Georgia Mega Millions Winner Goes Into Hiding?

Friday December 20 2013 – It has been alleged that Georgia’s newest multi-millionaire has gone into hiding after pictures of her and her family surfaced on national news sites yesterday. Ira Curry was formally named as one of the two $648 million Mega Millions jackpot winners after claiming her prize from Georgia Lottery headquarters yesterday morning, although she had not yet decided whether to give her own press conference.

Mega Millions winner Ira Curry. (Image from NY Daily News)

However, once her name was released it didn’t take long for her full identity to be made public, including her picture, details of her family members and even her workplace. This sudden “outing” has allegedly led to her leaving her Stone Mountain home which is now surrounded by local and national reporters, financial planners and tax advisors.

Further evidence seems to support these claims. Gifts, such as bouquets of flowers, have remained on the doorstep of her home and the house has remained in darkness throughout the night. Phone calls to her residence have also gone unanswered, with her phone greeting stating the message bank is full.

The exterior of Ira Curry’s home. (Image from John Amis, NY Daily News)

Despite Ira herself being AWOL, various family members and friends have spoken freely about her good fortune. Ira’s manager at the insurance firm she has worked at for the last five years issued a statement by email, stating they were “thrilled for her and her family.” The statement, from Aspen Insurance CEO Mario Vitale, went on to say, “It could not have happened to a nicer person and we are excited for her good fortune.”

One of her younger sisters, Jalunda Baker Price who lives in family’s hometown of the Bronx, New York, told AJC reporters she was “stunned” at her older sister’s good fortune, while second sister Brenda Baker said they would be “packing up and leaving… the Bronx to avoid the spotlight.” It would seem Brenda was true to her word, as of Thursday their home in Lambert House was also in darkness.

It could be that the entire family have rendezvoused at an unknown location until the media attention dies down. Alternatively, it could be that Ira has simply gathered her nearest and dearest for an overnight stay in a hotel in order to work out what to do with her post-tax $120 million cash prize. Whatever the case, LotteryWorld wish Ira Curry and her family the very best of luck.

In Other Mega Millions News

The Californian winner of Tuesday’s $648 million jackpot is still yet to come forward, according to the California Lottery. However, “ecstatic” store owner Thuy Nguyen, who sold the winning ticket from his San Jose store, has already received his $1 million retailer bonus check and has told reporters of his glee at selling the ticket just four months after taking over ownership of the store.

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