Cops and Robbers Play Demo

Cops And Robbers
Win up to $20,000
Cops and Robbers, with its 1940s style and theme, is sure to be a “hit”. Play and win up to $20,000!

Cops and Robbers Scratchcard

Cops and Robbers is an online scratch game offering wins of up to $10,000 in an instant. It could not be easier to play as you try to match three to win amid a night-time battle between a suave detective and a fearsome gangster. Follow these steps to buy a ticket:

  • Decide how many cards you want: You can buy one, five or 10 cards in each go at $2 each. Buying more cards gives you more chances to win but will cost more.
  • Buy the ticket: Select the ‘Buy Ticket’ button to get the game started.
  • Reveal the loot: The main play area in the centre of the game shows nine squares - laid out in a 3x3 grid. In keeping with the crime-fighting theme, there is an image of a wad of cash over each square that you must scratch off. Select them one at a time or press ‘Reveal All’. A virtual coin will appear, ‘scratching’ the squares one by one to uncover the prize values beneath.
  • Bank your winnings: Reveal three identical prize values to win that amount. A message will appear to tell you how much you’ve won.

After you’ve finished a game just select the ‘Buy Ticket’ button to play again – your balance will be kept up to date every time you bet and when you win. You can adjust your bet amount between rounds.

Play Using Auto Bet

If you would prefer to play even more quickly, you can hit the Auto Bet button. This sets up automatic purchasing of tickets – anywhere from five to 50 rounds. You can pause this feature any time, otherwise it will stop when it reaches the end or when it triggers any of the limits that you can choose through the Auto Bet settings menu. The different limits are as follows:

  • On a Win: The game will stop if you win.
  • Single Win: Type in a value and the Auto Bet will pause if you get a single win of this value or more.
  • Win Limit: Auto Bet will pause when your combined wins reach this amount.
  • Loss Limit: Select how much you can lose before the game stops.

Your balance is shown at the bottom of the screen, along with the value of any wins.

How to Win Cops and Robbers

You win prizes on Cops and Robbers if you match three prize values. The amount you can win is determined by how much you have bet.

Rather than having different symbols which correspond to a prize value, Cops and Robbers makes it easy to see how much you have won. When you reveal what is behind the nine squares in the play area of Cops and Robbers, you will see a prize value behind each one.

If the same prize value is shown three times, a message will flash up to say that you have won that amount. It couldn’t be simpler – if there are three prizes of $10,000 within the grid, that’s how much you win.

You have to match three to win in Cops and Robbers. If the same prize value appears three times on the screen, you win that amount. Each prize level is based on a multiplier, so the exact prize value depends on how much you wager. The following table shows all the different multipliers.

Tier Multiplier Prize
11 x10,000 $20,000
10 x1,000 $2,000
9 x200 $400
8 x100 $200
7 x50 $100
6 x20 $40
5 x10 $20
4 x5 $10
3 x4 $8
2 x2 $4
1 x1 $2