Apr 17

Mega Millions Changes Planned for October 2017

A number of Mega Millions changes will take place in time for the draw on October 31st 2017, with the aim of increasing the jackpots offered by the multistate game. Not only will top prizes roll higher than previously, but the good causes aided by individual state lotteries should also see an upturn in funding after the adjustments come into force.

Following the drawing on Friday 27th October, players will be able to choose from 70 main numbers, down from the current 75, and 25 Mega Balls, up from 15. These changes to Mega Millions will lengthen the odds of winning the jackpot, from 1 in 258.9 million to 1 in 302.6 million, but will increase ticket holders’ chances of winning the second tier award of at least $1 million.

Most other prizes will increase, with the third tier award, for those who match four main numbers and the Mega Ball, being boosted from $5,000 to $10,000. Players who match three main numbers and the Mega Ball will receive $200, rather than $50 as is the case at the moment.

The frequency with which the various Megapliers are drawn will also change from October, although no details have been released on the new odds just yet.

After the Mega Millions changes, the price of a line will increase from $1 to $2, bringing it in line with other major multistate games, such as Powerball. However, individual states will be able to choose whether to offer a new feature called Just the Jackpot, in which participants pay $3 for two lines, but only win a prize if they match all five main numbers and the Mega Ball. They will not be eligible for any non-jackpot prizes.

Mega Millions is played on Tuesday and Friday nights, with winning numbers appearing on this site soon after the drawings take place.

by Mike Redfern
Updated April 26th, 2017

Jan 14

Powerball Creates Over 1,000 Millionaires Since 2012!

Powerball NewsTuesday January 28 2014 – Since Powerball underwent a redesign in January 2012, there have been a total of 1,013 millionaires created, working out at an average of nine millionaires per week.

The Multi-State Lottery Association, which has responsibility for overseeing the running of Powerball, had originally estimated that at least 300 millionaires per year would be created following the changes introduced in January 2012. However, in a statement released yesterday, it became clear that these expectations had been spectacularly exceeded.

The changes introduced in 2012 included doubling the starting jackpot to $40 million and reducing the Powerball number matrix from 39 to 35 as well as a controversial increase in the ticket price from $1 to $2. The aim was to generate a half-billion dollar lottery jackpot and this was achieved in November 2012, less than a year after the changes came into effect. After a succession of draws with no top prize winner, the jackpot reached a huge $587.5 million on November 28 2012 before being won by ticket holders Matthew Good from Arizona and Mark and Cindy Hill from Missouri. Both winning ticket holders opted for the cash payment.

Powerball proved that November’s record jackpot wasn’t a fluke when, in May 2013, the jackpot exceeded the previous record when it reached $590.5 million. This colossal jackpot was won by a single ticket holder, Gloria MacKenzie from Florida, and is currently Powerball’s biggest jackpot.

In the past two years, Rhode Island has emerged as one of the luckiest states after two Powerball jackpot winning tickets were sold in the state. One ticket holder won a jackpot worth $336.4 million on February 11 2012 while another ticket holder won $60 million on March 7 2012. In addition to these jackpot winners, Rhode Island Lottery has paid out $38.5 million in other Powerball prizes, including two prizes of $2 million and five prizes worth $1 million.

Powerball isn’t the only lottery to undergo a redesign as, in October 2013, changes were also implemented to Mega Millions. The changes, which included extending the main number matrix from 56 to 75, reducing the Mega Ball number pool from 46 to 15 and increasing the Match 5 prize from $250,000 to $1 million, were introduced with the aim of creating larger jackpots by making the top prize harder to win. These changes have stoked competition between the two games and the race is now on to see which lottery will offer the first $1 billion jackpot. Will it happen this year? Only time will tell.

For the latest winning numbers from US lottery games, visit Lottery.net.

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated April 5th, 2016

Dec 13

Tomorrow’s Mega Millions Could Break $656million Record

Mega Millions NewsMonday December 16 2013 – Lottery experts are predicting that tomorrow night’s Mega Millions jackpot could break it’s previous world record of $656 million if ticket sales continue at their present rate.

Paula Otto, Lead Director of Mega Millions, told the Associated Press that some states were already reporting an increase of 20% on their usual weekend sales, with ticket sales expected to spike on Tuesday.

“I think we’ll be very close to the record and maybe even surpass it,” Otto told AP, as reported by the Press Of Atlantic City. “The challenging part in predicting is that so many of the sales (happen) on the day of the drawing. Lotto players are procrastinators. They tend to buy on the day of the draw.”

Another factor leading to increased ticket sales is the timing as this is the first time that Mega Millions has had a jackpot of this immense size so close to the Christmas holiday period. According to Otto, should the jackpot continue to roll for the next one or two draws, there is a strong possibility that Mega Millions could be the first to that elusive $1 billion jackpot.

How Did The Jackpot Get So Big?

