Feb 14

California Lottery Re-Launch Exclusive Scratch-Off


The California Black Exclusive Scratch-Off
Image from CAlottery.com

California Lottery re-launched one of their sleeker scratch-offs this month, touting a top prize of $1 million. The instant win game, called ‘California Black Exclusive’, strays from the typically bright and bold appearance adopted by most scratch-offs and opts instead for a smart and sophisticated format.

The $10 scratch-off has a matt black finish with understated gold detailing and its re-launch sees the top prize boosted from $250,000 to $1 million. The scratch-off boasts 24 of the life-changing $1 million top prizes, with the odds of winning the jackpot at 1 in 1.2 million. The other cash prizes range from $10 to $20,000 and the overall odds of winning one of these prizes stands at 1 in 4.11.  In addition to these great odds, every losing ticket is eligible for the 2nd Chance Programme where players have another shot at winning $1 million by scanning the QR code on the back of the ticket.

While California Lottery only encourages responsible play, officials are keen to draw attention to the game with an enticing new ad.

Despite only being launched earlier this month, the sophisticated scratch off has already made its first millionaire! Sacramento security guard Mitchel Reynolds scooped the top prize while at work on Valentine’s Day – but still finished his shift! With his new found fortune, dedicated employee Reynolds has vowed to pay off his mom’s house and buy a new car. The winning ticket was purchased at a 7-Eleven on North Glenoaks Boulevard in Burbank and the owner of the store will receive a $5,000 bonus for selling the ticket.

To further promote the re-launch, California Lottery is hosting a series of state-wide events where anyone who buys $10 worth of lottery products could win additional prizes. Players will have the chance the Spin the Wheel and dip into the California Black Exclusive Box as long as they spend $10 or more at one of the 14 events taking place between 20th February and 4th April. The California Black Exclusive Event schedule can be found on CALottery.com.

by Mike Redfern
Updated August 9th, 2018

Dec 13

Georgia Mega Millions Winner Goes Into Hiding?

Friday December 20 2013 – It has been alleged that Georgia’s newest multi-millionaire has gone into hiding after pictures of her and her family surfaced on national news sites yesterday. Ira Curry was formally named as one of the two $648 million Mega Millions jackpot winners after claiming her prize from Georgia Lottery headquarters yesterday morning, although she had not yet decided whether to give her own press conference.

Mega Millions winner Ira Curry. (Image from NY Daily News)

However, once her name was released it didn’t take long for her full identity to be made public, including her picture, details of her family members and even her workplace. This sudden “outing” has allegedly led to her leaving her Stone Mountain home which is now surrounded by local and national reporters, financial planners and tax advisors.

Further evidence seems to support these claims. Gifts, such as bouquets of flowers, have remained on the doorstep of her home and the house has remained in darkness throughout the night. Phone calls to her residence have also gone unanswered, with her phone greeting stating the message bank is full.

The exterior of Ira Curry’s home. (Image from John Amis, NY Daily News)

Despite Ira herself being AWOL, various family members and friends have spoken freely about her good fortune. Ira’s manager at the insurance firm she has worked at for the last five years issued a statement by email, stating they were “thrilled for her and her family.” The statement, from Aspen Insurance CEO Mario Vitale, went on to say, “It could not have happened to a nicer person and we are excited for her good fortune.”

One of her younger sisters, Jalunda Baker Price who lives in family’s hometown of the Bronx, New York, told AJC reporters she was “stunned” at her older sister’s good fortune, while second sister Brenda Baker said they would be “packing up and leaving… the Bronx to avoid the spotlight.” It would seem Brenda was true to her word, as of Thursday their home in Lambert House was also in darkness.

It could be that the entire family have rendezvoused at an unknown location until the media attention dies down. Alternatively, it could be that Ira has simply gathered her nearest and dearest for an overnight stay in a hotel in order to work out what to do with her post-tax $120 million cash prize. Whatever the case, LotteryWorld wish Ira Curry and her family the very best of luck.

In Other Mega Millions News

The Californian winner of Tuesday’s $648 million jackpot is still yet to come forward, according to the California Lottery. However, “ecstatic” store owner Thuy Nguyen, who sold the winning ticket from his San Jose store, has already received his $1 million retailer bonus check and has told reporters of his glee at selling the ticket just four months after taking over ownership of the store.

by Sadie Walton
Updated March 6th, 2018

Nov 13

NY Bakery Owner Who Sold $130 million Powerball Ticket “Knows Winner”

Tuesday November 19 2013 – The owner of the New York bakery which sold Saturday’s jackpot winning Powerball ticket has told local reporters that he knows who the lucky winner is after he received a phone call from them out of the blue.

“I know the winner, a good customer who is here almost every day,” Salah Al-Sulaimani, owner of Rocco’s Bakery in Brighton Beach, told CBS Local reporter Hazel Sanchez yesterday. “I’m happy that it was somebody from my store and it came out of my hand and I’m happy for that person as well. So hopefully, everybody benefits out of this.”

Salah Al-Sulaimani, owner of Rocco’s Bakery.

According to Salah, the mysterious winner buys tickets from his Brighton Beach store on “an almost daily” basis and has had one or two small wins in the past, but nothing to rival this $130 million Powerball jackpot.

When it came to naming the lucky winner however, Salah remained adamant that he wouldn’t be giving out any further details. “It’s confidential – all I’ll say is that it’s a regular customer.”

