results, released on Friday, indicate total sales of more than $349.5 million which is an increase of over $24.2 million on the 2012 fiscal year.

The promising year-to-date Arizona Lottery sales come as a result of a 9.5% increase in the sale of scratch-off tickets and a 4.8% increase in the sale of regular draw game tickets. The recent October redesign saw Mega Millions introduce larger starting jackpots, faster growing jackpots, a $1 million secondary tier prize and improved odds of winning a prize, all the while maintaining the $1 ticket price.

Jeff Hatch-Miller, executive director of the Arizona Lottery, explained the reason for the increase in revenue; “The nearly record-breaking Mega Millions jackpot run this fiscal year, following the game’s redesign, resulted in a huge increase of Mega Millions ticket sales state-wide. This surge in Mega Millions sales, along with the introduction of new products, heavily contributed to our strong mid-year sales figures.” This revolutionary redesign saw national sales of Mega Millions tickets increase by a phenomenal 101.9% over the same period last year.

In addition to the well-received Mega Millions redesign, the Arizona Lottery launched several new scratch-off games this fiscal year which have proved popular with many players. Hatch-Miller identified the importance of developing new games; “Introducing innovative new products that appeal to our players is key to continuing this upward sales trend,” he said.

As a result of the growing sales, Arizona has received year to date net proceeds in excess of $77.6 million. This revenue is used to fund a variety of projects in the fields of education, health and public welfare, the environment and economic and business development, all of which are aimed at improving the lives of Arizona residents.

More immediate benefits can be seen in the form of prizes paid out to the tune of more than $215.3 million. Retailers also benefit from the record sales, and over the past year, over $22.5 million has been handed out in commission. It seems the Mega Millions redesign can be deemed a resounding success as players, retailers and the general public are all benefiting.

To view the latest Arizona Lottery results, visit Lottery.net.

by Mike Redfern
Updated April 4th, 2016

Jan 14

Powerball Results for Saturday January 25th 2014

Powerball News

Here are the Powerball Results for Saturday 25/01/2014. Along with the winning numbers for this draw you can see a full prize breakdown below as well as a draw schedule showing the days of the week that the Powerball draw takes place:

Main Balls: 8 - 12 - 18 - 55 - 57
Powerball: 2

Next Draw: Wednesday February 5th 2014
Next Jackpot: $171,000,000

Powerball Prize Breakdown for 1/25/2014

Prize Level Prize Winners
Match 5 plus Powerball $152,000,000 0It's a Rollover!
Match 5 $1,000,000 2
Match 4 plus Powerball $10,000 21
Match 4 $100.00 791
Match 3 plus Powerball $100.00 1,355
Match 3 $7.00 45,674
Match 2 plus Powerball $7.00 22,974
Match 1 plus Powerball $4.00 146,658
Match 0 plus Powerball $4.00 286,790
Match 5 (with Power Play) $2,000,000 1
Match 4 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $20,000 3
Match 4 (with Power Play) $200.00 138
Match 3 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $200.00 235
Match 3 (with Power Play) $14.00 8,282
Match 2 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $14.00 4,117
Match 1 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $8.00 25,974
Match 0 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $8.00 50,425

Draw Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
No No Yes No No Yes No

I hope you had good luck in Tonight's Powerball draw!

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by Mike Redfern
Updated January 26th, 2014