Mar 14

Powerball Player Attributes Win to Fortune Cookie

Powerball NewsFriday March 7 2014 – Most people break open a fortune cookie and completely ignore the message inside but for Bronx resident Emma Duvoll, that wasn’t the case.

Duvoll, 75, was dining at Sammy’s Noodle Shop & Grill in Greenwich Village when she opened a fortune cookie which revealed a set of numbers. Duvoll, who only plays the lottery once a month, decided to try her luck with the numbers and purchased a Powerball ticket from the Hannaford Pharmacy in Pine Bush, New York.

As luck would have it, it seems the fortune cookie managed to predict the future as Duvoll’s ticket ended up matching all five main numbers from the Powerball draw on February 1. Duvoll, who has eight grand-children and one great-grandchild, was at home when she checked the numbers and couldn’t believe her luck. Matching 5 numbers wins $1 million but as Duvoll opted for the Power Play, her win increased to $2 million.

Emma Duvoll claiming her prize yesterday Image source NewsDay.com (NY Lottery)

Emma Duvoll claiming her prize yesterday
Image source Newsday.com (NY Lottery)

“It’s unbelievable,” said Duvoll at the press conference yesterday. “I took some time contemplating what I will do with the money…I plan to invest most of it, and maybe take a trip to Switzerland to visit family.”

Duvoll opted to receive her prize in a cash lump sum which equates to $1.2 million after taxes.

Believe it or not, Duvoll isn’t the only US lottery player to attribute a win to a fortune cookie. In July 2013, Massachusetts resident William Johnson won $1 million on a scratch off after a fortune cookie predicted he would ‘come into a lot of gold.’

Moral of the story – don’t ignore your fortune cookie messages! If they happen to predict a big win or a lucky sequence, why not buy a lottery ticket? You never know when luck will be on your side.

Other Lottery News

If you’re feeling lucky, turn your attention to tonight’s Mega Millions drawing as there is a jackpot worth $270 million up for grabs. There hasn’t been a Mega Millions jackpot winner since January 3 so why not try your luck tonight? It could be you!

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated November 2nd, 2017

Nov 13

NY Bakery Owner Who Sold $130 million Powerball Ticket “Knows Winner”

Tuesday November 19 2013 – The owner of the New York bakery which sold Saturday’s jackpot winning Powerball ticket has told local reporters that he knows who the lucky winner is after he received a phone call from them out of the blue.

“I know the winner, a good customer who is here almost every day,” Salah Al-Sulaimani, owner of Rocco’s Bakery in Brighton Beach, told CBS Local reporter Hazel Sanchez yesterday. “I’m happy that it was somebody from my store and it came out of my hand and I’m happy for that person as well. So hopefully, everybody benefits out of this.”

Salah Al-Sulaimani, owner of Rocco’s Bakery.

According to Salah, the mysterious winner buys tickets from his Brighton Beach store on “an almost daily” basis and has had one or two small wins in the past, but nothing to rival this $130 million Powerball jackpot.

When it came to naming the lucky winner however, Salah remained adamant that he wouldn’t be giving out any further details. “It’s confidential – all I’ll say is that it’s a regular customer.”

Salah first discovered that he sold the winning ticket when the player called him with the good news. However, Salah didn’t believe him and assumed the call was a prank until he got a second call from the New York Lottery confirming the player’s story.

“They said congratulations, you guys sold the winning Powerball ticket,” Salah explained. “Words can’t describe how I felt. I was doing cartwheels!”

The bakery stands to receive $10,000 for selling the winning ticket and news of the win has already spread throughout the community, with many residents visiting the store to congratulate Salah and purchase lottery tickets in the hope of buying their own slice of luck!

LotteryWorld will bring you more on this story when the identity of the winner has been confirmed.

In Other Powerball News

The owner of a winning Powerball ticket worth $465,539 has failed to come forward despite efforts from the California Lottery to locate him.