Back in October 2013 Mega Millions underwent a series of changes which included increasing the number matrix to 75 and increasing the Match 5 prize to $1 million. These changes were aimed at encouraging bigger jackpots by more rollovers in the hope that the Mega Millions would be the first lottery in the country to reach a $1 billion jackpot. However, the changes did not include a rise in ticket price so many were sceptical that the matrix changes alone would bring about the bigger jackpots hoped for.

However, after the latest rollover spree which comes just two months after the game changes were implemented, even the most ardent dissidents will have to agree that the changes couldn’t have worked out better for the game.

Whether the jackpot rolls again on Tuesday or not, there is no doubt that any winning player(s) will undoubtedly be thrilled with the pay-out from tomorrow night’s draw – all from a one dollar ticket. Stay tuned to LotteryWorld this week to find out the latest breaking news on this historic lottery draw and, in the meantime, make sure you’ve got your ticket!

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by Sadie Walton
Updated June 8th, 2018

Oct 13

Powerball Announces Reintroduction of Power Play Multiplier

Powerball NewsSaturday October 26 2013 – Powerball have announced they will be bringing back the Power Play multiplier in January 2014.

Currently, players who opt to play Power Play receive set prizes ranging from 2x to 4x the value of the standard Powerball prize. However, under the new game rules announced this week, the variable prize multiplier will be returning to the game from January 22 2014.

A variable Power Play multiplier had previously been used on Powerball, although a set prize value structure was adopted in January 2012 when Powerball made a series of changes to the main game.

The new changes will now see the re-introduction of a Power Play draw which will take place after the main Powerball draw. Powerball winners who have opted into the Power Play will now see their secondary tier prizes multiplied by the number drawn – either 2, 3, 4 or 5.

The only secondary prize tier excluded from the Power Play multiplier is the Match 5 prize. Players opting into the Power Play who go on to match five numbers will continue to win $2 million (instead of the standard prize of $1 million) after the changes. The jackpot remains unaffected.

Due to the upcoming change, the number of advance-play tickets players can purchase will begin to taper off each week until the new draw format takes place on January 22 2014. Those who take advantage of the 26 draw, or 13 week, advance-play option may therefore need to set a reminder to rebuy again on Thursday January 23 2014. The cost of a ticket will not be increasing and remain at $2 for a Powerball ticket plus an extra $1 for adding Power Play.

It has been suggested that the Powerball Power Play multiplier have been bought back as a direct response to the recent Mega Millions changes, which included adding a fifth Megaplier multiplier. Those changes have now made it possible for those matching five numbers on the Mega Millions to win up to $5 million when playing the Megaplier, all for the lower cost of $1 per ticket + $1 for the Megaplier.

In Other Powerball News

Tonight Powerball has a brand new jackpot worth $40 million for after the $216 million prize was scooped by one Californian player on Wednesday. The results from tonight’s drawing will be available on Powerball.net shortly after the drawing takes place.

by Sadie Walton
Updated August 3rd, 2017

Oct 13

New Mega Millions Format Launches

Mega Millions NewsWednesday October 23 2013Mega Millions fever swept across the US last night as the first draw under the new format took place. The changes, which were first announced earlier in the year, are some of the biggest seen in Mega Millions history and have been introduced to help create larger jackpots and keep the game from going stale.

Source: GALottery.com

Source: GALottery.com

Players purchasing tickets for last night’s draw will have noticed the addition of 19 main numbers as players are now required to select five main numbers from 1 to 75 rather than 1 to 56 under the old rules. In addition, the Mega Ball number pool has decreased which means players are now required to select one number between 1 and 15 rather than 1 to 46.

The result of the Mega Millions ball pool adjustment means that the overall odds of winning a prize have dropped from 1 in 40 to just 1 in 15.

The new format also includes:

  • Starting jackpots of $15 million, previously $12 million
  • The prize for matching five numbers has increased from $250,000 to $1 million
  • Megaplier now offers players the chance to increase any non-jackpot winnings by up to a factor of five, previously four
  • Annuity payouts are now payable over 30 years instead of 26 years
  • Jackpots will increase by a minimum of $5 million between rollovers, previously $1 million, depending on ticket sales

Last Night’s Mega Millions Numbers

The winning numbers from last night’s draw were 2-3-19-52-71 with the Mega Ball 14 and the Megaplier 5. There were no jackpot winners in last night’s draw making Match 5 the first winning prize tier with two tickets, purchased in Florida and Georgia, winning $1 million each. Lottery officials have yet to release information about where the winning tickets were purchased so, if you purchased a ticket in either of these states, check your numbers now as you could be one of the $1 million winners!

As the jackpot wasn’t won last night, players now have the chance to win a six times rollover jackpot worth $65 million in Friday’s draw.

For more information on Mega Millions, including how to play and the latest winning numbers, visit Lottery.net.

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated April 5th, 2016