Dec 13

UPS Syndicate Delivered Themselves A $1 million Mega Millions Prize

Tuesday December 3 2013 – Eighteen distribution workers were on the receiving end of a surprise delivery after realising they had scooped the $1 million Match 5 Mega Millions prize last Friday. The workers, who were based at one of the Louisville branches of shipping company UPS, claimed their prize from Kentucky Lottery headquarters on Monday afternoon.

This was the highest prize winning ticket from last Friday’s draw as no player was able to scoop the jackpot or correctly match all five main numbers plus the Megaplier. The winning ticket was purchased at the Kroger Store located on 3039 Breckenridge Lane, Louisville, Kentucky. Last Friday’s winning numbers can be found here.

The Kroger store which sold the $1 million ticket

The Kroger store which sold the $1 million ticket (image from Google Maps)

The syndicate members have asked to remain anonymous, so no further details regarding their identity, or which UPS depot they work at, will be released.

In Other Mega Millions News

Tonight’s jackpot is an estimated $257 million after rolling over for the seventeenth time on Friday. This is the largest jackpot seen on Mega Millions since March 2012, when the jackpot broke the world record to reach a monumental $656 million before being shared between three tickets purchased in Kansas, Illinois and Maryland.

As the jackpot has climbed over the last few weeks, so have ticket sales. Overall sales for last Friday’s draw were more than double the average, so it is likely that tickets for tonight will be in very high demand. Players are therefore advised to check the ticket sales deadline in their state and visit their local store in plenty of time to avoid last minute queues.

Players from Illinois and Georgia can choose to avoid the queues completely by purchasing their tickets online from the state’s official lottery website. However, players from other states also have the option to buy tickets online by using a lottery ticket concierge service which purchases tickets on the player’s behalf. You can read more about lottery ticket concierge services by visiting Lotto.net.

by Sadie Walton
Updated March 30th, 2016

Oct 13

Asteroid Hitting Earth More Likely Than Winning Powerball?

Brace yourselves – the asteroid that narrowly missed the Earth back in September is coming back for another pot shot. Experts have estimated that the chance of the planet getting hit by Asteroid 2013 TV135 in 2032 is “better than that of winning the Powerball”. However, with twelve Powerball jackpots won and zero Extinction Level Events so far this year, we at LotteryWorld think these experts should check their facts!

Image of an asteriod hitting the Earth

Although the odds of winning the jackpot seem incredible at 1 in 175,223,510, the simple fact is that players do win. Although last night’s results saw no one match all six numbers for the ninth time in a row, we’d remind players that it has only been a little over a month since an anonymous man from South Carolina secured a whopping $399.4 million jackpot after he purchased a handful of Powerball tickets instead of the hotdog buns he originally went to buy!

Despite no one winning Saturday’s $186 million jackpot, six lucky players from California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri and Pennsylvania did manage to match five main numbers to win $1 million each (the Californian winner took home $541,955 due to the pari-mutuel prize system).

Saturday’s rollover means that the Wednesday jackpot is estimated at an incredible $216 million, which is the tenth time so far this year that the Powerball jackpot has rocketed past the $200 million barrier.

So, in the unlikely event that astronomers are right and the asteroid is hurtling towards Earth, don’t let that put you off buying your Powerball tickets – as $216 million would buy a heck of an end of world party for 2032!

Mega Millions News

Don’t forget, the first Mega Millions draw incorporating the new changes takes place this Tuesday, with a jackpot of $55 million at stake. The new format offers larger starting top prizes, faster growing jackpots and better odds of winning a prize all for the same tiny price of $1!

For more Earth-shattering jackpot news, visit Lottery.net

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Updated June 8th, 2018

Oct 13

Three Match 5 Winners On Last Night’s Powerball

Powerball NewsThursday October 17 2013 – There were three lucky winners of the Match 5 prize on the Powerball last night but still no jackpot winner for the eighth time in a row. This means Saturday’s jackpot will be worth an estimated $186 million.

As none of last night’s winners opted for Powerplay, the $1 million Match 5 prize was the largest sum won by a single ticket last. The three winning tickets were each purchased in Kansas, Massachusetts and California. The pari-mutuel nature of non-jackpot prizes in California means that the prize winner in that state won $487,708 instead of the $1 million prize paid out in the other states.

LotteryWorld are still awaiting confirmation of where each winning ticket was sold and will bring you this information when it is released.

Last night’s Californian Match 5 winner follows in the footsteps of high school teacher Kurt Burger, who won the Match 5 prize on Saturday October 5 2013. Burger, from San Bernardino County, bought his ticket from the Donut Star, located at 2200 South Mountain Avenue, Ontario, and found out he was a winner after leaving a movie theatre that Saturday evening.

The Donut Star where Burger bought the winning ticket (image from Google maps)

The Donut Star where Burger bought the winning ticket (image from Google maps)

“I had the website for the Lottery on my phone and I checked it right away when I got outside,” 47 year old Burger explained to the California Lottery upon claiming his prize. “In my mind, I still couldn’t believe five of the numbers matched. When I got home and saw (on the computer) where the (winning) ticket was purchased and that I bought mine there, then it hit!”

Burger’s first call was to his colleague Eric Danhof, his lottery buddy with whom he regularly bought tickets. As he broke the news that he was entitled to half of the win, which totalled $724,021, Danhof first thought his friend was joking, but his suspicion turned to joy when he realised Burger was telling the truth.

