Second Time Lucky Lottery Winners

Saturday November 2 2013 – 67-year-old James Bozeman Jr. made international news headlines this week when he scooped his second multi-million dollar Florida Lottery jackpot in just over a year.

Not only did the Orlando man make Florida Lottery history by being the first winner to scoop not one but two Florida Lottery jackpots – beating odds of 1 in 195 trillion – but this story is made even more bizarre as both winning tickets were bought from the same 7-Eleven store in Edgewood!

Florida Lottery officials with the owners of the lucky 7 Eleven store in Edgewood

Florida Lottery officials with the owners of the lucky 7 Eleven store in Edgewood (picture from CBS News)

James’ lottery lucky streak started back on June 16 2012 when he scooped a $10 million jackpot after correctly matching all six winning numbers on the Florida Lottery. James chose the cash option, equating to just over $7 million, and continued buying lottery tickets from the same 7-Eleven store but with six different numbers.

Amazingly, on August 31 2013 he hit the jackpot again, this time worth $3 million. James opted for the annuity option this time round, joking to Mirror reporters that he would live to 100 to claim every annual payment.

The Luckiest Club in the World

James has now joined the lucky elite who have succeeded in beating the odds more than once.

Among them is Joan Ginther, a statistician originally from Texas who has won four multi-million dollar jackpots on the Texas Lottery. Over the last fifteen years, Joan has won a $5.4 million jackpot, a $2 million jackpot, a $3 million jackpot and finally, in the spring of 2008, a $10 million top prize. According to Forbes, a person with that kind of luck is only born once every quadrillion years.

Calgary man Seguro Ndabene went one better when he hit his fifth lottery jackpot on the (now defunct) Super 7 in January 2009 to win CAD$17 million. The latest win came after winning CAD$1 million on the Western 6/49 in 2004, the top prize of CAD$100,000 on the Super 7 Extra in 2006 and two prizes worth CAD$1 million and CAD$50,000 on the Western 6/49 in 2008. He claims he has no strategy and has amassed his wins simply by playing lots of games.

Multiple lottery winner Seguro Ndabene (picture from CBC News)

Close, But No Cigar

Bulgarian-born UK resident George Traykov must go down in history as the most ungrateful lottery winner in the world after being one number short of his second jackpot win. Having already claimed one £1 million prize on the UK Millionaire Raffle game, Traykov had hoped to secure his second sizeable win in 2011. However, he missed by one number, which still meant he won a respectable £160,000 but not enough to grant him access to the most exclusive club in the world.

George Traykov “celebrates” his lottery win. (Picture from

After narrowly missing out on the £12 million jackpot, Traykov told Metro reporters he must be “unlucky” and that he was still unhappy, despite a lottery fortune already in the bank. There’s just no pleasing some people.

In Other Lottery News

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