Jan 15

Wyoming Introduces its First In-State Game

America’s youngest state lottery, WyoLotto in Wyoming, has unveiled plans for its first in-state game, Cowboy Draw, which will launch in March 2015. The lottery has sold tickets for the huge multi-state draw games, Powerball and Mega Millions, since its inception in August 2014 but Cowboy Draw will mean “more Wyoming players winning top jackpot prizes and more Lottery money staying in the Cowboy State” according to WyoLotto CEO Jon Clontz.

Ticket holders will be able to play for a jackpot which will start at $250,000 when the game premieres on March 15 by correctly matching 5 numbers drawn from 45. Matching two numbers will bank players $5, with $20 awarded for matching three balls and a prize of $1,000 for anyone who matches four numbers. Cowboy Draw tickets will cost $5 and entitle players to two entries into the draw, with an approximate payout of 68 percent, compared to 50 percent for Mega Millions and Powerball.

When asked whether the jackpot could hit $1 million, Clontz responded “absolutely”, suggesting that a realistic average top tier prize for the game would be around $750,000.

Research was conducted in August 2014 into the kinds of game which players would like to see played in the Cowboy State, with the result being the introduction of Cowboy Draw. Clontz also suggested there may be another couple of games on the horizon for WyoLotto, including a version of All-Or-Nothing which has proven popular in other states.

by Mike Redfern
Updated January 23rd, 2015

Jan 14

Wyoming Unveil Logo in Run up to Lottery Launch

New lottery logo for Wyoming - YoLo Image source trib.com

New lottery logo for Wyoming – YoLo
Image source trib.com

Wyoming has unveiled the adorable new face of their impending lottery – YoLo the jackalope.  YoLo, of mythical origin, made his first official appearance yesterday, in an open house held by the Wyoming Lottery Corporation at their headquarters in downtown Cheyenne.

The whimsical creature is thought to have its origins in from North American folklore and was chosen by officials to reflect the light-hearted, fun nature of playing the lottery. YoLo, whose name is derived from the witty blend and brand name ‘WyoLotto’, is pictured on a blue background jumping over the letters ‘yoLo’ while reaching for a star. It is also a popular acronym for the term “you only live once”, which is certainly an appropriate slogan for any new jackpot winner to adopt. Designed by Cheyenne based advertising firm Warehouse Twenty One, YoLo has come to be known affectionately as a ‘jack-pot-alope’- a creature perhaps even more elusive than the already allegorical  jackalope. Although the Wyoming Lottery began operation in July 2013, Wyomingites are currently unable to take part in multi-state lotteries. However, the legislation allowing for lotteries to take place in the state is a promising development and one which suggests Wyoming is well on its way to becoming a valued participant of both Mega Millions and Powerball. CEO Clontz said ”we’re optimistic that we could be ready as early as mid-June” but added that ”there’s still a lot to do before we start selling Powerball and Mega Millions tickets.”

Governor Matt Mead, who first signed the bill in March 2013, seemed less optimistic about the time frame and stated that the board should not act hastily but take the time to ”do things properly” and estimated an earliest launch date of October 2014.

Despite a vague launch date, chief executive officer of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation Jon Clontz spoke enthusiastically about the development; ”We’re excited about bringing YoLo to life as we move forward with the Lottery’s branding process” he said, before adding; ”YoLo’s a distinctly Wyoming character that will become an instantly recognizable symbol of the Lottery.”

Wyoming’s impending inclusion into the national games of Powerball and Mega Millions means that there will be just six states without a lottery.  Despite having passed legislation opening the door to a state lottery and inclusion into the national games, there are notable prohibitions, namely instant win games like scratch offs. Nevertheless, the addition of Wyoming to Powerball and Mega Millions shows that America is becoming ever more gripped by the national game. Will the other six states eventually follow? Only time will tell.

by Mike Redfern
Updated June 8th, 2018