Multi-State Millions Raffle Launches September 8

Sunday, September 1 2013 – Seven states have teamed up to offer a brand new million dollar raffle which will launch on September 8 and run over the Halloween holiday period.

Multistate Millions Logo

The new Mutli-State Millions raffle, due to start on September 8.

Tickets to the Multi-State Millions Raffle, or the Halloween Raffle as it has been named, will be sold in Ohio, New York, Michigan, New Jersey, Indiana, Oklahoma and Iowa and will offer at least two prizes of $1 million. Better still, once ticket sales exceed $4.6 million, an extra $1 million prize will be added for every $2 million in sales! The raffle will be run by the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) who also run the Powerball and Mega Millions draw games.

Ticket sales across all seven states will open on Sunday, September 8 for a cost of $10 each. The drawing will be made on Saturday November 2, so you don’t have long to wait to find out if you are one of the new multi-state raffle millionaires!

Ohio is celebrating their part in the raffle with a special additional bonus game, which will see one lucky player win a brand new Jeep Wrangler – complete with the tax paid! To enter the bonus game, Ohio players must simply use a special trailing ticket code when purchasing their multi-state millions raffle ticket. To learn more, players can visit the Ohio Lottery Blog which has the full details.

Other Ohio Lottery News

Ohio’s state lottery, Classic Lotto, continues to roll after yet another week with no top winner. The jackpot, which tonight is worth $45 million, has not been won since way back in December 2011. However, long rollover sessions are nothing new to the Ohio Classic Lotto which rolled over 121 times back in 2007-08, before a jackpot of $24.6 million was eventually won on July 2 2008 by Frank Pistella of Pittsburgh.

The Ohio Lottery is also seeking the rightful owner of a $1 million Match 5 Powerball prize, which was sold at the Speedway Store, East Main Street in New Carlisle for the drawing on March 23. The prize has gone unclaimed since this date and is now due to expire on September 19. So, if you are from western Ohio and recall buying a ticket from this store back in March, check your pockets now and see if you could be Ohio’s newest millionaire!

You can read more about, and keep up to date with the latest results for, the Ohio Lottery by visiting the Ohio Lottery page on, where you can also find out more about buying tickets online for this and other US lotteries.


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