Lucky lottery winners accidently win £1m playing EuroMillions Millionaires Raffle

Euro Millions NewsLucky lottery winners Claire McManus and Scott Connah, a couple from Connah’s Key in Flintshire, North Wales accidently win £1m playing EuroMillions Millionaires Raffle following a fortunate but friendly mix-up.

They won one of the 25 guaranteed £1m raffle prizes on the New Year’s Day EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle draw.  Claire and Scott, both 30 and with three young children, had asked one of their friends to buy a scratchcard for them at the shop.

Lucky but confused friend

What happened next could best be described as destiny; the friend misunderstood and somehow mistakenly bought what turned out to be one of the winning EuroMillions raffle tickets.  They are not regular players of the EuroMillions and have preferred to play scratchcards.  Claire said:

“This is the best misunderstanding I’ve ever had.  The news is still sinking in…When we had the ticket confirmed as a winning raffle number the lady from Camelot said to me, ‘congratulations, you’re a millionairess’ and I just sat on the floor, laughed and cried. I haven’t slept since we won!”

Spot the difference

An example of a typical EuroMillions ticket and a scratchcard – can you tell the difference?

Check your tickets, you never know?

Claire went to bed on New Year’s Day then Scott called her down suggesting they should check the raffle number.  She said:

“I checked it, and checked it again, and then asked Scott to check it, and then we got my parents to check it. We just couldn’t believe it was real…The funny thing is, we took our Christmas decorations down that day which a friend told me was bad luck, but I think I’ll do it again next year!”

Plans for the future

Claire and Scott are planning a luxury family holiday and said they have already started looking at buying their own home.

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