Salah first discovered that he sold the winning ticket when the player called him with the good news. However, Salah didn’t believe him and assumed the call was a prank until he got a second call from the New York Lottery confirming the player’s story.

“They said congratulations, you guys sold the winning Powerball ticket,” Salah explained. “Words can’t describe how I felt. I was doing cartwheels!”

The bakery stands to receive $10,000 for selling the winning ticket and news of the win has already spread throughout the community, with many residents visiting the store to congratulate Salah and purchase lottery tickets in the hope of buying their own slice of luck!

LotteryWorld will bring you more on this story when the identity of the winner has been confirmed.

In Other Powerball News

The owner of a winning Powerball ticket worth $465,539 has failed to come forward despite efforts from the California Lottery to locate him.

As we reported earlier this month, CCTV images of the mysterious winner were released in a final bid to track down the missing Match 5 winner but the winner still failed to make himself known to lottery officials before the deadline of 17.00 yesterday.

The prize money has now been allocated to California’s public school system.

by Sadie Walton
Updated July 4th, 2018

Nov 13

$213 million CA Powerball Winners Hold Impromptu Press Conference

Powerball NewsThursday November 7 2013 – After claiming their $213 million Powerball jackpot earlier this week, Carlo and Erlinda Mitchell initially shunned media attention when they canceled a California Lottery news conference at the last minute. However, since their win, media crews have been camped out on the lawn of their Fresno house, which led to the Mitchells calling an impromptu press conference yesterday.

“Hopefully they won’t chase us away; that’s our biggest fear because we don’t want to leave.” Carlo explained. Although Carlo and Erlinda happily chatted away to reporters, they insisted no photos be taken throughout the conference, and will undoubtedly be hoping that they have done enough to satisfy the media while maintaining their privacy.

During the spontaneous press conference, Carlo revealed that until the day of their win, his wife always thought playing the lottery was a waste of money. Erlinda, who is known as Lulu to her friends, chuckled as she stood behind the massive California Lottery check. “I’m glad he didn’t listen to me!”

Carlos Mitchell’s oversized Powerball check

Having opted for a lump sum payment, Carlo and Erlinda received $123.4 in cash and confirmed that they would be giving away some of their fortune to their church, family and close friends – and may also splash out on “a couple” of vacation homes.

However, Carlo remains cautious about their sudden windfall. “This could be a blessing or a curse,” he said. “You don’t know at this point; we’ll find out.” He went on to explain why it had taken almost two weeks to claim his prize and why he had canceled the initial CA Lottery press conference: “I needed to get to a basis to what I was going to do with that amount of money. It takes time.”

The Mitchells now intend to return to their quiet, simple lifestyle in Fresno, albeit with a little more cash in the bank!

In Other Lottery News

There was no Powerball jackpot winner last night. Despite this, the draw was still very lucky for two ticket holders who matched five numbers to win $1 million and two further players who matched five with Powerplay to win $2 million.

Visit Powerball.net for the full results from last night’s draw and for details of Saturday’s jackpot.

by Sadie Walton
Updated November 7th, 2013

Nov 13

$213 million Fresno Powerball Winner Claims Prize

Powerball NewsTuesday November 5 2013 – California Lottery officials are breathing a sigh of relief today as the owner of the winning $213 million Powerball ticket has come forward to claim their prize, almost two weeks after the draw.

“”We’ve been waiting for him to come in,” explained CA Lottery Commission supervisor Henry Hernandez. “We thought maybe he lost his ticket or something!”

As it turns out, 68-year-old Carlo Mitchell knew he was California’s first ever Powerball jackpot winner straight after the draw as he always plays the same numbers. Carlo, known as Carl to his friends, and his wife Erlinda, play the same three sets of numbers on Powerball, Mega Millions and the Super Lotto Plus every week. The couple told lottery officials that, despite their jackpot win, they have no intention of stopping their weekly games!

Meet the Winning Couple

Carl is a retired nuclear medicine technician and Erlinda is a retired nurse. They have been married for 27 years, have two grown-up children and have lived in the same neighbourhood in Fresno for 15 years. The couple told a few select neighbors and friends of their win a few days after finding out and swore them to secrecy until they decided when to claim their prize. Kina Cortez describes the moment she found out her best friends had become multi-millionaires.

“Erlinda said, ‘sit down we need to talk to you’. I was like oh my God, what’s happened? I thought something bad had happened. It was good!” Kina laughed. She then jokingly asked to have her picture taken with them. “I’ve never had a picture taken with a millionaire; or in this case, a multi, multi, multi-millionaire!”

Neighbor and Friend, Kina Cortez

Neighbor and friend, Kina Cortez, speaking to ABC30. To watch the news report in full, click here

Despite the couple’s newfound fortune, friends are convinced that the money won’t change them as they’re “already rich in their hearts”. Although the couple haven’t yet decided what to do with their jackpot win – which they chose to take as the lump sum cash option worth $123.3 million – they have confirmed they will be making a sizeable donation to their church. They also intend to continue playing the lottery at the same Fast N Easy store which sold them the golden Powerball ticket.

The Mitchell’s had been planning on attending a press conference held by the California Lottery yesterday afternoon, but got cold feet an hour before they were due to appear.

Elias Dominguez, a lottery spokesperson, said the Mitchell’s were not required by law to attend a press conference as state law only stipulates that their names must be released.

LotteryWorld would like to wish the Mitchells all the best for the future.

In Other Lottery News

Tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot is estimated at $99 million after rolling over for the ninth time at the weekend.

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated August 9th, 2018