Lotto Max Jackpot Reaches CAD$60 Million for First Time

A new Lotto Max record is set to be broken in Canada on Friday night after the jackpot reached CA$60 million for the first time. There had previously been a cap on the top prize, which was set at CA$50 million, but a rule change in July gave the jackpot scope to grow even larger and a run of six rollovers since 7th August has pushed the game into exciting uncharted territory.

In addition to the Lotto Max jackpot, participants have a chance to play MaxMillions. There is a top prize of CA$1 million in each MaxMillions draw and the minimum number of draws increases as the Lotto Max jackpot rises. There were eight MaxMillions draws last week, when one ticket holder from Quebec scooped CA$1 million, and there will be about 25 draws on Friday night, giving players even more chances of winning big.

The record jackpot has ignited interest across the country and Andrea Marantz, a spokesperson for the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC) is excited about what the draw will hold in store. She told CBC: “People have different triggers when they decide they’re going to lay down their five dollars. What we do find – when it gets up to these really big numbers is that new groups form and people are throwing in their money together and they’re buying tickets together.”

Players must match the seven main numbers drawn in order to win the Lotto Max jackpot, and Marantz has confirmed that she is even giving herself a chance by picking up a ticket. She said: “I’ve got one. And that’s the whole thing – one ticket, right? That’s all it takes to win.”

While Friday’s draw offers the biggest ever Lotto Max jackpot, the record lottery prize ever made available in Canada stands at CA$63.4 million. There were four winners of the Lotto 6/49 draw on 13th April 2013, each pocketing CA$15.9 million.

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