Mar 15

California Lottery Asks Players to “Believe in Something Bigger”

The California Lottery has launched an ad campaign with a difference, ignoring the usual messages about huge cash wins and lives of luxury and instead concentrating on individuals who have made an impact on communities across the state. The online videos, created by LA agency David and Goliath, take the strapline “believe in something bigger” and focus in on stories of people who make a difference in others’ lives, despite some of the stars having had to battle adversity themselves.

Those featured include Bruno, a restaurateur from Orange County, who grew up in a poor immigrant family and reminisces that, although they had very little, his mother ensured that there was always pasta to eat. Bruno is seen donating Italian food to local disadvantaged children and explains that he distributes 1,000 meals every day.

Susan Cervantes helps organize local people in San Francisco to paint murals, an experience which is enriching for those involved while also brightening up the neighborhoods for the residents. Another film shows Mayisha Akbar, founder of the Equestrian Club for Kids, encouraging inner-city children from Compton to take up horse riding.

David and Goliath chairman, David Angelo said, “It’s hard to believe in winning the lotto. We think we’ve found a very human way to link to the idea that anything is possible.”

California Lottery players are encouraged to utilize the hashtag #CAdream to share the fantasies that they would like to make reality should they win one of the top prizes on Powerball, Mega Millions or SuperLotto Plus.

To find out more about the games available to California Lottery players, in addition to the latest winning numbers, visit the dedicated page on Lottery.net.

by Mike Redfern
Updated March 29th, 2016

Oct 14

California Lottery Officials: $13 Million SuperLotto Plus Prize Still Unclaimed

California Lottery officials have confirmed that no one has claimed the $13 million SuperLotto Plus prize won nearly two weeks ago. The winning numbers for the drawing held on the 18th of October were 9, 12, 15, 23 and 40 with Mega Number 16. The winning ticket was purchased for $1 at a Circle K convenience store in Simi Valley, located 30 miles away from downtown Los Angeles.

The lucky ticket holder has 180 days from the date of the drawing to claim their prize, which means that they need to get in touch with lottery officials by mid-April 2015. If no one steps forward by that time, then the prize money will be transferred to school districts across California.

California Lottery spokesperson Greg Parashak stated that many big prize winners don’t realize that they’ve won until well after the drawing has taken place, usually because they’ve put the ticket away and don’t remember that they bought it.

If you bought a SuperLotto Plus ticket in the last month in Simi Valley, then now is the time to turn your house, car and work desk upside down, as you could be in possession of the winning ticket! Visit the California Lottery page at Lottery.net to learn more about the great games offered by this state lottery. Saturday’s SuperLotto Plus jackpot will be worth $9 million and tickets are available for purchase from authorized retailers.

by Mike Redfern
Updated March 29th, 2016