Powerball $500m (now $550m!) Jackpot could be yours?

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Winning, karma or coincidence?

With the US Powerball, following a flurry of ticket sales, reaching a staggering $500m $550m jackpot it’s a timely reminder that the chances of you winning the jackpot are zero unless you have a ticket.  Here are some heart-warming good news stories about some lotto winners to remind you that you have to be in it to win it.

$100, 000 clean up!

John Turner, 38 from Chicago won $100,000 on a New Jersey Lottery scratch card while cleaning up after hurricane Sandy.  For a man who helped clean up after Hurricane Sandy, the good karma from the effort proved to be fruitful.

Cleaning a desk…

Ron Yurcus was making room on his desk in Glen Ellyn, Illinois when he came across a million-dollar winning ticket.  The retired hospice chaplain had a winning million-dollar Powerball lottery ticket purchased from a BP gas station two months earlier.

Homeless man wins £200,000

A homeless man in Greenville, South Carolina won $200,000 from a scratch card lottery game.  He told lottery officials he wants to use the money to take care of himself and his family. When the man scratched off the ticket he screamed, jumped up and down and smiled.

“This will put me where I need to be,” he told Greenville Online.

Man gets dumped then wins millions

Sandeep Singh, from Massachusett won $30.5 million lotto jackpot only a few days after getting dumped by his girlfriend.

“I was heartbroken at first, but now I’m getting over it,” Singh said during a press conference.

Teens Messy bedroom

After being told to clean his bedroom, 19-year-old Ryan Kitching, Midlothian, Scotland, discovered 12 old, unchecked lottery tickets.  It turns out that one won him £52,981 approximately $83,900!

“My mum had been nagging me for weeks to tidy my room so I started cleaning and found a pile of old tickets,” he told the newspapers, adding he was about to throw them out, but had a strange feeling he should check the numbers.


“I am totally speechless — it was the happiest day of my life easily,” he said. “Next time she nags me to tidy my room I won’t need telling twice.”

More stories to follow…

These stories are a good reminder that it does happen and it can happen to you! Let’s make the next good news winners story about you and get a ticket for tonight’s Wednesday November 28th 2012 massive $500m $550m Powerball jackpot .

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