Fruit Basket Play Demo

Fruit Basket
Win up to $10,000
They say fruit is good for you, but it’s even better for you when the fruit rewards you with a $10,000 jackpot.

Fruit Basket Scratchcard

Fruit Basket is an instant game set in the sunlit countryside, where you can pick fruit to win prizes. Match three and you could receive a payout of $10,000. It’s easy to play, and you have a couple of options for how to buy tickets.

  • Choose how many entries you want: Select how many entries you want to buy, with the options being one, five or 10 in one go. Each entry costs $1
  • Buy a ticket: Press the ‘Buy Ticket’ button to play a single round at a time
  • Pick the fruit: Select a basket from the nine that you can see in the play area and a fruit will jump out and take its place. Alternatively, hit the ‘Show All’ button to reveal them all in one go.
  • Gather your winnings: The value of the different fruits is shown on the other side of the screen and a message will flash up if you match three of a kind. You can also see the prize amount in the Win box.

You can adjust your bet amount after a game has concluded. Select the ‘Buy Ticket’ button after each game to continue playing, or enable Auto Bet.

Play Using Auto Bet

The quickest way is to tap the Auto Bet icon, which sets the game up to run automatically for between five and 50 rounds. Select ‘Change Auto Bet Rounds’ to specify how many tickets you want to buy consecutively.

When you use the Auto Bet feature, you can also set limits so that it will not just keep buying tickets when you would prefer to stop after a big win or a number of losses. The limits can be adjusted in the ‘Auto Bet Settings’ section and are as follows:

  • On a Win: Auto Bet will stop after a winning ticket
  • Single Win: Type in a value and the game will stop if you get a single win of this amount or more
  • Win Limit: The game will be paused once your combined wins reaches this total
  • Loss Limit: Type in a value and Auto Bet will stop when you have lost this amount

Auto Bet will continue running until one of these limits is met, or until all the rounds have been completed or there are insufficient funds left in your balance. You can select the pause icon to pause Auto Bet, or select the X icon stop it completely.

How to Win Fruit Basket

You win a Fruit Basket prize if you match three of the same fruit on one ticket, with the maximum prize for a single play being $10,000.

The game’s symbols consist of nine different types of fruit: orange, apple, banana, mango, strawberry, plum, pineapple, lemon and cherries.

Each fruit is shown in the payout table, alongside their respective values. For example, the image of two red cherries is the highest-value symbol and is worth 10,000x your entry, which is $10,000.

The game will tell you if you have won after you buy a ticket and show what is in each basket, with a message displayed across the screen when you land a prize. The value under the ‘Win’ label also shows you how much you have won.

There are nine baskets of fruit in the play area and you win a prize if you uncover three symbols that are the same. There are also nine possible fruits that can appear, including the cherries that are worth $10,000.

The following payout table shows the value of each fruit if you match three on one ticket, plus how much you can win:

Symbol Multiplier Prize
Cherries x10,000 $10,000
Lemon x1,000 $1,000
Pineapple x200 $200
Plum x100 $100
Strawberry x50 $50
Mango x10 $10
Banana x5 $5
Apple x2 $2
Orange x1 $1