Michigan Powerball Winner Quit Job “On the Spot”

A Michigan woman is now in the money after winning a massive rollover Powerball jackpot in the drawing on Wednesday, September 30th. Julie Leach, a 50-year-old mother of three and grandmother of 11, worked a “nasty, dirty job” at a fiberglass factory, but after she matched the winning numbers of 21, 39, 40, 55 and 59 with Powerball 17 to win an astonishing $310.5 million, she is now a lady of leisure.

In a press release, Leach was quoted as saying “My boyfriend told me I should stop and buy some Powerball tickets on the way to work because the jackpot was so huge. I stopped at the Shell station and bought 10 Powerball plays for $20.” Just a few hours later, she matched the entire winning line to win an unimaginable prize.

When her 1:00AM lunch break rolled around, Leach went to McDonald’s to pick up a bite to eat. While she waited in the drive through, she remembered that she had bought Powerball tickets before heading to work. Initially she didn’t believe she had hit the jackpot and asked some of her coworkers to double-check the tickets. When they told her “Get the hell out of here, you’re a millionaire!” she clocked out on the spot and went home.

After telling her long-term partner, Vaughn Avery, the good news, he told Leach he had to get ready for work at 4:00AM, and she promptly told him “he was never working again”. The couple plan to build houses for themselves and their children after paying off some bills.

Leach took the lump sum option, netting a pre-tax payout of $197.4 million and a grand total of $140 million. A financial advisor has been hired as she and her partner embrace a relaxed, unhurried lifestyle thanks to America’s biggest lottery game.

If you’d like to pull a Julie and tell your boss where to go after winning a huge Powerball jackpot, make sure you buy tickets for Saturday’s drawing. The top prize is worth an estimated $60 million (cash value $38.4 million) and tickets are a cool $2 each. Good luck!

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