Powerball Winner Gloria MacKenzie Shuns Suggestions to Rename School

Powerball NewsWednesday January 29 2014Gloria MacKenzie, the biggest lottery winner of all time, has shunned suggestions to rename a beneficiary school in her honour. The retired widow from Maine, New England, generously donated $1.8 million of her $370.9 million lump sum to Schenck High School, where MacKenzie’s daughter teaches Biology, but has expressed her disinterest in inspiring a new school moniker.

The school, located in MacKenzie’s hometown of East Millinocket, is currently named after founder Garret Schenck Jr, but local resident Paul Baker recently submitted an official proposal to the school’s committee suggesting a name change reflecting Gloria MacKenzie’s substantial donation. Baker, a retired mill worker, argued that the name change would not only honour MacKenzie’s generosity, but also improve community spirit regarding the school. Baker believes the current moniker is widely ridiculed due to its discernible similarity to the offensive slang term ‘skank’.

When asked about the issue, Baker said; ‘[the name] is causing some of our graduates, when asked the name of the high school from which they graduated, [to] tell those asking that they graduated from East Millinocket High School rather than from Schenck High School so as to not to be ridiculed.’ Baker proposed that a less risqué name would facilitate a feeling of pride for the school, rather than embarrassment.

However, in a rare statement released by Gloria MacKenzie’s son, Scott MacKenzie said; “I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but we don’t want the name changed. Period.” It remains unclear why the MacKenzie’s are vehemently against the name change although local consensus also seems to lean toward keeping the school’s original name.  Despite their disinterest, the school board have plans to review the idea during a meeting on Tuesday, February 4th.

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