New Jersey State Lottery Introduce “Oceans 16”

Thursday August 15th 2013 – The members of the jackpot winning Little Egg Harbor syndicate “Oceans 16” were formally introduced to the media and public at New Jersey Lottery headquarters yesterday in a press conference full of mixed emotions. Led by group leader Brian McCarthy, who presented the ticket for validation, the 16 winners collected their checks for $3,872,445.94 each (after taxes) the cheered, clapped and hugged each other in celebration.

The 16 winners of the Ocean County syndicate holding up their oversized Powerball checks. Taken from the NJ Twitter.

The group members were then named as follows:

Ralston K. Chalfant Jr.
Peter R. Cherkos
Joseph D’Angelo
June M. Delgado
Robert H. Heinen
Dorothy A. Kulina
Tabitha A. Long
Brian W. McCarthy
Susan M. Nickel
Joseph R. Odoardo
Lisa K. Presutto
Darlene M. Riccio
Barbara Jo Riivald
Eleine Sanchez
William L. Seeley
Donna Cinque-Stasse

One of the group has a more special connection to the New Jersey Lottery than most. Barbara Jo Riivald is the daughter of the late NJ State Senator John F Brown, who was best known for writing the law which led to the creation of the state lottery and is often referred to as “the father of the New Jersey Lottery.”

In a touching moment during the press conference, Barbara described the win as a “real special moment” and said that her father must be smiling down from heaven on them.

Other stand out moments from the conference included William Seeley’s lively performance, which saw the Phil Robertson lookalike (pictured below) yell, “First party’s at my cabin!”, leading to him becoming a social media sensation. He drew comparisons to The Dude from the Big Lebowski for his bearded, straggly hair, laid back approach and clumsy behaviour. However, there was a touching moment when he told the crowd that the money would help with his father’s medical bills, who is currently battling cancer.

Six of the winners confirmed earlier media reports that they had been affected by Superstorm Sandy, including Susan Nickel and Darlene Riccio, who lost her house in the storm. Darlene said her winnings would go towards buying a proper home for her and her daughter – and to finally be able to bring the family dog back home.

There is no doubt that the stories of the Oceans 16 have touched the hearts of America, and if ever there was a feel-good Powerball winners story, this is it.

Other Lottery News

Since the $448 million jackpot a week ago there have been two Powerball draws, both of which have rolled over. There is now an estimated jackpot of $60 million for Saturday nights draw. The Mega Millions has also been rolling over, and now has an estimated jackpot of $43 million for Friday’s draw after its fifth rollover on Tuesday.

You can keep up to date with the very latest state and multi-state lottery results by visiting

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