Jan 16

Powerball Jackpot Hits $400 Million

Powerball is providing lottery fans with a post-Christmas treat thanks to the gigantic $400 million jackpot on offer this Wednesday. There have been 17 rollovers since Wednesday November 4th 2015, when a group from Tennessee calling itself the Avondale Revocable Trust claimed the $144.1 million top prize, although the trust chose to take the lump sum cash option of $89.7 million instead.

Wednesday’s jackpot is the highest the prize has risen since February 11th 2015, when three ticket holders split $564.1 million. Marie Holmes of North Carolina, an anonymous Puerto Rican player and the TL Management Trust of Texas each opted to be paid in cash and received $127 million before taxes.

Gas stations and stores will be bustling with excited Powerball players over the next few days, all hoping for a slice of this fantastic jackpot. January is notoriously the most difficult month of the year financially, following the excesses of the holidays, and even a share of $400 million would change your life forever.

Sports fans could look to follow Team USA to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this summer. You could afford to splash out on a VIP trip to Brazil, staying at the five-star Caesar Park hotel in the Ipanema neighborhood of the city, just a short stroll from the world-famous Copacabana beach. If that wasn’t enough, you will receive a concierge service throughout the games to assist you on a daily basis, as well as guided tours of Rio and private transfers. Starting from $7,999, it wouldn’t even make a dent in your newly-boosted bank account, even if you took all your friends and family along for the ride!

Make sure you grab your Powerball tickets in plenty of time for this week’s huge jackpot drawing to make sure you stand a great chance of picking up a late Christmas gift.

by Mike Redfern
Updated April 5th, 2016

Nov 15

Three Players Split Massive Australian Powerball Jackpot

The largest Australian Powerball jackpot of the year was given away on Thursday night as three lucky winners split a First Division prize of AU$70 million. Only once has the jackpot ever climbed higher, when two players shared AU$80 million back in 2009, but the chances of a new record being set were dashed as fans of the game bought tickets in droves.

The winning numbers were 1, 3, 15, 19, 26 and 35 with Powerball 18, as a run of six rollovers came to an end. The winning tickets were sold in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia, although two of them were purchased without registered Players Club cards. Tatts Lotteries has urged anyone who played at either the Oaks Flats Newsagency in Illawarra or Tosh’s Convenience Store in Ayr, north Queensland, to check their tickets.

The third ticket was bought at Nextra Riverton in Western Australia and extends a great run of success for players from the state. Lotterywest chief executive Paul Andrew said in The West Australian: “It’s been a record breaking year for WA Lotto winners and we’re absolutely thrilled with tonight’s results and that we’ve managed to add another jackpot winner to our already long list.”

Lotterywest had estimated in the build-up to the draw that more than 1,000 tickets would be sold every minute during the busiest hour of sales, and the increased interest certainly reaped rewards for many players across the eight different prize tiers. The jackpot will now reset to AU$3 million for next Thursday’s draw, giving players another chance to win big.

by Mike Redfern
Updated November 13th, 2015

Oct 15

Michigan Powerball Winner Quit Job “On the Spot”

A Michigan woman is now in the money after winning a massive rollover Powerball jackpot in the drawing on Wednesday, September 30th. Julie Leach, a 50-year-old mother of three and grandmother of 11, worked a “nasty, dirty job” at a fiberglass factory, but after she matched the winning numbers of 21, 39, 40, 55 and 59 with Powerball 17 to win an astonishing $310.5 million, she is now a lady of leisure.

In a press release, Leach was quoted as saying “My boyfriend told me I should stop and buy some Powerball tickets on the way to work because the jackpot was so huge. I stopped at the Shell station and bought 10 Powerball plays for $20.” Just a few hours later, she matched the entire winning line to win an unimaginable prize.

