EuroMillions Extra Millions Results

Here, you can find the EuroMillions Extra Millions draw results held on the 21st of January 2022.

Players who participate in this special EuroMillions draw will be automatically entered in the Extra Millions draw as well.

What does that mean for the players? It means that players will get a participation code for every line played in this EuroMillions draw that can be viewed in their account on the day of the draw. Each participation code represents a chance to win €1 million*.

100 codes will be drawn, and the lucky players with one or more of the 100 winning codes get €1 million* for each code they hold.

After the draw, all 100 winning participation codes can be found on this page.

You can check the winning numbers and prize breakdowns on the EuroMillions Results page.

EuroMillions Extra Millions

Winning Participation Codes

BHMR 32763BHNJ 64417BHNK 86655BHNL 54610BHNQ 96583
BHNT 35440BHNV 30470BHPV 32773EBBB 51860EBBD 70418
EBBF 26358EBBJ 34796EBBP 27831EBCG 54031EBCH 27984
EBDB 48546EBDB 62398EBDD 99803EBDK 36121EBFB 27852
EBFD 53629EBFD 88478EBFR 73408EBFW 57864EBFZ 49430
EBGD 84310FBJB 32849FCBM 92592FCCZ 64000FCPV 01912
FFWV 25413FGNQ 50037FGVZ 67432FHNS 76765FHWD 28167
FJJD 37158FJJV 71787FJRZ 35853FJTV 00190FKBX 42574
FNCN 99152FNJK 79627FNWH 71157FPBP 12550FPXH 79858
FQMX 42431FQTJ 67362FSDV 60006FSHF 31374FSTP 64314
FTHD 16573FTLZ 26610FTRH 67340FVHM 94680HVSD 27040
HVSF 61310HVSK 04713HVSM 17788HVSP 90761IMDZ 91577
IMFC 21006IMFF 48547JTRT 58673JVRZ 11907JVSM 73525
MTRT 79385MVRZ 26827NQCC 05383OQBN 39384PFCK 17673
PFDB 27796PFFM 27813PFFN 07949PFFW 22456PFKK 29281
PFLS 22482PFLS 32079PFMB 24858PFPW 21873RLSH 43275
RLSM 59586RLSN 57742RLSP 76359SBBT 76008SBBV 14622
TVRZ 55779TVSD 23735TVSG 00783TVSG 76136TVSH 82930
VTRL 01585VTRL 87162VVRZ 30685WJQH 00203XVSG 84995
XVSL 70214ZQQJ 90798ZTRM 14877ZTRR 94586ZVSM 26552

* Prizes will be paid out in your local currency at the conversion rate equivalent to the amount in euro at the time of payout.