Romantic Reconciliation for Powerball Winner

A lengthy court case between lottery winner Pedro Quezada and his ex-partner Inez Sanchez was suddenly resolved last Friday in a shocking turn around that saw Sanchez relinquish all rights to the lottery win. Sanchez dropped the case under the condition she would not be charged for Quezada’s attorneys’ fees. However, it has since emerged that the pair actually reconciled their differences weeks ago and are now living as a couple in Clifton, New Jersey.

The couple’s separation coincided with Quezada’s $338 million Powerball win but while he was enjoying the life of a lottery winner, Sanchez was compelled to take out a restraining order on the former grocery store owner.   The motion prevented Quezada from spending time with the three children he had raised with Sanchez and forced him into a state of depression.

Paul Fernandez, lead attorney for lottery winner Pedro Quezada, said “[Quezada] went from having all of this family and no money, to having all of this money and no family.” Fernandez urged Quezada to contact Sanchez saying “Listen, love trumps all. Talk to her.” Thankfully, the attorney gave good council and on Valentine’s Day Quezada called Fernandez to tell him they were back together.


Pedro Quezada with Inez Sanchez
Image from Lottery Post

Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh, who was overseeing the case, said “I wish the parties good luck and a wonderful future, I hope this works out for you. Good luck, be happy and find what is most important in life.”

Quezada, who collected a pay-out of $152 million after taxes, certainly seems to know what’s most important in life and has used his lottery win generously. Quezada has already sent $57 million of his big win to the Dominican Republic in a gallant effort to improve the lives of family, friends and fellow Dominicans. 

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