When her 1:00AM lunch break rolled around, Leach went to McDonald’s to pick up a bite to eat. While she waited in the drive through, she remembered that she had bought Powerball tickets before heading to work. Initially she didn’t believe she had hit the jackpot and asked some of her coworkers to double-check the tickets. When they told her “Get the hell out of here, you’re a millionaire!” she clocked out on the spot and went home.

After telling her long-term partner, Vaughn Avery, the good news, he told Leach he had to get ready for work at 4:00AM, and she promptly told him “he was never working again”. The couple plan to build houses for themselves and their children after paying off some bills.

Leach took the lump sum option, netting a pre-tax payout of $197.4 million and a grand total of $140 million. A financial advisor has been hired as she and her partner embrace a relaxed, unhurried lifestyle thanks to America’s biggest lottery game.

If you’d like to pull a Julie and tell your boss where to go after winning a huge Powerball jackpot, make sure you buy tickets for Saturday’s drawing. The top prize is worth an estimated $60 million (cash value $38.4 million) and tickets are a cool $2 each. Good luck!

by Mike Redfern
Updated October 9th, 2015

Feb 15

Powerball Jackpot Hits $485 Million for Tonight’s Drawing

After adjusting for projected ticket sales, the estimated Powerball jackpot for tonight’s draw has increased from $450 million to $485 million – the third largest amount in the history of the game and the fifth biggest jackpot in U.S. lottery history. The cash value of this mammoth payday is estimated to be $327.7 million, an amount that dwarfs the sums offered by other games in the United States and around the world.

Powerball has been rolling over without a jackpot winner since November 29th 2014, when first-time player Lisa Quam won $90 million in what may be the best example of “beginner’s luck” ever known. With each drawing, the prize pool has grown ever larger, attracting the attention of more and more players as well as lottery newcomers.

Tonight, seasoned Powerball fans and first-time participants will be clutching their tickets, their good luck charms and the edge of their seats as they wait for the numbers to be drawn in Tallahassee. Cut-off times for sales vary between states, so if you’re going to be taking part, make sure you complete your purchases as soon as possible and sign your physical ticket immediately. Lottery tickets are bearer instruments, meaning that whoever holds a paper ticket and signs it demonstrates proof of ownership. If you managed to lose a jackpot-winning ticket that ended up in someone else’s hands, you’d never be able to forgive yourself!

There’s still time to do your homework and learn all about this great game – visit the Powerball Information page of Lottery.net to discover how it works. You’ll also have the opportunity to pick up some tickets for this evening’s game, no matter where you are in the world. Pick your numbers, buy some lines and cross your fingers; if you beat the odds and snap up the jackpot, you could become one of the richest people in the world in the blink of an eye!

by Mike Redfern
Updated March 30th, 2016

Jan 15

Powerball Jackpot Hits $289 Million

The Powerball top prize has soared to $289 million after Wednesday’s draw failed to produce a jackpot winner. The game has been rolling over since November 29th of last year, with the jackpot quickly growing to nine figures by Wednesday, December 24th 2014.

Wednesday’s winning Powerball line was 12, 24, 35, 36 and 49 with Powerball 1 and Power Play 5. Four ticket holders from Georgia, North Carolina, New York State and South Carolina all matched five main numbers to win $1 million each. Another seven participants matched four main numbers, the Powerball and the Power Play number to snap up $50,000 each. The rest of the prizes distributed on the night were worth between $4 for matching just the Powerball (or one number and the Powerball) and $10,000 for matching four main numbers and the Powerball.

If no one wins the top prize on Saturday night, then it’s highly likely that the Powerball jackpot for Wednesday 4th February will shoot past $300 million, an amount not seen since a rollover streak in late January and early February 2014 saw the top prize hit $425.3 million, when it was claimed by B. Raymond Buxton from Northern California.

There’s still time to grab Powerball tickets from authorized retailers across the country. If you’re new to the interstate lottery game and would like to know more about how it works before you take a chance on it, visit the Powerball lottery page at Lottery.net.

by Mike Redfern
Updated March 30th, 2016