Oklahoma Lottery Officials Warn Players of Scam

oklahomalottery Wednesday October 30 2013 – The Oklahoma Lottery is urging players to be extra vigilant as there is a new lottery scam in circulation. The scam focuses on the Mega Millions game and involves members of the public receiving telephone calls informing them that they have won a large lottery prize and/or additional prizes such as cars and holidays.

In a recent press release Rollo Redburn, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Lottery, said: “The lottery security department has observed an increased number of calls from people inquiring if they have actually won a prize or if the call is indeed a scam.”

This lottery scam works by the fraudster first informing the victim that they have won a large Mega Millions prize and, in order to receive the win, they need to pay taxes on the prize. Although the scammers claim to be from the Oklahoma Lottery, state officials have been quick to advise players that the telephone calls are in no way associated with the Oklahoma Lottery. Redburn informed players that “the lottery will never ask players to send an up-front payment in order to claim a prize.”

Most of the phone calls are reported as coming from area code 876.

The Oklahoma Lottery advises anyone who receives a call which they believe to be a lottery scam to contact the Attorney General’s office on (405) 521-3921 or the Federal Trade Commission on (877) 382-4357. To read the full press release from Oklahoma Lottery officials, click here.

For further information on lottery scams and how to avoid becoming a victim, visit Lottery.net.

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