Single Match 5 Powerball Ticket Sold on Californian Border

Tuesday October 1, 2013 – The Powerball draw which took place on Saturday had no jackpot winner and just one Match 5 winner, who scooped the $1 million prize. The ticket was purchased from a well-known retailer named the Primm Valley Lotto Store, in the town of Nipton in California, just several hundred feet over the Nevada state border.

The resort of Primm Valley, Nipton, CA.

The resort of Primm Valley, Nipton, CA.

The tiny ranching community of Nipton, which is located 25 minutes south of Las Vegas on the I-15, has just 80 residents, most of whom are regular lottery players. The Primm Valley resort consists of numerous casinos, hotels, a shopping centre and several golf courses. However, its main attraction is its “Terrible” Lotto store, which sells Mega Millions, Powerball and California Super Lotto tickets to Nevada residents willing to make the interstate drive.

As Nevada does not participate in lotteries, residents will often cross the border to Primm Valley in order to buy their tickets. The Lotto store has become a mecca for lottery fanatics, who flock to the store when the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots climb. This has made the store the biggest ticket-seller in the whole of California, with long lines regularly forming as out of state players patiently wait for their chance of winning a lottery fortune.

The Lotto store at Primm Valley, often known as Terrible's Lotto

Queues at The Lotto Store, Primm Valley, often known as Terrible’s Lotto. Taken from the Primm Valley Resort Facebook page

When California joined the Powerball in April 2013 the store underwent a revamp, including adding new customer service windows and two self-service ticket machines, in order to cope with the anticipated increase in customer numbers. Despite these changes, players can still expect to queue for anything up to four hours when jackpots reach record breaking amounts and customers often arrive before the store opens at 08.00 PST to make sure they get their lottery tickets of choice.

This is Primm Valley’s second Match 5 winning ticket sold so far this year (after a Match 5 Powerball ticket was sold for the May 16 draw) and although the owner of the ticket could be one of the 80 residents of Nipton, it is more likely to be one of the thousands of Nevada residents who cross the border weekly to play.

While crossing the state border to play the lottery is perfectly legal, the only stipulation is that winners must return to the state in which they purchased their ticket to claim their prize. With a Match 5 ticket worth a cool $1 million, it’s going to be a drive worth taking for one lucky player.

The winning numbers from Saturday night can be viewed on

In Other Lottery News

Tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot is estimated at $189 million after rolling over yet again last Friday. Should the top prize remain elusive again tonight, Friday’s estimated jackpot is expected to reach $200 million and topple the current 2013 record of £193 million.
Visit the Mega Millions page on for the winning numbers which will appear on the site shortly after the draw.

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