As we reported earlier this month, CCTV images of the mysterious winner were released in a final bid to track down the missing Match 5 winner but the winner still failed to make himself known to lottery officials before the deadline of 17.00 yesterday.

The prize money has now been allocated to California’s public school system.

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Updated July 4th, 2018

Aug 13

NY Lottery Winner Scammed of $5M Finally Receives Prize

Friday August 30th, 2013 – A lucky New York resident was scammed out of his $5 million win on a NY scratch-off back in 2006 but will finally receive his winnings in the next couple of weeks, seven years after being duped.

Robert Miles of Syracuse bought the scratch-off ticket in October 2006 at The Green Ale Market store owned by Nayef Ashkar. However, when he returned to the store to check the ticket Nayef’s son, Andy Ashkar, told Miles he had only won $5,000 and kept the winning ticket for himself.

It wasn’t until 2012 when the Andy, along with his brother Nayel, contacted state lottery officials to try and redeem the ticket did Miles come forward and say he was the real winner, promoting the New York Lottery to launch an investigation.

Robert Miles (left) with his lawyer Steve Cambareri Image source Syracuse.com

Robert Miles (left) with his lawyer Steve Cambareri
Image source Syracuse.com

Miles told officials Andy Ashkar had stolen the ticket from him, telling him it was only worth $5,000 and giving him $4,000 and keeping a $1,000 ‘cut’ for the store. At the time Miles was addicted to crack cocaine and, confused by what Andy Ashkar had told him, walked away from the store with $4,000 thinking that without the ticket, it would be the word of a “crackhead” against that of a store owner.

Lottery officials launched an investigation into who the real owner of the ticket was and in the spring of 2013, the case went to trial. Andy Ashkar was found guilty of possessing stolen property and was sentenced to up to 25 years in prison.

Earlier this week the Gaming Commission verified that the ticket did belong to Miles, who had been forced to file for bankruptcy in 2008. His lawyer told The Post-Standard of Syracuse that Miles was “elated the lottery prize has finally been awarded to him.”

The winning ticket would have paid the $5 million out as a $250,000 annuity over 20 years but, because of changes in the lottery this year, Miles now has the option to select a cash payout of $3,210,000, which would work out as $2,124,378 after taxes.

Congratulations Miles on finally receiving your win – after hitting the jackpot seven years ago you can now enjoy your millionaire status!

For the latest lottery winning numbers for games across the US, visit Lottery.net.

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Aug 13

New York Lottery Winner Claims $1 Million Prize

Sunday August 11th, 2013 – A lucky New York resident rounded off a great few months by winning a lottery prize of $1 million.

Alishea Gainer, 27, got engaged on Christmas Eve last year and in the spring completed a master’s degree in mental health counseling, so winning $1 million was just the latest in a string of wonderful things for the mom of two.

Gainer purchased a New York Gold scratch-off ticket on July 12th at the Santa Mini Mart at 2411 Elmwood Avenue in Kenmore where she originally stopped to buy drinks for a birthday barbeque and glanced at the Scratch-offs and saw the New York Gold game which “just looked like a winner.”

Gainer, who currently works as a substitute teacher in the Buffalo Public Schools, plays the lottery about once a month and is “still in shock” over her win.

She picked up her check on August 10th at the Erie County Fair in Hamburg from New York Lottery officials Ralph Buckley and Yolando Vega where she opted to take the cash payout, meaning she receives $840,000 (before taxes).

Alishea collecting her winnings Image source Buffalonews.com

Alishea collecting her winnings
Image source Buffalonews.com

With her winnings, Gainer plans to save some money for her two year old son Cortez and her daughter Isys and also plans to buy a new home and car. She also wants to use her winnings to plan the wedding her dreams however, believes it’s important to stay humble and told lottery officials “money doesn’t last forever.”

The New York Lottery has created an impressive 81 millionaires this year and remains North America’s largest and most profitable lottery, contributing a huge $3.04 billion in the 2012 – 2013 financial year to support education in the state.

To view the latest New York Lottery winning numbers, visit Lottery.net.

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