NY Bakery Owner Who Sold $130 million Powerball Ticket “Knows Winner”

Tuesday November 19 2013 – The owner of the New York bakery which sold Saturday’s jackpot winning Powerball ticket has told local reporters that he knows who the lucky winner is after he received a phone call from them out of the blue.

“I know the winner, a good customer who is here almost every day,” Salah Al-Sulaimani, owner of Rocco’s Bakery in Brighton Beach, told CBS Local reporter Hazel Sanchez yesterday. “I’m happy that it was somebody from my store and it came out of my hand and I’m happy for that person as well. So hopefully, everybody benefits out of this.”

Salah Al-Sulaimani, owner of Rocco’s Bakery.

According to Salah, the mysterious winner buys tickets from his Brighton Beach store on “an almost daily” basis and has had one or two small wins in the past, but nothing to rival this $130 million Powerball jackpot.

When it came to naming the lucky winner however, Salah remained adamant that he wouldn’t be giving out any further details. “It’s confidential – all I’ll say is that it’s a regular customer.”

Salah first discovered that he sold the winning ticket when the player called him with the good news. However, Salah didn’t believe him and assumed the call was a prank until he got a second call from the New York Lottery confirming the player’s story.

“They said congratulations, you guys sold the winning Powerball ticket,” Salah explained. “Words can’t describe how I felt. I was doing cartwheels!”

The bakery stands to receive $10,000 for selling the winning ticket and news of the win has already spread throughout the community, with many residents visiting the store to congratulate Salah and purchase lottery tickets in the hope of buying their own slice of luck!

LotteryWorld will bring you more on this story when the identity of the winner has been confirmed.

In Other Powerball News

The owner of a winning Powerball ticket worth $465,539 has failed to come forward despite efforts from the California Lottery to locate him.

As we reported earlier this month, CCTV images of the mysterious winner were released in a final bid to track down the missing Match 5 winner but the winner still failed to make himself known to lottery officials before the deadline of 17.00 yesterday.

The prize money has now been allocated to California’s public school system.

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