Feb 14

Retailer in Rhode Island becomes First Florist in the State to Sell Lottery Tickets

A florist in Rhode Island is planting the seed for other alternative retailers to begin providing lottery tickets to customers. John Dick of Johnston, Providence County, applied to become an official lottery retailer in 2013 and recently became the first florist in the state to offer a variety of lottery tickets.

Dick decided to apply for the position after reading an article about fellow florist Susan Kaufman’s similar success in Ohio. Kaufman began operating as a lottery agent from her florists in Waynesfield, Ohio, in the hope the venture would save her store from the recession. It worked – Kaufman’s business was saved by the significant increase of walk-in business.

Inspired, Dick became an official Rhode Island Lottery agent on February 9th, racking up over $1,000 in lottery sales in the first week alone. He may not be the typical lottery agent, but he’s got full support from Rhode Island officials; “John is not your traditional lottery agent, that’s for sure,” said Donald J. Cataldi, sales manager for the Rhode Island Lottery, “…but he’s innovative. He had a great attitude, and more important a great sense for business. His sales the first week are proof he can – and will – be successful.”

John Dick is joined by Donald J. Cataldi, sales manager for Rhode Island Lottery

John Dick is joined by Donald J. Cataldi, sales manager for Rhode Island Lottery
Image by Pete Fontaine

At first, the combination of lottery agent and florist may seem a little bizarre but Dick has solid plans to coherently merge the two businesses. Certain that most lottery winners always want to share the luck with their loved ones, Dick is confident that combining lottery tickets with flowers can work as effective gifts.

“If someone wants to send a birthday bouquet to a loved one, friend or family member, we can include a couple of scratch tickets,” Dick said, indicating an arrangement that a customer was due to collect. “And when people do come in for flowers and see that we offer lottery tickets, they might buy a ticket.”

We think John is onto something – after all, what could be better than receiving a thoughtful bouquet of flowers with the chance of winning a million?

Atwood Florists is open from 08:00ET to 17:00ET Monday through Friday and 08:00ET to 14:00ET on Saturday.

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Updated February 28th, 2014

Feb 14

Michigan Lottery’s Scratch-Off Success

MichiganlotteryMichigan Lottery’s latest scratch-off has been deemed a resounding success after players have received more than $7 million in just two weeks. The $30 instant win ticket, called ‘$2,000,000 Cash’, launched in the first week of February amidst a nationwide trend of releasing premium priced scratch-offs.

Figures show that the scratch-off is a roaring success as almost 120,000 winning tickets were sold in the two weeks following the game’s launch, on February 4th. Glenn Strong, Michigan Lottery’s instant games product manager said; “The strong response we’re seeing to the $2,000,000 Cash game shows that this preference holds true for our first $30 game and that players are excited about the chance to win $2 million.”

Potential players concerned that the scratch-off’s immediate success dampens their chances of winning needn’t worry; there are still more than $80 million in prizes up for grabs, including all three $2 million top prizes. The game’s overall odds of winning are remarkable at 1 in 2.68 for winning a prize between $30 and $2 million. Players have a 1 in 25 chance of winning a $200 prize and to date, the lottery has doled out more than 13,000 of these $200 prizes.

However, Michigan Lottery is not focusing their attention solely on the premium scratch-off market. Today, lottery vendor Pollard Banknote joined forces with Michigan Lottery to launch an innovative instant product to accompany the $5 Wild Time scratch-off.

The low-cost Wild Time scratch-off is one of Michigan Lottery’s longest running instant-win games and has been available for more than 20 years but now, as part of an initiative to widen the lottery market, it’s being brought into the 21st Century.

An accompanying app has been developed to run alongside the scratch-off which offers players more chances to win as well as the ability to play just for fun. Doug Pollard, co-chief executive officer of Pollard Banknote said; “Based on the incredible success the Lottery has experienced with its Cashword and Bingo apps, we are confident that players and retailers in Michigan will respond just as enthusiastically to the increased playability of this popular game.”

The app is available to download now from the Google Play store and Apple’s App store.

