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Zodiac Fortune
Win up to $10,000
The stars are aligned and good fortune could come your way in Zodiac Fortune. Play and win up to $10,000!

Zodiac Fortune Scratchcard

See your fortune written in the stars and play for a $10,000 jackpot. Zodiac Fortune is played on a game area featuring nine hidden zodiac signs, and you just have to match three of them to win. There are 11 different prize levels and each one is based on your bet amount, so you get to decide how much to bet and how much prize money to play for. Follow this guide to play:

  1. Choose how many cards: Choose how many cards you want to purchase, with the option being one, five or 10. Each card costs $1.
  2. Buy a ticket: Select the ‘Buy Ticket’ button to start the game. You’ll be unable to scratch any of the icons until you do this.
  3. Scratch the 10 icons: Select each of the sun discs, including the one in the centre, to reveal what’s underneath. Alternatively, select the ‘Reveal All’ button to uncover them all.
  4. Check the result: If you match three symbols, a message will appear telling you how much you’ve won and the winning symbols will be highlighted. The prize amount will also be shown in the Win box.

The monetary amount in the centre of the game area also shows the prize money. You can reveal this at any time during the game to see how much you are playing for. When a game has concluded, just follow the steps above to play another one, or enable the Auto Bet feature.

Play Using Auto Bet

Enabling Auto Bet allows you to play Zodiac Fortune for a specified number of rounds, up to a maximum of 50. To activate it, just select the icon beside the ‘Buy Ticket’ button and then select how many rounds you want to Auto Bet for. Once you’ve done that, hit the lay button and you will see the first game begin. A countdown in the Auto Bet box will show how many rounds are remaining.

Alternatively, you can set Auto Bet to stop when particular conditions have been met, such as when you’ve won a certain amount of money. The options are:

  • On a win: Stops Auto Bet on your next win.
  • Single win: Enter a value to stop Auto Bet when you win that much in a single round.
  • Win limit: This will stop Auto Bet when your net wins (total amount won minus total bet amount) reach this amount.
  • Loss limit: Auto Bet will stop when you’ve lost this amount.

A message will pop up when the relevant conditions have been met. You’ll then be able to restart Auto Bet or continue playing manually. Select the pause button to pause Auto Bet, or the X icon to exit it and cancel any further bets. If there’s a game in progress it will be completed before Auto Bet stops.

How to Win Zodiac Fortune

You win Zodiac Fortune by revealing three identical star sign symbols in the game area. There are nine symbols to reveal and if any three of them match, you win. The symbols don’t relate to a specific prize amount or multiplier. Instead, the amount you are playing for is revealed in the centre circle, and you win that prize if you match any three zodiac signs.

When you win, the three matching zodiac signs will light up and a message will appear on screen showing you how much you’ve won. The prize amount also appears in Win box and under the centre panel that you ‘scratch,’ so you can see how much you’re playing for before you uncover the zodiac symbols.

Each prize is based on a multiplier, so to work out how much you win, your entry amount of $1 is multiplied by that value. For example, the first prize category multiplies your entry x10,000, so you would win the $10,000 jackpot.

There are 11 different prize levels in Zodiac Fortune, each with its own prize multiplier. It starts with a x1 multiplier, which means you would get your entry fee back, and the top prize is the big x10,000 multiplier – hit that and you can potentially win the $10,000 jackpot. The following table shows the different prize multipliers and the prizes you’d get.

Symbol Multiplier Prize
1 x10,000 $10,000
2 x1,000 $1,000
3 x200 $200
4 x100 $100
5 x50 $50
6 x20 $20
7 x10 $10
8 x5 $5
9 x4 $4
10 x2 $2
11 x1 $1