Mar 14

Illinois Lottery Launch New Instant Win Games

ILLINOIS LOTTERY LOGOFriday March 14 2014 – Illinois Lottery launched a series of instant win games this month with top prizes of up to $250,000. The six new arrivals are relatively low cost games, ranging in price from as little as $1 up to just $5.

The scratch-off games, called Neon 9s, Monopoly, Disco Bingo, Lucky Green, Casino Cashword and the MS Project, join Illinois instant win favourites such as Candy Cane Crossword, Words with Friends and Bingo Boogie.

At just $1 for a ticket, Neon 9s is the lowest priced scratch-off in the bunch and offers players the chance to win a top prize of $9,000. Lucky Green and Casino Cashword sit further up the scale at $2 and $3 respectively with every Lucky Green ticket giving players ten chances to win up to $20,000 and the Casino Cashword game offering prizes of $50,000.

The Monopoly instant win is among the most expensive of the new games at $5 per ticket but also boasts top prizes of $250,000. Launched on March 4, players have 15 chances to win on every ticket with the odds of winning very attractive at 1 in 3.99.  Also priced at $5 is the Disco Bingo game which has even better odds of 1 in 3.88 and more than $26.7 million in prizes to give away.

However, perhaps the most notable of the new selection is the $2 game dubbed the MS Project. Unveiled on March 6, the MS Project scratch-off has a $20,000 top prize and was released as part of Illinois Lottery’s ongoing campaign to fund good causes. All of the profits generated from the instant win game will be used to fund Illinois based research into the cause, prevention and possible cure of multiple sclerosis (MS).

The game’s release was announced during National MS Awareness Week, which ran from March 3 to March 9, by Illinois Lottery Director Michael Jones who said, “If you buy an MS Project instant ticket, whether you win $20,000 instantly or not, you’re helping create substantial funding for programs researching MS.”

Since 2008, Illinois Lottery has worked alongside the National MS Society to raise more than $6.5 million and if the MS Project scratch-off sells out, it will provide a further $1 million for the Illinois Multiple Sclerosis Research Fund.

John Blazek, President of the MS Society’s Illinois chapter said, “The partnership with the Illinois Lottery and the funds generated through the scratch-off ticket are helping to propel new and innovative research throughout the state. This is another important step in our ongoing efforts to create a world free of MS.”

MS Project is available at more than 8,200 Illinois Lottery retailer locations across the state and has respectable odds of 1 in 4.65. With 100% of profits benefiting this worthy cause, it seems there’s no losing with the MS Project instant win game.

by Mike Redfern
Updated March 14th, 2014

Jan 14

Illinois Lottery Celebrates the Start of 2014 With New Instant Games

ILLINOIS LOTTERY LOGOThursday January 9 2014 – To celebrate the start of 2014, the Illinois Lottery has released five new instant win games with top prizes ranging from $3,000 up to an impressive $4 million.

The five new games are:

Fabulous Fortune – A $20 scratch off which offers a top prize of $4 million.

Joker’s Wild – A $5 batman themed scratch off which has a top prize of $200,000.

Words With Friends – A $3 scratch off based on the popular Facebook game where players have to scratch off the words and if they reveal three or more complete words, they will win a prize worth up to $50,000.

$100 Frenzy – A $2 scratch off which has over $2.5 million in $100 prizes to be won plus top prizes of $20,000.

Match 3 Tripler – A $1 scratch off where players need to match three symbols to win a prize worth up to $3,000.

The new games went on sale on Tuesday and can be purchased from any of the 8,200 Illinois Lottery retailers across the state. All lottery profits in the state are donated to the Common School Fund and the Capital Projects Fund.

Since the Illinois Lottery was founded in 1974, the Lottery has contributed over $18 billion to the Common School Fund and has also donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the Capital Projects Fund. The funds help special causes in the state including Illinois Veterans, the fight against breast cancer, MS research and assisting those living with HIV/AIDS.

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by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated April 5th, 2016