Aug 14

Arizona Lottery Announces Record Breaking Sales Figures

Things are going well for the Arizona Lottery after it announced record sales of $724 million for the fiscal year to 2014, the highest in its 33-year history. The figure represents a 4.5 percent increase on the previous year and signals good news, not only for the prize winners, but also for the beneficiaries who received more than $175 million in funding for good causes.

The increase in sales is being attributed to a surge in scratch card sales, which added up to more than $483.9 million. Revenue was also boosted by the introduction of the $25,000 ‘All or Nothing’ game and the redesign of the Mega Millions game to have increased starting jackpots.

The Arizona Lottery uses its proceeds to support health and public welfare schemes, economic and business development, environmental organizations and educational bodies across the state. It is planning to build on its recent success by introducing a raft of new games this September, including a new scratch card that offers the highest payout ever for a $20 Arizona Lottery ticket.

Jeff Hatch-Miller, executive director of the Arizona Lottery said, “We are proud to report record-breaking sales for the seventh consecutive year and are already working toward surpassing this record by introducing innovative games to engage new audiences, while continuing to provide a wide range of choices for our core players.”

“Generating essential funding for important state programs, while benefiting the state’s retailers, speaks to the Lottery’s commitment to enrich the lives of all Arizona residents.”

The Arizona Lottery became the first state west of Mississippi to have a legal state-administered lottery when it was approved by a statewide public initiative in 1980.

by Patrick Fitzgerald
Updated August 22nd, 2014