Both men intend to invest some of their winnings and spend some on their families. Burger also has plans to pay for a hip replacement for his beloved Boxer dog that was born with a condition making it hard for him to walk.

LotteryWorld would like to wish Eric Danhof, Kurt Burger and his Boxer dog warm congratulations and hope they all enjoy their newfound wealth.

The latest Powerball results complete with a full prize breakdown can be found at Powerball.net.

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Updated August 9th, 2018

Oct 13

Five Match 5 Powerball Winners From Saturday

Powerball NewsTuesday October 8 2013 – Five Powerball players correctly matched all five main numbers on Saturday to each win the $1 million prize. However, at the time of writing, none of the lucky prize winners have claimed their prize.

The winning tickets all matched the numbers 11, 12, 17, 39 and 40 (but not the Powerball, which was number 5) and were purchased in the following locations:

Sheldon, Iowa
Casey’s General Store
504 Second Avenue

Providence, Rhode Island
Shell Station (Colbea Enterprises)
457 Benefit Street

Ontario, California*
2200 S Mountain Avenue
*The California winner will take home $724,021 due to the pari-mutuel system of calculating prizes

East Chicago, Indiana
4502 Indianapolis Boulevard
East Chicago

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
The Giant Food Store
1824 Ridge Pike
Montgomery County

If you remember buying a Powerball ticket from any of these locations last week then one of the $1 million prizes could be yours! Winning players are advised to sign the back of their ticket to confirm ownership before telephoning their local lottery office to claim their prize. So hunt out your ticket now and check to see if you are one of the brand new Powerball millionaires!

Update: It has just been confirmed that the Sheldon ticket has been claimed by Debbie Schilling, 52, who works in human resources at VH Manufacturing in Rock Valley. Debbie will be sharing the prize money with her husband, Dave, and her six adult children.

Other Powerball News

A share of a jackpot prize worth $50 million remains unclaimed in the state of Florida, according to the Tampa Bay press. The jackpot was won on Saturday May 25 2013 and was shared by three players from Delaware, Louisiana and Florida. The Floridian player has until midnight on Friday November 22 to claim or the prize will be forfeited.

The sign outside Carrollwood Market appealling for the winner to come forward

The sign outside Carrollwood Market appealling for the winner to come forward (image from tampabay.com)

The winning ticket was purchased at Carrollwood Market in Carrollwood Village, which is located on the corner of South and West Village Drive. Store owner, Nidia Tannous, has already received a retailer bonus of $25,000 for selling the ticket and is eager to track down the rightful winner.

Should the owner of the ticket not come forward in time to claim their prize, which is worth $16.6 million, it will be shared between the Florida Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (80%) and the Florida Lottery prize pool (20%).

Visit Powerball.net to stay up to date with the latest lottery results.

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Updated October 8th, 2013

Oct 13

Single Match 5 Powerball Ticket Sold on Californian Border

Tuesday October 1, 2013 – The Powerball draw which took place on Saturday had no jackpot winner and just one Match 5 winner, who scooped the $1 million prize. The ticket was purchased from a well-known retailer named the Primm Valley Lotto Store, in the town of Nipton in California, just several hundred feet over the Nevada state border.

The resort of Primm Valley, Nipton, CA.

The resort of Primm Valley, Nipton, CA.

The tiny ranching community of Nipton, which is located 25 minutes south of Las Vegas on the I-15, has just 80 residents, most of whom are regular lottery players. The Primm Valley resort consists of numerous casinos, hotels, a shopping centre and several golf courses. However, its main attraction is its “Terrible” Lotto store, which sells Mega Millions, Powerball and California Super Lotto tickets to Nevada residents willing to make the interstate drive.

As Nevada does not participate in lotteries, residents will often cross the border to Primm Valley in order to buy their tickets. The Lotto store has become a mecca for lottery fanatics, who flock to the store when the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots climb. This has made the store the biggest ticket-seller in the whole of California, with long lines regularly forming as out of state players patiently wait for their chance of winning a lottery fortune.

The Lotto store at Primm Valley, often known as Terrible's Lotto

Queues at The Lotto Store, Primm Valley, often known as Terrible’s Lotto. Taken from the Primm Valley Resort Facebook page

When California joined the Powerball in April 2013 the store underwent a revamp, including adding new customer service windows and two self-service ticket machines, in order to cope with the anticipated increase in customer numbers. Despite these changes, players can still expect to queue for anything up to four hours when jackpots reach record breaking amounts and customers often arrive before the store opens at 08.00 PST to make sure they get their lottery tickets of choice.

This is Primm Valley’s second Match 5 winning ticket sold so far this year (after a Match 5 Powerball ticket was sold for the May 16 draw) and although the owner of the ticket could be one of the 80 residents of Nipton, it is more likely to be one of the thousands of Nevada residents who cross the border weekly to play.

While crossing the state border to play the lottery is perfectly legal, the only stipulation is that winners must return to the state in which they purchased their ticket to claim their prize. With a Match 5 ticket worth a cool $1 million, it’s going to be a drive worth taking for one lucky player.

The winning numbers from Saturday night can be viewed on Powerball.net.

In Other Lottery News

Tonight’s Mega Millions jackpot is estimated at $189 million after rolling over yet again last Friday. Should the top prize remain elusive again tonight, Friday’s estimated jackpot is expected to reach $200 million and topple the current 2013 record of £193 million.
Visit the Mega Millions page on Lottery.net for the winning numbers which will appear on the site shortly after the draw.

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