Nov 12

Who won Powerball Jackpot?

Powerball News

Anyone following the Powerball news this week will know that the two winning tickets were bought in Dearborn, Missouri and Fountain Hills, Arizona.  Powerball Lottery officials in Missouri verified a winning ticket after it was presented to them late on Thursday.  The Arizona winning ticket holder has 180 days to come forward and claim their mulit-million dollar prize.

MO money, MO money for Dearborn Missouri Powerball winners

41 Action News and NBC News have confirmed the names of Missouri’s winning Powerball ticket…based on a Missouri Lottery press release and sources close to the family, Mark and Cindy Hill are the big Powerball winners.

Cindy Hill, 51, said, according to the Missouri Lottery press release.

“I called my husband and told him, ‘I think I am having a heart attack, I think we just won the lottery!'”

Cindy went straight to her mother-in-law’s house then asked her to check the ticket. Husband Mark, 52,  joined her there to see for himself.

“You know it’s the ‘Show Me State’, so he said, ‘show me’.”


“I was just telling my daughter the night before, ‘Honey, that probably never happens (people winning)'”

The winning ticket was sold in Dearborn, population approximately 500, at Trex Mart, 17605 Highway Z, Mark and Cindy Hill will bank half of the $587.5 million jackpot, at $293.7 million, this is the largest jackpot prize ever won in Missouri and the second largest Powerball jackpot awarded nationwide.  Trex Mart will also get $50,000 for selling the winning ticket!

Get a MOve on to collect that prize.

Choose between annuity, 30 payments over 29 years or in one lump sum payment which is approximately $192.3 million before taxes.  After 60 days, the jackpot is automatically paid in 30 payments.  Missouri Lottery offices are located in Kansas City, Jefferson City, St. Louis and Springfield.  For more details try the MO State Lottery’s website here.

“The retailer and winner are not the only ones to benefit from this record jackpot,”

Said Reardon, he contiued…

“Public education benefits greatly.  Missouri Powerball sales for this jackpot run, which started Oct. 3, were more than $28.8 million, which means more than $10.7 million of those sales will benefit public education.”

Fountain Hills, Arizona – check your tickets AZ quick AZ you can!

News from Arizona is brief, no-one has come forward to present a winning ticket.  According to the Arizona Lottery official Twitter account…

“Winning AZ Powerball jackpot ticket purchased at 4 Sons Food Store in Fountain Hills.”

The mystery Arizona Powerball jackpot winner has 180 days to claim the prize, the deadline is May 27, 2013.

They can choose annuity, 29 payments over 30 years or a single cash lump sum.  What ever you choose we recommend that the good people of Arizona need to start checking those tickets – good luck!

MO news to follow…

by Mike Redfern
Updated October 17th, 2019