Halloween Lotto

Halloween Lotto is a special worldwide lottery with jackpots guaranteed by International Insureres, guaranteed to pay out if you match the winning numbers. The draw takes place at 14:00 EDT on Halloween Day itself, 31st October. The jackpot prize is $18 Million, but there are also more winning prize tiers (see below).

So, light your candle, chase away the Spooks and maybe wake up on All Hallows Day $18,000,000 richer!

Reminder: The entries on this slip are for the $18 Million Halloween Lotto draw that is being held on October 31th, 2021. Good luck!

How to Play the Halloween Lotto

If you want to try your luck on this lotto, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Pick your 6 main numbers from 1-50
  • Pick your special Joker Ball number, from 1-5.
  • Use the ‘Quick Pick’ button if you want to use random numbers.
  • Create as many entries as you want to have in the draw. Each line costs $1.8.
  • Click ‘Add to Cart’ and finalise the transaction.

For more details on how to play the Halloween Lotto please visit Halloween Lotto Website.

Halloween Lotto prizes

There are 4 different prize tiers in the Halloween Lotto which you can win from. You will receive a prize if you correctly guess at least three main numbers. If your witchcraft worked, and you have correctly matched all 6 of the main numbers together with the Joker Ball, you will receive the $18 Million Halloween Lotto Jackpot!

Match Prize
6 + 1 Joker Number $18 Million Jackpot
5 + 1 Joker Number $12,000
4 + 1 Joker Number $120
3 main numbers $6

How to Claim your Halloween Lotto Winnings

If you happen to be a lucky winner, you will be notified by a celebratory email and your winnings will be sent to your online account. You can withdraw your winnings via your account into your preferred banking account or use them for future bets. You also have the option of comparing your chosen numbers to the winning ones by checking out what the Halloween Lotto results were after the draw.