Jan 14

Powerball Winner Gloria MacKenzie Shuns Suggestions to Rename School

Powerball NewsWednesday January 29 2014Gloria MacKenzie, the biggest lottery winner of all time, has shunned suggestions to rename a beneficiary school in her honour. The retired widow from Maine, New England, generously donated $1.8 million of her $370.9 million lump sum to Schenck High School, where MacKenzie’s daughter teaches Biology, but has expressed her disinterest in inspiring a new school moniker.

The school, located in MacKenzie’s hometown of East Millinocket, is currently named after founder Garret Schenck Jr, but local resident Paul Baker recently submitted an official proposal to the school’s committee suggesting a name change reflecting Gloria MacKenzie’s substantial donation. Baker, a retired mill worker, argued that the name change would not only honour MacKenzie’s generosity, but also improve community spirit regarding the school. Baker believes the current moniker is widely ridiculed due to its discernible similarity to the offensive slang term ‘skank’.

When asked about the issue, Baker said; ‘[the name] is causing some of our graduates, when asked the name of the high school from which they graduated, [to] tell those asking that they graduated from East Millinocket High School rather than from Schenck High School so as to not to be ridiculed.’ Baker proposed that a less risqué name would facilitate a feeling of pride for the school, rather than embarrassment.

However, in a rare statement released by Gloria MacKenzie’s son, Scott MacKenzie said; “I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but we don’t want the name changed. Period.” It remains unclear why the MacKenzie’s are vehemently against the name change although local consensus also seems to lean toward keeping the school’s original name.  Despite their disinterest, the school board have plans to review the idea during a meeting on Tuesday, February 4th.

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Updated January 29th, 2014

Dec 13

$590.5 million Powerball Winner Makes School Donation

Monday, December 2 2013 – Gloria MacKenzie, the winner of the single largest lottery prize in American history, has made her first donation to a Maine high school after pledging nearly $2 million to the cause back in July.

Octogenarian Gloria, who won the $590.5 million Powerball jackpot on Friday May 18, has steered clear of media attention since accepting her cash lump sum of $370.9 million (before taxes) in early June, but this recent act of goodwill has propelled her back into the spotlight.

Powerball winner Gloria MacKenzie (image from AP)

After hearing that the dilapidated Scheck High School could face closure due to ongoing repair issues, Gloria sent a message of intent to Superintendent Quenten Clark via her family members shortly after her jackpot win, where she pledged to donate $1.8 million to the school fund.

“It’s really good of the family to do,” Board of Selectmen Chair Gary McLeod said shortly after the meeting.

The $1 million check was officially delivered to Clark’s office last Monday by Gloria’s son Scott MacKenzie, with whom Gloria shared her mammoth prize. There has been no official comment from either Gloria, Scott or any other member of the family regarding the donation, although it is understood the remainder of the funds will follow in the New Year.

“It’s a little different. It doesn’t happen every day,” Clark told reporters for the Bangor Daily News upon receiving the check. “It’s a great thing. What can I say?”

The money will be used to make repairs to the 56 year old school’s roof and improve the buildings compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act. It is also thought that the money could save the school from closure, after reports back in January suggested the repairs required were simply too costly to the small community of East Millinocket, Maine.

Gloria herself has close connections with East Millinocket, having raised four of her children there before moving to Zephryhills, Florida, upon her retirement. Her daughter, Melinda MacKenzie, still lives in East Millinocket and is a biology teacher at the very school Gloria has pledged to save.

Since her win, Gloria’s main extravagance has been to move from her $30,000 tin shack duplex to a $1.2 million, 6,322 square foot five bedroom home on a gated gold course community in Jacksonville. She also reportedly paid out over $2,600 for 180 patrons to enjoy a free lunch at a local restaurant named Buddy Freddy’s back in June.

In Other Lottery News

Tomorrow night’s Mega Millions jackpot is estimated at a mega $257 million after rolling over last Friday.

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Updated June 8th, 2018

Sep 13

Powerball and Mega Millions Jostle For Attention

Monday September 9th 2013 – The Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots are starting to compete for player’s attentions as both rolled over again this weekend.

Mega Millions, which was drawn on Friday, rolled for the twelfth time to top $100 million and Powerball, which was drawn on Saturday, rolled for the ninth time to reach an estimated $245 million. This is the second time this year that the two multi state lotteries have gone head to head with big jackpots, after Mega Millions hit $190 million and Powerball topped $590 million back in May.

So far, the number of tickets sold for both lotteries have been more or less equal, but should the Powerball continue to roll this week and pass the $300 million barrier we could see their sales pull away and starting to increase substantially. For the moment however, as each jackpot climbs, players are clearly torn between which game to play – the $1 Mega Millions or the $2 Powerball.

Although Mega Millions can complete with Powerball when jackpots are under $100 million, once the Powerball starts to increase substantially Mega Millions sales will often falter. This is the main reason for October’s forthcoming Mega Millions changes. Organisers are increasing both the starting jackpot and increments between rollover draws and will be altering the number matrix in order to create bigger and better jackpots. This is being done in order to breathe life back into the game and rival Powerball’s now infamous giant jackpots.