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Updated February 27th, 2014

Feb 14

Powerball Results for Wednesday February 26th 2014

Powerball News

The Powerball Winning Numbers for Wednesday 26th Feb 2014 are below:

Main Balls: 11 - 12 - 17 - 38 - 42
Powerball: 2

Next Draw: Saturday March 8th 2014
Next Jackpot: $60,000,000

Powerball Prize Breakdown for 2/26/2014

Prize Level Prize Winners
Match 5 plus Powerball $50,000,000 0It's a Rollover!
Match 5 $1,000,000 0
Match 4 plus Powerball $10,000 22
Match 4 $100.00 650
Match 3 plus Powerball $100.00 934
Match 3 $7.00 33,431
Match 2 plus Powerball $7.00 16,414
Match 1 plus Powerball $4.00 97,863
Match 0 plus Powerball $4.00 179,476
Match 5 (with Power Play) $2,000,000 0
Match 4 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $20,000 2
Match 4 (with Power Play) $200.00 134
Match 3 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $200.00 197
Match 3 (with Power Play) $14.00 7,400
Match 2 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $14.00 3,452
Match 1 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $8.00 20,711
Match 0 plus Powerball (with Power Play) $8.00 37,732

Draw Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
No No Yes No No Yes No

Good luck for the next Powerball draw and don't forget to check your tickets after the draw to see if you're a lottery winner!

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Feb 14

Irish Lotto Results for Wednesday February 26th 2014

Irish Lotto News

The Irish Lotto Results for Tonight's draw are:

Main Balls: 9 - 13 - 27 - 28 - 34 - 39
Bonus Ball: 40

Next Draw: Saturday March 1st 2014
Next Jackpot: €7,500,000

Irish Lotto Prize Breakdown for 2/26/2014

Prize Level Prize Winners
Match 6 €7,017,843 0It's a Rollover!
Match 5 plus Bonus €25,000 1
Match 5 €1,419 43
Match 4 plus Bonus €163.00 94
Match 4 €54.00 1,732
Match 3 plus Bonus €30.00 2,087
Match 3 €5.00 29,263

Draw Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
No No Yes No No Yes No

If you were a winner in Tonight's draw then why not leave a comment below and share your story with others.

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Updated February 26th, 2014

Feb 14

Clerk’s Mistake Leads to $10 Million Scratch-Off Win for New York Resident

new-yorkWednesday February 26 2014 – New York resident Jerry Kajfasz claimed his $10 million scratch-off win yesterday which happened after a clerk mistakenly gave him the wrong ticket.

The win came after Jerry, 53, made his usual trip to the Depew One Stop on Broadway on his day off to buy some cigars and his favorite scratch-off tickets. The clerk mistakenly handed Jerry a $20 Win for Life ticket which he pointed out was the wrong one. After leaving the store with the scratch-offs he had originally gone to the store for, Jerry scratched off the various tickets and ended up winning roughly $25. Feeling lucky, Jerry headed back into the store and said to the clerk “Give me that ticket you almost gave me by accident.”

Jerry, who lives in Erie County, decided to scratch the ticket in the store where he revealed that he had in fact won the top prize of $10 million on a ticket which he had initially declined to buy.

Jerry Kajfasz and his family collecting his check  Image source Facebook.com/NYLottery

Jerry Kajfasz and his family collecting the winning check
Image source Facebook.com/NYLottery

“I just sat there and couldn’t believe it,” Jerry said at the press conference yesterday. “I probably looked over the ticket half a dozen times.” The clerk verified the ticket and Jerry called his wife Anne before also calling his two children to share the news. “He wouldn’t tell me what happened,” said Jerry’s son, Frank, who then asked his dad if he’d won the lottery to which his father replied, “Well, I didn’t want to tell you this way. Come over as soon as possible. I have some champagne.”

Following the win on Saturday January 18, Jerry has retired from his printing job in Amherst which he had held for 27 years to enjoy his new found fortune. At the press conference yesterday, Jerry confirmed that he and his wife will take 86% of the winnings, receiving 19 annual payments of $300,000 after taxes and his son and daughter will receive 7% each, working out at 19 payments of $25,000 after taxes.
Speaking yesterday, Frank said “I won’t believe it is real until I see the money in my account.”

Jerry is Erie County’s first jackpot winner of 2014 and the eleventh New York player to win a prize of $1 million or more so far this year.

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated February 26th, 2014