Lotto India Superdraw

Holi Bumper

Lotto India is holding a bumper draw on Tuesday 7th March to celebrate the Holi Festivity. The Holi Bumper will offer a jackpot of ₹40 Crore- 10x the normal jackpot- for the same great entry price of just ₹40 per panel. The draw takes place at 5:00 PM IST on Tuesday 7th March, and is a great way to finish two days of celebrating the festival of colour.

Holi Bumper Results

Below you will find a list of all the Holi Bumper results that have taken place since the bumper draw began, detailing the six numbers and Joker ball that were selected.

18 March 2022
18 25 40 42 46 48 1
30 March 2021
4 14 24 36 48 50 4