Certainly Powerball has benefited from similar changes made to their game in January 2012. These changes saw an increase to the starting jackpot, changes to the matrix plus an increase in second tier prizes – as well as a price increase from $1 to $2 – all with the aim of generating a jackpot worth half a billion within two years. Powerball met their target in May 2013, when Gloria MacKenzie scooped the entire $590.5 million jackpot.

After Mega Millions makes the upcoming changes in October the race will be on to see which lottery will be the first to a $1 billion jackpot. Lottery experts have predicted that this could happen by 2022, but we at LotteryWorld are certain that, given the excitement generated by bigger jackpots, this could happen a lot sooner than expected. One things for sure – when it does, we will have our tickets ready!

To read more about Powerball, Mega Millions and to see the most recent results for these and the main state lotteries, visit Lottery.net.

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Updated April 5th, 2016

Sep 13

7-Eleven Lucky For Florida Lottery Winners

Tuesday September 3 2013 – Two jackpot winning Florida Lottery tickets worth $59 million and $3 million have been purchased at separate branches of 7-Elevens within a fortnight of each other.

The first winning ticket, for the draw on Saturday August 24 and worth $59 million, was sold at the 7-Eleven on 12298 Apopka-Vineland in Orlando. Last week, the store (pictured below) received a check for a cool $185,000 from the Florida Lottery for selling the ticket, which won the largest jackpot seen on the state lottery for seven years.

Then, the luck for 7-Eleven in the Sunshine State continued, as last Saturday’s winning ticket worth $3 million was also sold in one of the convenience store branches. This time, the winning ticket was purchased from the branch on 5650 Hansel Avenue, Edgewood.

The 7-Eleven store which sold the $3 million Florida Lottery ticket

The 7-Eleven store which sold the $3 million Florida Lottery ticket

However, despite one of the store owners seeing the color of the money already and the other with their check in the mail, officials at the Florida Lottery have told LotteryWorld that both jackpot winners have yet to benefit from their luck as both prizes remain unclaimed.

If you recall stopping off at either 7 Eleven for gas or coffee in the last fortnight and you grabbed a lottery ticket too, then check your old purses, glove compartments and shopping bags to see if you are sitting on this fortune! You can find the winning numbers for both draws on the Florida Lottery Results page of Lottery.net.

Florida is fast becoming known as one of the luckiest states in the US. Besides their state lottery winners, this year the state has also been home to the biggest single Powerball winner in history, Gloria MacKenzie who won $590.5 million, a handful of $1 million Match 5 Powerball winners and even several $2 million Match 5 and Powerplay winners.

The only game Florida is yet to see a large prize winner on is Mega Millions, which the state joined in May 2013, although with the fortune of Florida and 7-Eleven combined, we doubt it will be long before we are cheering Florida’s first Mega Millions jackpot winner!

In Other Lottery News

Both the Mega Millions and the Powerball jackpots continue to roll after there were no top prize winners on either lottery last weekend. Tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot is an estimated $85 million and tomorrow’s Powerball jackpot has climbed to an estimated $169 million.

To learn more about buying your tickets for either of these draws or simply to check the results after the lotteries are drawn, visit Lottery.net.

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Jul 13

Powerball Jackpot Nears the $200 Million Mark

Thursday July 25th, 2013 – No players matched all of the Powerball numbers in last night’s draw, Wednesday July 24th, which means the jackpot now climbs even higher and nears the $200 million mark. An estimated $196 million is up for grabs in Saturday’s draw which could increase if there is a surge in ticket sales.

The winning numbers for Wednesday’s Powerball drawing were 9 – 29 – 40 – 44 – 54 and Powerball 7. While no players hit the jackpot there were an impressive 833,828 players who won a prize sharing a massive $12.2 million prize fund! The results show one ticket purchased in Pennsylvania, using the Power Play feature, matched the five main numbers to win $2 million while five tickets, purchased in Idaho (1), Missouri (2), New Jersey (1) and Tennessee (1), matched the five main numbers to each win $1 million.

There is no word yet on these winners so if you purchased a Powerball ticket in any of the states listed above for last night’s drawing, check your numbers carefully as you might be one of the lucky prize winners! If you have won a prize keep your ticket safe, sign the back and contact state lottery officials as soon as possible to claim your winnings.

For more information on Powerball, visit Powerball.net.

In other Powerball news, the largest jackpot winner in Powerball’s history, Gloria MacKenzie of Florida, has donated $2 million to her hometown High School in East Millinocket, Maine where her daughter teaches biology. Mrs MacKenzie won $590.5 million in May 2013 and has since purchased a $1.2 million mansion in Jacksonville, Florida.

According to USAToday.com, Mrs MacKenzie’s generous donation was confirmed by Superintendent Quenten Clark on Wednesday July 24th, 2013 and will go towards repairing the school roof.

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated June 8th, 2018