Ocean Fortune Play Demo

Ocean Fortune
Win up to $20,000
Deep in the ocean lies a world of excitement and treasures. Play and win up to $20,000!

Ocean Fortune Scratchcard

Dive into the depths of the ocean for the chance to win a jackpot worth $20,000. There are sea creatures hidden within the nine clams on the play grid and you just have to find three identical creatures to win. You also get to choose how much to bet on each game – follow the steps below to play:

  1. Select your entries: You can choose to buy one, five or 10 Ocean Fortune scratchcards in one go at $2 each. The more you buy, the more chances you have to win a prize, although it will cost you more.
  2. Select ‘Buy Ticket’: Select the button to activate the game.
  3. Open the clams: The ‘Buy Ticket’ button will change to one that says ‘Reveal All.’ Select that to reveal the creatures in all nine clams, or select each clam to open it individually.
  4. Check if you’ve won: After all nine clams have been opened, a message will appear to tell you how much you’ve won. You can also see the prize amount in the Win box.

Just repeat the steps above to continue playing. Your balance will update every time you buy another ticket and whenever you win a prize.

Play Using Auto Bet

Enable the Auto Bet feature to play continuously for a set number of games. You can find the Auto Bet button next to the Win box (it looks like a gear symbol enclosed by two arrows). Select the button and choose how many draws you want to Auto Bet for, then select the play symbol. A countdown will appear, showing how many Auto Bet games are left to play.

You can also adjust the Auto Bet settings to stop when certain conditions are met.  Select the plus symbol in the Auto Bet box and then activate one or more of the following settings:

  • On a win: Auto Bet will stop after your first win.
  • Single Win: Type a number to stop Auto Bet after you win that many games.
  • Win Limit: Type a number to stop Auto Bet after you win that much money. This is based on your net win value, so the cost of the bets you place are deducted from it.
  • Loss Limit: Type a number and Auto Bet will stop after you lose that much money.

Once Auto Bet has finished you will be able to start another one. You can pause it while it’s running by selecting the pause symbol – the game currently underway will be completed first. You can exit Auto Bet and cancel any still remaining by selecting the X symbol.

How to Win Ocean Fortune

The rules of Ocean Fortune are simple: find three identical sea creatures hidden in the clams to win a prize. Each creature has a prize multiplier attached to it, so the amount you win depends on which creatures you match and how much you bet.

For example, if you match three octopuses, you win 50x your entry, which would work out as a $100 prize. Reveal three sharks for the x10,000 multiplier, which brings with it a $20,000 jackpot.

The order in which you open the clams doesn’t make a difference to how much you win, nor does it matter whether you open them one by one or select the Reveal All button.

When you reveal three identical symbols, a message will appear on the screen saying ‘You Win!’ followed by the amount that you have won. The Win box at the bottom of the screen will also show the prize amount. If you don’t match three, you’ll instead receive a ‘Try Again’ message, so it’s easy to tell whether you have won or not.

There are 11 different prize levels in Ocean Fortune, ranging from a 1x multiplier that returns your stake, to the big x10,000 multiplier that carries with it the potential to win the $20,000 jackpot. You can view the multipliers for all of the different symbols below, plus what you win at each prize level.

Symbol Multiplier Prize
Shark x10,000 $20,000
Whale x1,000 $2,000
Turtle x500 $400
Round Fish x100 $200
Octopus x50 $100
Eel x10 $20
Striped Fish x5 $10
Crab x2 $4
Hermit Crab x1 $2