Three Arrested Over Stolen Hoosier Lottery Ticket

Three family members from Indiana are facing felony charges after allegedly stealing a winning Hoosier Lottery scratch-off worth £2 million from a store owned by the family. Jackie Parsley II, Joseph Parsley and his wife Ashlee Parsley have all been charged with 15 counts of forgery, fraud and theft after police realized that their winnings were the result of a scam. The Parsleys had purchased a house and several cars using the money before being arrested, having picked up $1.1 million after taxes.

According to prosecutors, Ashlee Parsley redeemed the winning scratch-off on October 3rd and told Hoosier Lottery officials that she had bought the ticket at Parsley’s Liquor in Plainfield, Indiana on October 1st. However, investigators ascertained that she had not purchased a ticket at the time she claimed to have done, and in court documents have stated that they believe the video evidence shows that Jackie Parsley, her brother-in-law, actually activated the scratch-off at the shop, which was still owned by the family. This is prohibited under Indiana law – family members of store owners cannot buy Hoosier Lottery tickets at those locations. At Jackie’s request, the previously inactive terminal was reactivated by lottery officials shortly before Ashlee redeemed the winning ticket.

An investigation was triggered when the executor of the shop owner’s estate discovered that Ashlee Parsley had claimed a winning scratch-off from the store, which was later sold. The scratch-off in question was from a pack of unsold games that cost $20 and had been stolen from the store at some point.

All three have been charged with corrupt business influence, false passing of a lottery ticket, as well as counts of theft, forgery and money laundering. Jackie Parsley is facing an additional misdemeanor charge for the unauthorized purchase of a lottery ticket by a retailer, while Ashlee Parsley has been charged with perjury, which is a felony, for lying on the claim form about whether she was legally allowed to claim the money. A preliminary hearing is set to take place in Marion County.

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